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Great Article About Eric Lindros in ESPN The Magazine

Kyle Scott - May 2, 2013

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Remember this?

Still the coolest moment of the Winter Classic festivities was when Lindros set up LeClair for a goal. The ESPN article touches on that day, but mostly it’s about Lindros and concussions:

In a twisted way, that knowledge and the caution it fostered in Eric made him something of an outsider. Nowadays, most hockey fans applaud and defend Penguins star Sidney Crosby for having the guts and perspective to sit as long as he needed to fully recover from a concussion. A dozen years ago, when Lindros tried to do that? The reaction was, shall we say, slightly less enlightened. The media snickered about his manhood and mocked him as a head case. Fans threw pacifiers on the ice. And when Lindros and his parents dared to question the Flyers medical staff after the team first sent Eric to a migraine specialist in March 2000 instead of a neurologist who focused on concussions, the old-school Clarke flipped. He isolated Lindros from the team, at one point going weeks without speaking to his injured star. Then he stripped him of his captaincy.

Looking back, that’s one of the moments of his experience that irks Lindros the most and makes him worry about today’s nonmarquee players: The pressure to play, the alienation from teammates and the other mind games used to get players back on the ice — those things worked on him, in large part because he let them. “The athletes are the worst advocates for this crap by not disclosing enough,” he says. “Who wants to admit deficiencies and put that X on your back? Are you gonna take yourself out? Because now it’s who do they have in the minors to replace you? It’s a sh — y business in that regard.”

Read the full thing here.

The Complete Peter Laviolette

Kyle Scott - April 11, 2012

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We are revisiting this post from early January– The Complete Peter Laviolette, all of Lavs' baby-punch inspiring scenes from 24/7. Get fully torqued and watch.

There were many highlights of HBO’s 24/7, the most notable of which, in my opinion, was the network’s outstanding portrayal of Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette, who witnessed his team’s ups and downs throughout December.

The entire series was 240 minutes long– roughly 11 featured Laviolette speaking to his team, cameras, or individual players. These are those 11 minutes. 

Watch it before you workout. Or before you run, go to work, eat breakfast, shower, shit, have sex… or, hell, even before you masturbate, if this is the sort of thing that gets you from zero to hero.  Never again will we get such an up-close glimpse inside Peter Laviolette’s Dry Island, which might not be filled with alcohol, but certainly contains its share of piss and vinegar. And jam. Lavs loves jam.

Hop it for the video. Fuckin' right.

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Claude Giroux is F$&@ing Hilarious

Kyle Scott - January 6, 2012

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Video: Scott Hartnell Calls Evgeni Malkin The Ugliest Player in the League

Kyle Scott - January 5, 2012

That was funny, and so was Max Talbot talking about getting speared in the fucking penis, but we'll have more later on Giroux's on-ice stand-up routine.

Video is copyright HBO via FlyersinHD on YouTube

Winter Classic Loose Ends: Fake Jerseys Seized, An Interview with HBO Producer Dave Harmon

Kyle Scott - January 4, 2012

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Where China goes to die

You didn’t think the game would be played and then we’d be done with the Winter Classic, did you? 

Truth is, it’s been the only meaningful Philly sports game played this year (…), so it’s tail will continue to grow… sort of like Brian Boyle’s hair and ego.

Here now are two stories: one hilarious, one outstanding. 

Federal officials finally tracked down some propagators of all those fake Winter Classic jerseys you see being worn: [NBC Philadelphia]

Federal officials seized almost $350,000 worth of counterfeit sports merchandise set to be sold during the NHL Winter Classic Monday, authorities say.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigation announced the seizure of 1,649 fake items being sold for the same price at which the genuine merchandise is sold, officials say.


Not many details were given, but we’d imagine that several of the Tony The Tiger knockoffs were included in the raid… if they weren’t already sold out to thousands of buy-first, think-later fans, who proudly sported their Winter Classic sweaters before anyone else.

Number two: Philly Sports Daily’s Dave Isaac wrote a tremendous article which gives us a behind the scenes look of HBO’s editing process for 24/7. Here’s an excerpt from his Q & A with producer Dave Harmon:

That saves 40 minutes for a lot of other things and one of the things that’s important to us is how many female viewers we have. We really have people who care about the off-the-ice stuff as much as on-the-ice stuff. We want to have enough on-the-ice stuff for the hockey fan. But there are also people — I don’t want to lump it just with women, because I like when I see about [John] Tortorella and the kid he’s befriended. You see a different side of Tortorella. But anyway, we still need to show that these guys are human and these guys have their own Christmas Eve’s and their own experiences. Bryzgalov had a bad game and he had a press conference where he was pretty disconsolate afterward. It’s showing him in a different light that way. So we need to chronicle our characters of who we’ve been following in different ways to get here even before we get to the game. 


Basically, women want to see Claude Giroux in a towel and men want to watch Peter Laviolette curse. If only somehow they could combine the two, and Lavs could curse at a naked Giroux, then we’d have a real ratings bonanza. Guess we have one episode left to find out.


Dave Isaac’s article on the HBO 24/7 editing process and his full Q & A with producer Dave Harmon.

My (Unexpected) Trip to The Winter Classic

Kyle Scott - January 4, 2012

Photo: Getty

I wasn’t supposed to go to the Winter Classic. 

I wanted to, but I wasn't supposed to.

I didn’t have tickets, nor a credential. I’m not a season-ticket holder, didn’t win any sort of lottery or contest, and despite running the best sports blog in Philly (your words, not mine), wasn’t credentialed. That last one is mostly because – generally speaking… – teams don’t appreciate when you write about who Max Talbot may or may not have fucked at Pat Burrell’s old condo… and because you can cover an event more effectively from behind a computer screen (really).

Anyway, it was 2 p.m., Monday, and I wasn’t going. I was seated on the couch, geeked out in a way that would have made Ace Ventura jealous on his visit to Shady Acres: pom poms, rosy cheeks, face paint, Winter Classic gnome, and performing hockey movements in slow-motion instant replay– only two of those are true. Ms. CB was frightened, I was ready to go… yet I was still checking our own ticket site to see if there was anything available for below $350– there wasn’t. 

Then MVP CB reader (she already won for 2012) Victoria, mother of Pocket Utley, who was featured on site here, came through. She sent me an email – one that was sent an hour earlier, but didn't find its way to my screen right away thanks to Verizon service at CBP – saying that a member of her small group, whom I’m dubbing the most awesomely generous person in the world, had a last-minute ticket available… for free. 

I quickly ditched the pom poms, fuck me smile and Jose The Gnome, and was on my way to Citizens Bank Park, breaking a Delco to CBP record in the process.

I arrived, met Victoria and The Saint at McFadden's, and we got to our seats, which were perfectly positioned high-above the Rangers' goal, just as the opening faceoff was about to take place.  

Perfect. Timing. 

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Local Winter Classic Ratings Were Very Strong: Main Event Crushed New York, Alumni Game Beat Every Regular Season Flyers Game

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2012

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Well, the Winter Classic may have been a moderate disappointment nationally, drawing its lowest rating ever, but it did just fine in Philadelphia. 

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal reports that the game received an 11.9 overnight rating in Philly. To put that in perspective, the Phillies averaged a 9.1 local rating (276,000 households) this season, according to The Journal

That part sounds good for hockey… but not this next part: 

The Eagles generally hover in the mid-twenties, and Game 2 of the Phillies-Cardinals series this fall received a 21.9 rating.

Still, the 11.9 rating in Philadelphia is tremendous for hockey, and it more than doubled the 4.3 rating the Winter Classic got in New York, which is more of a melting pot of humanity…. and filled with not that great hockey fans. 

More sweet goodness– According to a Comcast SportsNet press release, the Flyers-Rangers Alumni Game, at 3 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, received a 6.2 local rating (186,000 households) on CSN. That comes in a full point higher than the 5.1 rating (155,000 households) the Flyers got for their home opener in October, which was their highest rated regular season game in the network’s history.

So, yeah, more people watched the Alumni Game on CSN than any Flyers regular season game… ever.

Video: Mike Milbury Calls Rangers “The Blue Shits”

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2012

Video via Awful Announcing, thanks to everyone on the entire Internet for sending