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Tiger Woods Continues Grand Slam Chase in PGA Championship at Bethpage Black

Philip Keidel - May 15, 2019

It’s like he never went away.

It’s surprising but perhaps not shocking how many people are now saying that they always believed in Tiger Woods and “knew he’d win again,” now that he’s the reigning Masters champion. All of those Tiger fans knew something even Woods himself didn’t, because apparently during the darkest times when he was too hurt and too lacking in confidence to compete, only Tiger’s caddie thought he could still do it.

But he did it, and now Woods has another chance to do the one thing in his epic career that has eluded him so far: win the Grand Slam in a calendar year. He famously once held all four major trophies at the same time, but the “Tiger Slam” — though amazing — could never capture the imagination the way a true Grand Slam would any more than if a rule change allowed a horse to win the Preakness and Belmont Stakes this year and then next year’s Kentucky Derby. It’s impressive…it’s just not the same.

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Phil Mickelson Ends Matt Kuchar, Talks About Hitting Bombs at Masters

Bob Wankel - April 13, 2019

It’s moving day at The Masters, and if I were a betting man, I would do the following two things:

  1. I would download PointsBet and get a $50 free bet with no deposit and up to $1,000 in risk free bets with code BROADLINES .
  2. Drop the HAMMER on Phil Mickelson. Risk it all and not even think twice about it.

Why Mickelson when the leaderboard is stacked with some of the sport’s top names, you ask? Because he’s going to drop BOMBS, attack pins, and talk a lot of shit. I love his game plan, plain and simple.

Just absolutely tremendous content here. Spicy. The thought of Mickelson pulling up to The Masters, perhaps golf’s most distinguished and proper tournament, shit-talking Matt Kuchar and riffing about hitting bombs like a frat bro who’s 12 deep on the 18th hole is A+. Love it. I was rooting for the Tiger comeback story until today, but I’m out. You’re my boy, Phil. Give ’em hell out there.

Put The Masters Tournament on Your Sports Bucket List

Kevin Kinkead - April 9, 2019

Long before returning to Philadelphia to take a gig with Eyewitness News, I was slogging through the graveyard shift at WJBF News Channel 6 in Augusta, Georgia.

It was a small town, kind of sleepy, sitting on the Savannah River and centering a metro area of about 600,000 people, which is 5.4 million fewer folks than what we’ve got up here. We were television market #117, sandwiched between the hustling and bustling cities of Fort Wayne and Reno on the Nielsen charts.

College football dominated Augusta, about 60/40 Georgia Bulldog to South Carolina Gamecock fans, with other SEC expats finding work in town. A couple of division two basketball programs, Augusta State and USC-Aiken, actually had a nice little rivalry going. High school football used to draw a few thousand people every Friday night, too, which was insane and very typically southern. This was the real deal, and it made games at Garnet Valley or St. Joe’s Prep look insignificant in comparison.

But the king sport in town was golf, obviously. I used to drive by Augusta National at 10:45 p.m. on my way to work, and there it was, just sitting across the street from an IHOP and a Christian book store – the most famous golf course in the world. All I could see was a brief glimpse of the clubhouse down Magnolia Lane, because massive trees blocked the rest of the course from sight. If you weren’t looking for it, you’d easily miss it.

Maybe The Masters is a niche thing, but you should put it on your bucket list and make the trip down there sometime, because it’s a really unique and enjoyable experience.

I went in 2008 and 2009, and I doubt much has changed in ten years’ time. The cool thing about the course is that it’s very old fashioned, from the scoreboard to the vendors and everything in between. And it’s not in some exotic location outside of the city proper, it’s located on a stretch called Washington Road, which I’d describe as a Baltimore Pike type of thoroughfare featuring all sorts of stores and fast food joints. You literally pass an Arby’s and an Olive Garden and then Augusta National is just up ahead, on your right.

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