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The Shaming of Shawny Hill

Tim Reilly - March 5, 2019

Last month, Crossing Broad’s own Chris Jastrzembski wrote a story about an insensitive comment Philadelphia Wings public address announcer Shawny Hill made during a game against the Georgia Swarm. It was a blink-and-you-missed-it moment, but the damage done to Hill’s professional reputation has endured:

Twenty seconds into the video Chris shared on Twitter, Hill exhorts the crowd: “Let’s snip the ponytail right here.”

Hill’s throwaway remark caught the attention of Lyle Thompson, the player at whom it was directed. Thompson, a Native American who wears his hair in a way that pays homage to his ancestry, understandably took offense to Hill’s insult.

Thompson tweeted:

Justice would be swift and severe, after the jump:

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Shawny Hill Said Something Bad At Last Night’s Wings Game

Chris Jastrzembski - January 13, 2019

For those of you who were watching the Cowboys lose or doing other things last night, the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League continued their comeback season with a 13-11 loss to the Georgia Swarm.

In the eyes of many who were at the Wells Fargo Center or follow lacrosse closely, the game was overshadowed by an insensitive remark from the in-arena host, directed towards a Native American Swarm player, which you can hear around the 20 second mark in this video clip:

“Let’s snip the ponytail right here.”

That’s considered insensitive because the “ponytail” or braid is a symbol of Native American heritage.

Lyle Thompson, the target of the comment, brought it up after the game on Twitter:

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Is the Wings’ Home Opener in Danger of Being Cancelled?

Chris Jastrzembski - November 15, 2018

The Philadelphia Wings are scheduled to start their new expansion season one month from today with a home game against the Buffalo Bandits at the Wells Fargo Center.

The key phrase in that sentence is “scheduled to start,” because the National Lacrosse League season is going to be delayed due to ongoing collective bargaining negotiations with the Professional Lacrosse Players Association.

It’s gotten testy at times:

The deadline that NLL commissioner Nick Sakiewicz mentioned came and passed. But the first two weeks of the season were not cancelled as the league originally suspended their 5 PM deadline as conversations with the PLPA continued.

However, after reportedly exchanging proposals and counter proposals throughout the day, the first two weeks of the season will be cancelled after all.

Via NLL press release:

The League suspended its 5:00pm deadline yesterday to allow the PLPA to provide a new counterproposal. After a thorough review of the PLPA’s counterproposal, it is clear we cannot accept the terms the PLPA has put forward, and therefore, have made a decision to reject it. We believe those terms would have both short and long term negative consequences on our member clubs and the League which we are not willing to accept. Therefore, there is not yet an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.

With respect to the upcoming season, the PLPA has instructed its players not to attend training camps or submit to physicals, making the formation of rosters and operation of the opening of the season impossible.

Therefore, and regrettably, because of the PLPA’s current position, the first two weekends of the 2018-19 season, which includes games on December 1 and December 8, 2018, are cancelled.

We will provide further communications on the 2018-19 schedule as updates become available.

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Flying With the Wings: A Chat with Philadelphia Wings players Kiel Matisz and Matt Rambo

Russ Joy - September 26, 2018

The Wings are back and better than ever. With a new look and updated branding, the NLL expansion team has begun to establish an identity off the field, but I’ve been wondering what the on-field product will look like. Last weekend, I spoke with NLL champion Kiel Matisz and rookie La Salle College High School grad Matt Rambo.

Kiel Matisz

I asked Matisz what it’s like to be traded from a championship team to one looking to build an identity and establish themselves in the league. We also talked about Matisz’ interest in history and food.

Russ: You just came off the pinnacle of any player’s career, winning the NLL championship in a 66 point season. When you come to a new team, is there any kind of a culture shock? What does it feel like coming from a championship club to someone who’s trying to reestablish an identity in Philadelphia?

Kiel Matisz: I’m super excited about the opportunity. Obviously, when you’ve spent your whole professional lacrosse career with one organization, you don’t really know anything different. To leave Georgia, the friendships I that I’ve built for the last six years, was tough. That’s the reality of it. The Swarm organization is a fantastic organization for the time I was there. I’m super excited personally to be coming to this organization, the City of Brotherly Love is fantastic. Bringing Jordan Hall, my old teammate to my new team is fantastic. I know a lot of the guys; lacrosse is a small community. I think we’re gonna build a  good team, a great culture. It’s exciting getting to establish that. All your ground rules, all your guidelines, how you want to play, your identity. I’m excited to get that going. I’m kind of in the middle of my career. It’s good to get a fresh start.

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The Philadelphia (Wings) Are Back in Business with a “Top Shelf, Blue Chip” Owner

Kevin Kinkead - September 14, 2017

That didn’t last long.

Three years after packing up and moving to Connecticut, a brand new version of the Philadelphia (Wings) will start playing lacrosse at the Wells Fargo Center next season.

I put “Wings” in parentheses because that’s not the team name, at least not yet. A fan vote will determine the new franchise moniker, with “Wings” currently beating out “Ligers” by a 2 to 1 margin, based on what I saw inside the voting booth after Thursday’s presser.

National Lacrosse League Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz was joined by Comcast Spectacor President and CEO Dave Scott for the official announcement. Comcast, who will own the team, reportedly put five million dollars into the expansion franchise.

“We just needed to find the right owner,” Sakiewicz said. “It’s all about the owner. We couldn’t have found a better one in Comcast Spectacor. They run an amazing operation. They’re a top shelf, blue chip owner, whatever you want to call it. They’re the best at what they do. It was a lot of work getting them on board, but they looked at it very closely and diligently and made the right decisions.”

Scott says talks regarding expansion Philadelphia began about a year ago, not long after Sakiewicz took the NLL commissioner gig after leaving his post as Philadelphia Union CEO. Continue Reading

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