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Sixers Remind Us They Still Exist by Screwing Fans With “Variable Pricing”

Kyle - October 12, 2010


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The Philadelphia 76ers are the bastard child of Ed Snider.  His neglect for the team has led them straight to the bottom of the NBA standings and attendance rankings.  The average number of fans at any given Sixers home game last year was just a shade over 14,000, the fifth worst in the entire league.  With the Phillies in three straight League Championship Series, the Flyers reaching the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Eagles being perennial playoff contenders, it is easy to forget about the Sixers.  What was once a proud and dominant franchise in the late 70's and early 80's has turned in to a joke.

Now Snider, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that the best way to bring people back to the stadium is to rape them at the gates when a marquee opponent is in town.  This is detailed in a report by the Philadelphia Business Journal. For example-  when the Miami Heat comes to town for this season's home opener, tickets prices will change from the normal range of $15-$119 all the way up to as high as $238! 

This is a total insult to the few Sixers fans who are still willing to shell out money to see their team play.  Since the Sixers refuse to put together a team that is able to compete at a level that makes them relevant, they had to come up with an alternate plan to make money.  To accomplish this task they have chosen a few well constructed franchises, the Heat and Lakers, and pimped them out at the Wells Fargo Center for nearly double the cost of a normal regular season game. The message from Snider seems obvious:  If you want to see the Sixers play, it will cost you one price, but if you want to see real basketball you're going to have to pay up, fools  (Snider then lets out an evil cackle and the jumps in to his Coffin for some sleep).

Shawn Bradley, Ed Stefanski, the Princeton offense, Sammy Dalembert, resigning AI for thee games: these were all bad Sixers memories that everyone has to deal with.  This time, however, they have taken the cake.  It's bad enough to raise ticket prices in these tough economic times, but to turn a profit off of another team's success, well, that is just despicable.

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Phillies to Host a Social Media Night

Kyle Scott - May 18, 2010


On August 19th, the Phillies will host a "Social Media" night.  We're still not sure exactly what this means, but $70 gets you a ticket, a t-shirt, and entrance to a pregame tent party with TMac, Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki, and Director of Publicity John Brazer.

Click here for ticket information.

We'll be there!  Come by and say "Hello".