Not to be Outdone, Sam Hinkie’s Making Trades Too


Sam Hinkie, on baseball trade deadline day, wants you to know he has no off switch … even if the deals are minor. According to a press release, “the Philadelphia 76ers today announced they have acquired forward Gerald Wallace and a draft consideration from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for power forward Jason Thompson.” What that draft consideration could be is unknown at this moment, since the Warriors don’t have a second-rounder until 2019 (according to Derek Bodner).

Wallace arrived in Golden State via the David Lee deal, and Thompson came to the Sixers in the Stauskas deal. It’s expected Wallace will be cut. We’ll have more here when more is known.


Hamels: Playing for the Phillies was “Everything You Could Ever Ask For”

cole presser

A shaky-voiced Cole Hamels took to the podium at Citizens Bank Park to say goodbye to the fans, the Phillies, and the media. He thanked the city for being an amazing place to play, for being a great city to raise his family in, and talked about feeling like a Philadelphian:

“In that parade, at lot of us are not from Philly … but I think we really grasped that when we got to take that parade down Broad Street.”

Hamels continued, saying that “not everybody can do it as long as Jamie Moyer,” but he has every intention of pitching for a long time. Hamels came just shy of admitting that he said no to whatever deal the Houston Astros offered, but said he and his wife sat down and went through pages of criteria to see what the best baseball and life options were.

Playing here was “worth everything,” Hamels said. “It gives you a way to fight even harder … to hear the cheers, and you understand the boos.” Moving on, he said having family and friends in Dallas helped make the decision easier. Hang on, there’s something in my eye.

“Being able to [throw a no-hitter] in a Phillies uniform means an immense amount,” Hamels said. “I’ll always have that jersey in my house.” It had to happen – Marcus – but that doesn’t mean it stings any less. We’ll miss you, Cole.


Updated Report: Ben Revere Traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for Two Pitchers


For a second it looked like Ruben Amaro would break the deal on camera during his press conference, but Todd Zolecki is reporting that Ben Revere will be traded to the Blue Jays. We’ll have more on this as it comes in.

UPDATE: Jim Salisbury is hearing (confirmed by Ken Rosenthal) that the Phillies got two pitchers in return: Jimmy Cordero and Alberto Tirado. Tirado is ranked as the Blue Jays’ 9th best prospect by Cordero isn’t in the top 30 on



Ruben Amaro Press Conference Roundup

"I'll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB."

“I’ll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB.”

Ruben Amaro just finished addressing the press on the Cole Hamels trade, and here are some of the notable things he said. As always, all quotes are paraphrased:

  • We got Alfaro as a catcher, and we don’t project his injury to be a long-term issue.
  • In a lot of ways we used out money and talent to buy talent.
  • Thompson can be anywhere from the middle of the rotation to the top of the rotation to the bottom of the rotation. He’s still young.
  • Pitching was important to us because we simply don’t have enough in the upper levels.
  • Ruben actually used the word “analytics.”
  • Our latest understanding is that Harrison might not be able to start in his turn.
  • I’ve been working with John Daniels (Rangers’ President of Baseball Operations and General Manager) on this deal probably for six or seven or eight months. We felt they were the right match for us.
  • This deal was no different from how I’ve been operating since I took over in 2008.
  • I’m the point guy, or the “talking head.”
  • There are so many different factors and things to have to happen which is why it takes a long time. Approvals, paperwork, etc.
  • Market was much more fruitful for Hamels this year.
  • There was no shortage of suitors.
  • Cole has every right to go where he wanted to as dictated by his contract.
  • Texas’ pieces, depth, the way we lined up worked very well for us. It’s the best deal we felt we could make.
  • Williams and Thompson are  headed to AA. Williams will probably not get into the lineup until Tuesday, and then Thompson is scheduled to be able to throw Saturday or Sunday.
  • Teams are much more willing to dole out money than prospects. The value of prospects has increased.
  • “This may not sound right because it’s coming from my mouth, but we took a very analytical approach.”
  • Finding offense is not easy, and we think we got that in these prospects.
  • Ruben pulls out his phone, scrolls through it for a bit, and says of the next (Revere) deal: “Almost.”

LeSean McCoy Didn’t Have an Orgy, for What It’s Worth


LeSean McCoy experienced some immediate blow-back when he announced his creepy, ladies only, sign your life away birthday party. He got a talking to about using the Bills logo, and he ended up doing something else. Still, he sees himself as the victim in this:


“Out of context.” Right. He keeps using that phrase. I do not think that phrase means what he thinks it means. Let’s see:


Well I guess we’ll never know. In context though, that party looked super creepy.


UPDATE: The Phillies are Talking with the Orioles and Blue Jays about Ben Revere


After the Phillies got some big deals out of the way early on deadline week, they’ve moved one to a lesser move on deadline day: Moving Ben Revere, possibly to the Blue Jays or Orioles. The O’s have already traded for outfielder Gerardo Parra, but according to Todd Zolecki they’re still working on bringing Revere to Baltimore. I’m not sure what Revere could bring back, but he’s not doing anything here, so why not? Right?

But Jim Salisbury says talks with the Blue Jays for Revere are heating up. Maybe they send him there just to appease Drake?

UPDATE: Or not?

UPDATE 2: Reports say the Blue Jays aren’t interested at the current asking price.

UPDATE 3: Buster Olney says Revere’s price may be dropping.


How That Chip Kelly Story Came To Be

Chip's former dip

Chip’s former dip

Kent Babb, who wrote the #SHOCKING story about Chip Kelly in the Washington Post last week, spoke to Mark Selig of about how the story came to be.* Selig explains:

First, [Babb] had to find out if there really was an ex-wife.

Friends of Kelly refused to talk to Babb.

Babb called a spokesman at Oregon, where Kelly used to coach. No help.

Babb tried to acquire a marriage record from New Hampshire, where Kelly also coached. The state, according to Babb, doesn’t make records available to journalists unless there’s a “compelling reason.” A feature story on Chip Kelly didn’t qualify.

Almost ready to give up, Babb checked a bio of Kelly in an old New Hampshire Wildcats media guide.


There it mentioned his then-wife, Jennifer, who eventually became the key component of Babb’s Washington Post feature.

Once Babb found out about her, it was easy for him to find her contact information through a public records search. And after some expected skepticism, she agreed to talk.

Meanwhile, Eagles beat reporter Les Bowen:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-56-03_AM Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-56-27_AM Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-56-27_AM2

Can’t believe Les didn’t get the scoop.

*Babb using phrases like “my Spidey sense was going off that he was hiding something” is juuuuust a bit much for – let’s admit it – a relatively unimportant story. Good story, good reporting. But settle down there, Kent, you didn’t break Watergate. 


RADIO WARS: You’ll Hear Nick Kayal on WIP Today

Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-22-34_AM

Last night, Nick Kayal – El Logo – who recently left 97.5 for a national gig on a joint Sirius-Bleacher Report station, tweeted that he would be co-hosting with Josh Innes on WIP this afternoon– one of the last in a series of pseudo tryouts to find Innes’ new partner after the Innes-Bruno show blew up in WIP’s face.

Late last week, Sirius-Bleacher report radio, originally a 50-50 venture that turned into a mostly Sirius-owned thing, took an ax to some of its talent, including Kayal and Philly area tweeter and CB hater Dan Levy, who wrote the following over the weekend about being let go:

BR Radio is changing in year 2 and the folks taking control at Sirius don’t want me, or most of us, to stay. The Morning B/Reakaway is dead. Thursday was my last show. I was told I’m being replaced by someone reading sports news. I hope he’s a robot.

I’ll spare you all the “thanks to the following people who helped along the way” stuff. But yeah, fi that’s you, then that.

This also means I’m done at Bleacher Report, as I hadn’t written anything for the site since March. This is twice in six months I was told my job is being eliminated, which is awesome to hear when I was the only person both times to ever have that job.

It was a wonderful opportunity at BR; how me and a handful of friends helped change a website with the worst reputation in the business into an unstoppable sports monster. Somewhere along the way, the place was magic. It hasn’t been the same for some time, and it’s not for me to decide if that’s a good thing or bad. It’s just very, very different than it was when we really got going.

At least I outlasted most of the magic.

Kayal had tweeted:

Well let’s get this over with… Yesterday was my final show on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio. I was made aware of that after signing off. It had nothing to do with me or the show itself… When I joined the Channel in mid April it was a joint venture b/w Bleacher & Sirius. But after both parties re-negotiated their agreement, Sirius was given full control & decided to get rid of almost every show in the lineup. I want to thank both Bleacher Report and SiriusXM for the past 4 months and I hold no ill will towards anyone. I worked w/ incredible people. This is a cut throat business, and despite our shows success, execs make decisions like this. I’m well aware this business I signed up for.

So that’s why you’ll hear Kayal on WIP today as the station approaches a decision on a new co-host for Innes.

Quite honestly, expect, which has learned that radio reporting can drive clicks, to break the news when WIP’s decision is made, because the station and Andy Bloom appear to have chosen the site as their personal mouthpiece in an attempt to control the message that was, apparently, getting just a little too real on the blog side. ONE AND ONLY MAESTRO:

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