Wife of Redskins GM Accuses ESPN Reporter of Throwing BJs to Her Husband

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Photo: Twitter, USA Today

The Redskins headline I’ve been waiting to write!

Wife of Redskins GM Scot McCloughan, Jessica, tweeted (and deleted) the following to ESPN (and former NBC Washington) reporter Dianna Marie Russini (who was a guest on our podcast last year):

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Black Sports Online grabbed the Tweet, which was apparently sent the other night, before it was deleted. Mrs. McCloughan had also previously tweeted Russini:

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The Redskins promptly claimed that Jessica’s account was fake. They were lying. Jessica issued a statement to Pro Football Talk:

“I deeply apologize for the disparaging remarks about an ESPN reporter on my personal Twitter account. The comment was unfounded and inappropriate, and I have the utmost respect for both the reporter and ESPN. I regret that my actions have brought undeserved negative attention to the Redskins organization and its leadership. My comments in no way reflect the opinions or attitudes of the organization and I regret that my behavior has in any way negatively impacted the team and its loyal fan base.”

I have the utmost respect for both the reporter and ESPN. Yeah, OK. Sure ya do.

So did ESPN:

“Dianna is an excellent reporter who should never have to be subjected to such vulgar comments. We are obviously extremely disappointed by today’s developments.”

So, recap: The wife of the Redskins’ GM accused an ESPN reporter of blowing her husband. Stop. The Redskins – maybe the worst organization in professional sports – claimed the account was fake. Stop. Because they’re the Redskins, they were lying. Stop. The GM’s wife apologized for being a gigantic bitch. Stop.

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They Might Not Fire Ruben

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Before this Phillies season started, the prevailing wisdom was that – though it’d be terrible – it would probably be Ruben Amaro’s last season as Phillies GM. Andy MacPhail was hired, Ryne Sandberg abandoned ship, and it seemed like the franchise would be getting a new face. But then something weird happened: The Phillies killed it at the trade deadline.

All of a sudden, you had people saying Ruben saved his job by completely restocking the Phillies’ farm system. So what’s the plan now? According to Pat Gillick, there isn’t one yet.

“No decision has been made on Ruben at this point,” Gillick told MLB.com. “It’s a decision that will be made in the next 30 days or so.”

But that isn’t because his job is on the line, necessarily.

“I think the fan perception about Ruben from July 1 through this date has changed dramatically,” Gillick continued.” I think the fans in Philadelphia are very knowledgeable. I think the fans know we’ve got a plan. And I think the fans know we’re headed in the right direction. I think that really bodes well for Ruben.”

If you really still want Ruben gone, you should have continued yelling about it even if you approved of his moves at the deadline, because now the Phillies think you like him again. Maybe.

Kyle: That’s fine. More time to sell shirts:

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Get one.


Crossing Streams (Episode 39): Eagles Season Preview with Eliot Shorr-Parks


Eagles beat writer for NJ.com Eliot Shorr-Parks joins us for our Third Annual Eagles Pajama Gram Jammy Jam Preseason Pow Wow to talk about the upcoming season, his misguided views about Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford’s ability (and sleeves), the three-headed monster running game, the upgraded defense, Chip’s culture taking over, media food at the NovaCare Complex, working on Thanksgiving, and why he’ll be wearing a Culture Wins Football shirt to Eagles practice before the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia.

You can read Eliot’s work at NJ.com and follow him on Twitter (@EliotShorrParks), where you’ll find that he looks like a young Christoph Waltz.


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Fairly Certain DeSean Jaccson Doesn’t Know His Quarterback’s Name

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Is that Kirk Cousins or Kurt, DeShad? I know ck was the first victim, but now rk, too?!

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LeSean McCoy Might Not Be Ready for Week 1, Bills Source Declares Injury near His Butt and “things like that”

Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Safely removed from Chip Kelly’s sports science lab which he apparently hated so much, LeSean McCoy has a nagging hamstring injury and may not be ready for Week 1.

ESPN football reporter Josina Anderson, who gets an impressive amount of scoops, reports that a Bills source told her McCoy might not be ready for Week 1 after all:

“They say it tore in a spot where it couldn’t have been any better for us. It tore in a spot that is kind of high up, surrounded by stronger muscles in the glutes and things like that.”

According to the source, McCoy is not at full speed in practice but is doing rehab work including light footwork, agility and cardio conditioning, but there is concern he won’t be in great “football shape.”

“It’s way too early to say whether [McCoy] will play or not. He is doing a little bit more every day. But hell yes, I’m concerned about that,” the source said. “I can’t say for sure he’s going to be with us Week 1. I can’t say that at all. It will take everything we got just to get him ready for game day, and then [when] we get to game day, [there’s] no way he can be in great football shape. So I think he will be on a pitch count, I think at the very best.

The source added that if McCoy is not 100 percent, “I would recommend that he doesn’t play because [we] need him for the rest of the year. [We] don’t need him at 75 percent and risk losing him down the line.”

“You know he is a Ferrari and for him to be hitting on all cylinders, that thing has got to be right,” the source told Anderson.

Good thing McCoy got himself out of a place that uses high-end, military grade physiological monitoring instruments and into a place where the source – probably a coach, perhaps even Rex Ryan – ballparks his health meter and compares him to a car.

Also, good thing the Bills just cut Fred Jackson.


Here’s the Video the NFL Sent Chip Kelly Showing Terrell Suggs Hit Was Legal

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the story has been so beaten it might as well have had bleach poured on it, Chip Kelly still wasn’t entirely convinced that Terrell Suggs’ hit on Sam Bradford in the second preseason game was a legal one. To clarify this, the league’s weekly officiating video focused on that exact play. In the video, NFL officials czar Dean Blandino says until it’s “clear that the QB doesn’t have the football,” he doesn’t get special protections.

Chip Kelly, still sounding a bit peeved about it, said he gets it now. “Whether you’re underneath the center, it doesn’t matter what run play you have,” Chip told the media yesterday. “It was explained to us that you could have your back turned to the defense and if there’s potential for you to bootleg out of it, then you can be hit.”

Kelly said the Eagles will practice with the rules they got, and now that they’re clear on this one, maybe they won’t give a monster of a man a clear run at their quarterback anymore.


Washington Post Football Writer Puts Chip Kelly On THE HOT SEAT

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Does my face make me look like a jerk?

Excuse me, I don’t like to laugh through repetitive letters, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Here is Washington Post NFL word writer Mark Maske, who put together his hot hot fire list of seven NFL coaches on the hot seat, which obviously includes festively plump Jay Gruden, and:

Chip Kelly, Eagles: It’s all about Kelly this season in Philadelphia. He probably would have it no other way.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made Kelly the winner in the coach’s power struggle with Howie Roseman, who lost the general manager title but remained in the team’s front office.

Kelly put his new power to use with an offseason roster overhaul in which he parted with tailback LeSean McCoy, quarterback Nick Foles and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin while adding quarterback Sam Bradford and running back DeMarco Murray. Kelly has stocked his roster with his former Oregon players and ignored the prevailing league-wide sentiment about Tim Tebow as an NFL passer by bringing in the quarterback to vie for a spot on the team.

Kelly has won so far and this is not to say there is any immediate danger that Lurie would fire him if things don’t go well this season. But Kelly clearly has put his reputation on the line and there will be no one else to share the credit or the blame for the Eagles’ 2015 fortunes.

This is not to say there is any immediate danger… but let me put him on my metaphorical hot seat anyway because PAGE VIEWS.

How absurd. How rude! Chip would probably have to go 1-15 to get fired this year. Jeffrey Lurie has put so many eggs in that basket that WIP operations manager Andy Bloom consulted him over how to grow the size of a basket so he could fit that many in the one belonging to Josh Innes. This is Chip’s team right now as much as it was ever Andy Reid’s team. Sure, Chip has to prove his methods work, but man, a guy goes 10-6 each of his first two seasons in the NFL with MICHAEL VICK, NICK FOLES and MARK SANCHEZ as his quarterbacks and this media hoove is ready to put him on the chopping block. Oh, the Washington media has outdone itself this time.

Side note: I love how Tom Coughlin is on the list. He’s on these lists every year. Dude’s like one of Jim’s cats– he’s got nine lives.


Sam Bradford’s Success Could Change the Way We Evaluate Quarterbacks

Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is not exactly risk-averse. He’s got sports science and research and all of that on his side, but grabbing Sam Bradford from the Rams still wasn’t the safest move he could have made. But if it pays off, it could change the way we look at quarterbacks in the NFL.

In a big piece on Grantland today, Robert Mays took a deeper look at the Sam Bradford experiment and what it could mean if it works out. “If he can stay healthy, his 2015 season has a chance to be the test case for two quarterback theories that other decision-makers are sure to consider moving forward,” Mays says of Bradford. Maybe the lack of being able to field a competent QB on every team has “as much to do with a shortage of suitable environments as it does with a dearth of talent.”

And what they gave up for Bradford, in retrospect, isn’t really much:

“Ideally, Kelly’s plan with Bradford was to break the cycle altogether, to steal a quarterback who was actually worthy of going no. 1 overall but hadn’t shown it because he’d never been given the chance. Looking at the NFL’s traditional draft value chart, the projected picks and Foles (the 88th pick) come out to about 600 points — equivalent to a late first-round pick. The deal essentially allowed Kelly to take a player of Bradford’s pedigree with the 28th pick, something he never would have been able to do five years ago.”

It still depends on Bradford’s success in midnight green, but if he shows that he can play and he can succeed, maybe teams won’t be so steadfast about drafting their franchise QB in the first round. Maybe they can just build the team up and try to find a good QB in a bad situation. That’s what Chip hopes he did, and there’s a lot riding on it.

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