Most DeSean Jaccson Tweet Ever

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Two C’s? Two C’s.

And yes, DeSean did just refer to his coach’s son in gang spelling.


Report: The Phillies Have Traded Marlon Byrd (UPDATE: Nope)


Jim Bowden of ESPN is reporting that the Phillies have traded Marlon Byrd to the Yankees. Updates coming.

UPDATE: Nope. Jim Bowden – and therefore the rest of Earth – was duped by a fake Joel Sherman account:

UPDATE 2: Bowden’s Tweet was real. The fun part is, he didn’t credit Joel Sherman or the fake Joel Sherman. Double bad look. Something goofy’s going on with his account now:

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UPDATE 3: It looks as though Bowden has changed his handle from (@JimBowdenESPNxm) to (@JimBowdiv). Maybe no one will notice.

UPDATE 4: Bowden has freaked out.


Poor Nick Foles, Everyone Thinks He’s So Boring

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The Red Sox are Doing What the Phillies Should Be Doing

So far today:

The last place Red Sox have acquired Yoenis Cespedes (28, All-Star, .767 OPS), Allen Craig (29, former All-Star, down year but career .803 OPS), and Joe Kelly (26, Major League pitcher) in exchange for John Lackey, Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes. They are, once again, rebuilding a winning team.

The last place Phillies

UPDATE: Yeah, yeah– I know the Phillies have bigger contracts to move. But this is something they should’ve started doing two years ago. Other teams aren’t afraid to break up a winner when players still have some value left. They held on too long, and now… pufffff.


Here is a Terrible Looking Flyers Car


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Jim: I appreciate the fandom. I really do. But there should be a general rule that if you’re going to paint your car with a hockey team’s color scheme and logo, it should look better than your run-of-the-mill goalie mask. It’s nice to run into one of these out in the wild, but we can all do better.

Kyle: It sort of looks like an Eagle in the front, no? Like, if this guy converted the paint from orange to green and ditched the Flyers logo, that’s an Eagles car. Also, the AC-to-Delaware route is exactly the route where you’d see this sort of thing.

h/t reader John


Eric Lindros, John LeClair and Eric Desjardins Will Be Inducted into Flyers Hall of Fame

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The re-inventing of Eric Lindros continues. From the press release:

The Flyers will induct Eric Lindros, John LeClair and Eric Desjardins into the Flyers Hall of Fame during the 2014-15 season.

Thursday, Nov. 20 vs. Minnesota: Eric Lindros & John LeClair
Thursday, Feb. 19 vs. Buffalo: Eric Desjardins

Awesome. My formative years love this. Now, no more stories (and denials) about 88 being a huge dick as a kid.


SIGHTING: Tony Bruno Has Dinner with WIP Exec

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Gossip King here with some more gossipity gossip for you.

A trusted tipster spotted Tony Bruno, his girlfriend Miss Robin, and WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom dining at Del Frisco’s last night. Bruno, of course, left 97.5 last month amid contract negotiations in sort of a he-said, she-said resignation.

Today, Molly Eichel of the Daily News noted that Bruno next week will be on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco for a week-long fill-in role, but there’s little doubt that he would prefer to stay in Philly. Things aren’t looking so good on the 97.5 front… which leaves exactly one other sports talk radio station, and that’s the one Bloom manages. You can draw your own conclusions about what they may have been discussing last night. It sounds like it was a long dinner, though:

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That’s great, but doesn’t he know you’re supposed to tweet the receipt at Del Frisco’s?


TBT: That Time Bill Giles and a Fishing Trip Caused the NL to Vote Against Using a DH

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

We Phillies fans are on the verge of incompetence from the front office yet again, so it’s worth looking back on Bill Giles, former owner and president of the Phillies Ruly Carpenter, the meeting that could have given the National League the DH, and the mistake that took place.

In the summer of 1980, there was a meeting. John Claiborne, the then-GM of the Cardinals, was making a push for the NL to adopt the designated hitter. So, it was decided that executives from all of the National League clubs would come together at a meeting and vote on it. A simple majority (seven “yes” votes of the twelve clubs) was needed to adopt the rule.

Ruly Carpenter, Bill Giles, and the Phillies decided they would vote “yes” to adopt the rule, because they wanted to use Greg Luzinksi and Keith Moreland (two bats that weren’t so great with a glove) as their DH. So Bill Giles entered the meeting with instructions from his boss to vote “yes,” and Ruly Carpenter went fishing.

However, at the meeting it was announced that the rule change, if adopted, wouldn’t go into effect until the 1982 season. Bill Giles, instead of just assuming Carpenter would also support that, didn’t want to vote “yes” or “no,” in case it would have been out of line with their plans. After attempts to reach Carpenter failed, Giles abstained (which, not being a “yes” vote is basically the same as a no). The Pittsburgh Pirates, always trendsetters, had been instructed to vote the way the Phillies did, so they also abstained. So did Houston, for whatever reason.

The final tally then was four “yes” votes, five “no” votes, and three abstentions. John Claiborne, the main push for the DH, said he would bring it to the table every six months. Claiborne was fired five days later and the issue was never brought to a vote again. So the next time someone asks you why the NL doesn’t have the DH, you can tell them it’s because Bill Giles got a little nervous.

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