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The Sixers Are Just Hanging at the White House

The formal trip to the White House — where you present the current President with a jersey and all — is reserved for the team that wins the NBA title. But that doesn’t mean the Sixers can’t just get dressed in their nicest suits (and Joel Embiid’s super expensive sneakers) for a little visit. They’re just getting the lay of the place so they feel at home when they (the three or four who are still here) bring that jersey in 2018 … ish.


The Phillies Forgot to Tell Their Starter he was Starting


They’re really running a tight ship down there. But then again, Sean O’Sullivan would’ve known he was starting if he’d just Googled his name.


Eagles Ink Contract Extension with WIP, Will Broadcast Merrill Reese in HD

This offseason, the Eagles aren’t just signing formerly injured cast-offs and 30-year-old slot receivers. They’re extending 72-year-olds.

According to Jeff Blumenthal of Philadelphia Business Journal, the Eagles have inked an extension of unknown length (and unknown financials) with CBS Radio, which is hardly a surprise. The deal is a multi-year one:

The agreement calls for all Eagles pre-season, regular season and post-season games to continue airing on WIP and includes new elements such as an HD Radio station devoted exclusively to the Eagles 24/7 with year-round programming. CBS Radio’s Philadelphia stations have aired the games since 1992. Games will air on WIP and the 11 station Eagles Radio Network across the region.

If you’ve got HD radio (does anyone have HD radio unless it came by default in their car? what is HD radio?) you’ll be able to hear every Merrill Reese call and every Mike Quick … observation … as if though they were in the car with you. But having Mike Quick in your car sounds terrible.

Kyle: Almost non-news, but it’s good for WIP. Expect the Flyers to stick with 97.5 for some time, however. Ed Snider was none to happy when WIP bumped the Flyers to AM in favor of the Phillies after that deal was signed a few years ago. Nobody puts Eddie on the AM.


Um, so What Is This Sixers Blowup Franklin Spraying on Fans in the First Row?

Voila_Capture 2015-03-31_12-21-30_PM

Pretty much sums up this Sixers’ season for fans: taking it on the chin and liking it. Now someone get us a towel.

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The Phillies Will Sell Liquor to Distraught Fans This Season

This used to be a ballpark... people came to. Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This used to be a ballpark… people came to. Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Michael Klein of reports that the Phillies will begin serving liquor and wine (don’t order wine at a baseball game, tool) at general concession stands this season:

But in a first this season, the Phillies and Aramark will sell cocktails and wine in the general concession areas at Citizens Bank Park. If you think that the idea of a “Phillies bar” is coming from somewhere out of left field – well, you’re correct. It will be located behind Section 142, expanding an existing beer bar. Wine and cocktails cannot be brought out to seats. The cocktail list has not been finalized.

Over-under on how long this lasts until horrific left field incident forces Phillies to backtrack: three weeks.

Liquor has always been available at the High & Inside Pub behind home in the second level (great underrated, temperature-controlled drinking spot that’s not too crowded except for during rain delays) and, as noted by Klein, non-Aramark restaurants, McFadden’s (which is its own planet), Harry The K’s, and premium seating areas. Now the mongrels in left will get their chance to spend $12 on a Bacardi and Sprite.

Klein, who says there will be a media event tonight to show off new foodstuffs*, also reports that Wayback Burgers will be available at various spots, and I can confirm that they are in fact awful cheeseburgers (if my experience at the one in Horsham is any indication). But the big kicker, and this is so money it doesn’t even know it, is that THE SOUTH PHILLY DOG will be getting a slight, call it, modification:

A South Philly Dog topped with roasted red peppers, sharp provolone and broccoli rabe will be sold at Section 134. (A previous South Philly Dog was offered with long hots rather than the peppers.)

Shut. It. Down. Most underrated food item as CBP, which, I think?, has come and gone from the menu over the last few years. Highly recommended.

*I know I take a lot of shots at the Phillies, but it baffles me how they don’t invite the city’s most-read sports blog, which focuses on exactly this sort of thing, or just blogs in general, to an event like this. It would be instant non-negative pub and maybe, just maybe, buy them some goodwill for like a week or something. PR 101. They do it so wrong it’s not even funny. All things and more young hearts and minds could learn as part of the CB Internship Program For Students Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.


Lakers Fans Are So Mad that They Beat the Sixers

Welcome to the NBA.

Last night, the Lakers and Sixers played an incredibly exciting overtime game… which the Sixers lost 113-111. But it was basically a victory: They played well and didn’t win, and therefore did nothing to hurt their chances at the Lakers’ first round pick this year. The Lakers put an extra game of separation in the standings between themselves and the Sixers with a last-second lay-in by Jordan Clarkson, and their fans are so mad about it:




Every Lakers win gives the Sixers a better chance at the Lakers’ top-5 protected pick this year. In other words, the Lakers can’t finish in the bottom five if the Sixers want their first round pick this year.  As it stands now, the Sixers have a 17.2% chance of getting the pick. Sports!


Nerlens Noel Calls Ish Smith the First “Real Point Guard” He’s Played With

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Nerlens Noel is beginning to come into his own as an NBA player, potential Rookie of the Year, and defensive power. Much was made about Noel’s longtime friendship and relationship with former Sixer Michael Carter-Williams, but Noel really stepped his game up since MCW became a Buck. And he’s meshing really well with current starting point guard Ish Smith. In fact, 20.3% of Ish Smith’s passes as a Sixer have been to Nerlens Noel, and Noel shoots 71.2% on shots taken after those passes. So it makes sense that Nerlens is excited. But this still has to hurt:

nerlens ish

Sorry MCW, Tony Wroten, Isaiah Canaan, Tim Frazier, Larry Drew, and part-time Alexey Shved and JaKarr Sampson.


The Phillies’ Marketing Department, At It Again

Voila_Capture 2015-03-30_08-01-04_PM

The Phillies sent an email today promoting their Opening Week series against the Red Sox (for which tickets are dirt cheap at Crossing Broad Tickets). They misfired.

It wouldn’t be funny if they didn’t get everything wrong.

H/T to reader Jonathan and (@EStreetBlitz)

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