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Local Hero wants to Tell You About all the Best Public Toilets

I’ve been there, those doors are amazing: When choosing a bar or restaurant, it’s always nice to have some kind of idea of what their bathroom situation is like. One of my favorite bars has FOUR single-occupancy shitters, which really keeps wait times down. But if you spend some real time figuring out if you should wait ’til you get home or just unleash the fury where you are, we might have found your new best friend.

That brief show above, Golden Thrones, is all about finding the best bathrooms in the Philly area. So far he’s only hit Barra (above), Longwood Gardens, and the HQ of Johnny on the Spot (both after the jump), but you might want to keep your eyes out for future installments. Or at least take some mental notes on your own.

[h/t reader Danny, via Barstool]

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Media Notes: 97.5 Morning Show Starts Monday, NBC 10 Has a New Sheena

Voila_Capture 2015-04-17_08-48-09_AM

Goooooooooooooooooooooood morning everrrrrrrrybody, is what Anthony Gargano will probably say at some hellish hour Monday morning. His new live and local morning show – which seems to be a thing lately! – with co-host Jon Marks, airing from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m., will be the first legitimate direct competition the WIP Morning Show has ever had.

Since certain local media outlets and big-headed hosts just completely ignored this fact, it’s worth pointing out that we broke the news on Monday and have been writing about the potential of a Gargano-led 97.5 morning show since December, and more concretely since January. Plans weren’t finalized until just a week or two ago. I’m told staff was informed of the move at a meeting last Friday, when Gargano walked into a conference room to applause.

Gargano and Marks will be joined by Maureen Williams, who, curiously, has no known on-air experience (and has Josh Innes making not-so-subtle insinuations). Jamie Lynch, better known as Silent Bro when he produced Afternoons at WIP, will produce the show… and probably won’t be so silent anymore.

That image was sent out by a 97.5 ad sales rep. On Tuesday, advertisers or potential advertisers, it appears, will be welcomed to the studio to meet the new crew.

97.5’s lineup will be as follows:

6-10: Morning Show

10-2: Harry Mayes and Eytan Shander

2-6: Mike Missanelli

6-10: Joe DeCamara

Voila_Capture 2015-04-17_09-11-10_AM

pic from Jessica’s Facebook

That there is NBC 10’s new Sheena Parveen traffic girl, Jessica Boyington, formerly of CBS Philly, oh, and of New Jersey. Jessica is a former Miss New Jersey. And, well, I think NBC 10 has found their type:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-17_09-20-37_AM

I see what you’re doing, NBC 10. I see it. Remember, girls, left elbow-lean pose:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-17_09-21-51_AM

[Editor’s note: No Sheenas were harmed in the hiring of this reporter. She’s still with NBC 10.]


The Sixers Didn’t Get Any Closer to Landing Those Other Draft Picks, but Hope is Still Alive

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With their loss to the Heat last night, the Sixers did everything they could have done to increase their odds at draft “optionality.” Unfortunately, Orlando and the Knicks didn’t do their part, so the Sixers have the third worst record in the league and the Heat have the 10th. That gives them a 17.2% chance at landing the Lakers pick, a 9.1% chance at the Heat pick, and a 15.6% chance at the top pick.

But those percentages are just percentages. What do they actually mean in the real application of the lottery? Some math genius over at r/Sixers figured it all out. User ZeroCool79 ran a million simulations to see how often certain outcomes came up. The Sixers landed the #1 overall pick a predicted 155,726 times, or 15.6%. But there are also two-pick and three-pick scenarios. For example, the Sixers landed their own pick at #5 and the Lakers’ #6 pick in 9.79% of simulations, and they added the Heat’s #11 pick in 2.33% of sims.

Here’s the breakdown of the most likely scenarios, with an “x” meaning no additional pick conveys:

sixers picks

Pulling that Lakers pick doesn’t seem all that far off now. And about those Lakers? Their man in charge, GM Mitch Kupchak, is very different than the Sixers’ man in charge:

mitch kupchak

Nothing would make me happier than the Sixers taking that man’s first round pick.

[h/t reader Nick]


Ryan Howard is Batting 7th for the First Time in Nine Years

howard batting

This is 2015 Phillies baseball. Maybe he can at least get into some hitter’s counts.


Ryan Howard Couldn’t Hit Curveballs and Now He Can’t Hit Fastballs

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline – USA Today Sports

Ryan Howard has always had problems with breaking pitches but he could hit the hell out of a fastball. This year is different, according to David Murphy:

Still, eight games are what we have at our disposal, and the fact is Howard has been abysmal against a pitch he used to destroy with regularity, a pitch whose obliteration used to make up for the flaws in his swing. Heading into last night’s game against the Mets, in which Darin Ruf started at first base against lefty Jon Niese, Howard was averaging a swing-and-miss every five fastballs, nearly double his career whiff rate against the hard stuff. And he has seen plenty of hard stuff. Nearly 65 percent of all of his pitches have been four-seamers or sinkers. Seven of his 10 strikeouts have come on those pitches.

Once again, it’s a small sample size, but Howard is only facing 3.25 pitches per at bat, down from a career average of 4.05. He’s swung at 50% of first pitches, up from 31%. He’s seen zero 3-0 counts, zero 3-1 counts, and zero 2-0 counts. So he’s missing fastballs, missing breaking pitches, and being incredibly impatient.


Cubs Calendar Misspells Ryne Sandberg’s Name


Ryne Sandberg is a Cubs legend. And while he’s doing the thankless job of managing our own Phillies, his old team can’t even get his name right. Poor Ryne.


Allen Iverson took over the @Sixers Twitter Handle Last Night

The product on the court may have had its pluses and minuses, but the Sixers’ social media accounts have had an amazing year. And to cap it off last night, they had Allen Iverson do a twitter takeover with the amazing hashtag #AskTheAnswer. He might not be good for a front office position, but he’s still a fan favorite. Check out the entire takeover after the jump.

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Phillie Killers: A Statistical Ranking

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Phillie Killers, guys with a special place in their heart for breaking yours. We know them when we see them, and we hate them so, so much.  I’m looking at you, Lucas Duda, Phillie Killer in the making. But how can we actually tell who the real Phillie Killers are and who had just a couple of lucky games? Thanks to Baseball Reference and their extensive statistical database (and relatively simple smart search), I figured it out.

For the sake of pure offensive production vs. the Phils, we’re looking at OPS. At first, I took the OPS for a player’s career vs. the OPS he has vs. the Phillies to see who had the biggest differential, with a minimum of 30 at-bats against the Phils, from 1995 to present (just to keep things fresh). I quickly upped the minimum at-bats to 75 to cut out outliers that owe much of their differential to just a few games (Jason Giambi – .648 differential), small sample size villains (Deion Sanders – .279 and Joe Carter – .399), and what the hell slots (Livan Hernandez – .268).

So who is public enemy number one? In true Phillie Killer style, it was a relative no-name– former Devil Ray, Red Sock, and Astro (among others) Julio Lugo. Yes, Julio Lugo.  Lugo’s career OPS was .725. Against the Phillies, it jumped up to 1.192 in 91 at-bats. That’s higher than Barry Bonds’ career total OPS of 1.149. But Bonds was no slouch against the Phils. Disregarding differential, Bonds’ 1.232 OPS against the Phils from 1995 to 2007 puts him atop the list, followed by Vladimir Guerrero, Lugo, and Mark McGwire. But when you factor in differential — basically how much better they were specifically against the Phils — Bonds drops to 105th, Guerrero to 18th, and McGwire to 96th.

Using a more basic stat, like runs produced (runs + RBI – HR), you see the usual suspects. From 1995 to 2015, the top run producers against the Phillies were division rivals (due to the volume of at-bats), but the top spot belongs to Chipper Jones (269 runs, 9.7% of his career total). Following Larry is David Wright (186, 11.5%), Andruw Jones (177, 9.9%), Mike Piazza (166, 10.5%), and Jose Reyes (147, 10.9%). Juan Lagares, the Mets outfielder with less than 850 career at-bats, has produced 32 runs against the Phillies, which is 20.3% of his career total. Put him on your list.

Using OPS, what does the list of the top 25 Phillie Killers look like? Familiar, as it features some former Phils and even the manager: Continue reading

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