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Here’s a Sixers Jersey Mockup Based on Confirmed Leaks and Rumors

SixersVoila_Capture 2015-05-21_01-39-42_PM

Graphic designer Conrad Burry (@conradburry) updated his Sixers uniform mockup based on a tip a reader sent to us.* Is it accurate? Who knows?! WHO CARES?!?! [I think it is.] But this… this would be a good look.

*This is how you perpetuate a story: blog about it, update it, commission new mockup, blog about it again. This is how the ESPN machine works. I can do this, too. Let me try something else: SAM HINKIE IS RACIST.** WE’LL DISCUSS TONIGHT ON SPORTSCENTER, AND THEN TOMORROW ON FIRST TAKE, AND THEN WE’LL DO AN ONLINE EXPOSE ABOUT IT, AND THEN ALL THE RATINGS AND MONEY. Nailed it.

**That’s a complete joke. Don’t want to get sued. Sam Hinkie, by all accounts, loves people of all races… especially if they have virtually no cap hit.


UPDATE: This Is Sam Bradford in an Eagles Jersey

Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_01-32-29_PMVoila_Capture 2015-05-21_01-36-42_PM

Ew. There’s this acid creeping up in my throat. It tastes like… yep, it’s vomit. #willprobablybesellingbradfordtshirtsin6months

Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_01-36-14_PM Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_01-35-31_PM

The Sam Bradford era. Welcome to it!

UPDATE: Holy shit– Bradford looks even worse on Snapchat:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_03-06-46_PM

He’s like that guy across the street from you who drinks a lot. He’s not fat by any stretch, but he’s not particularly athletic either, and all the years of drinking have given him a weird little pot belly. That’s what Bradford looks like. This is your quarterback. Our quarterback.


Report: The Phillies are Trying to Trade Ben Revere

Photo Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You really aren’t a true Phillie this year if your name hasn’t been floated around in trade talks. Cole Hamels? Like a hot air balloon. Jonathan Papelbon? Not a “real Phillie,” but yeah. Aaron Harang? Welcome to Philadelphia, does anyone want him? And the next one on that list? Ben Revere.

According to Todd Zolecki, Revere is the odd man out in a soon-to-be crowded outfield, so he may be shipped off:

Cody Asche is in Triple-A, preparing to become the Phillies’ everyday left fielder. Domonic Brown’s bat is heating up, too.

Both will rejoin the Phillies at some point, possibly soon. Their inevitable arrivals seem to leave Ben Revere as the odd man out in the Phillies’ outfield, with Odubel Herrera in center field, which is why, sources told, the Phillies and Angels have been talking about a trade in recent weeks. The Angels have been scouting Revere for some time and like him, but the Phillies and Angels have not agreed on compensation.

What are you supposed to have, four capable outfielders? That’s just silly. Especially since one has historically been unable to produce major league numbers and the other has played the outfield for all of a week. Ruben would likely want a couple (or one) minor leaguers in return, and if his usual negotiation strategy plays out here, this rumor will die in a week and Revere will remain a Phillie.


Larry Andersen, Not One to Pull Punches, Lays into Ryne Sandberg for Pulling Little-Known Pitcher after 64 Pitches



Some guy named Severino Gonzalez pitched (well) for the Phillies last night. He threw 64 pitches over five innings and gave up only one run. The Phillies, who have now won 7 of their last 8, still stink and probably should’ve just left the 22-year-old in to see how deep he could go. But Ryne Sandberg, who doesn’t seem like a particularly smart man, pulled him in favor of a pinch hitter in the sixth, up 4-1. Larry Andersen no like:

LA: Oh man, is he hurt? Ya think Severino González is hurt?

SF: Doesn’t look like it, in the dugout anyway. He’s getting handshakes all around, he’s gone five innings and he’s done for the night.

LA: Oh man, he must be gassed after 64 pitches. You gotta be kiddin me … You don’t have to go to your bullpen in the sixth inning. I just totally, totally disagree with that move.

SF: … Your biggest problem with the move?

LA: 64 pitches, and we’re not talking about a bullpen that’s been lights out of late. when you’re gonna get four innings out of ’em in a three run game. I know they got more hits out of him the second time through, so is this guy gonna be a five inning pitcher his whole career? Because he can’t go through a lineup a third time? I know you wanna win, but if that was really the case, I think we’d be seeing some other players here, too. I don’t wanna say that they don’t wanna win, but … [sigh]

SF: You’re saying that if the expectation is more about the development of the player …

LA: Right. And if you’re in the pennant race, and the bullpen hasn’t been used and is completely rested and is pitching lights out, then I can see it. But, and this is the complaint I had when I was coaching in the minor leagues when I got yelled at for letting Matt Beech throw over a hundred pitches, because every time he hit the seventh inning, he blew up. He could cruise through six and then when it hit the seventh, he couldn’t get anybody out. I said ‘Well, he’s not gonna get any better until we leave him out there.’ He’s not gonna learn how to do it. So [I said] leave him out there. Let his ERA get up to ten but he’s gotta learn to get people out in the seventh inning. Cause otherwise you’re just conditioning him to be a six inning pitcher. Is that what you want? That’s just opinion though … I’m not the one making the decisions …

I’m not saying they don’t want to win… but I have to sit up here every night and watch this shit and it’s pretty obvious this franchise doesn’t give one big ol’ flying fuck about winning.



Flyers Sign Guy

Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_11-39-20_AM

This in addition to signing Yvgeni Medvedev yesterday, which leads to this particular Tweet from Sam Carchidi:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_11-43-32_AM

Palushaj is a US citizen, so he’d have to do some political wizardry to work his way onto Team Russia… or the Flyers for that matter. He’ll be a Phantom, most likely. Did this really need a press release? DID THIS REALLY NEED A POST? Today it did. Today it did.


In the Absence of Anything to Write about, Daily News Again Rolls out Nonsensical Hags’ Take on Sixers


Look, I can assure you that this is traditionally a horrible sports week. Unless the Flyers are in the Conference Finals or the Phillies are, you know, good, the weeks around summer holidays (MEMORIAL DAY IS SUMMER DAMMIT AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!) can be painful. For our part, it’s not a lack of trying… it’s a lack of happening. I’d much rather be busy than be searching. So I get that daily publications that need content ready by 12 a.m. to be sent to the printer so it can be put on trucks and driven to houses and businesses by 6 a.m. have to get creative… but maybe the old-timers at the Daily News can come up with something better than the Sixers are frauds.

Editors asked writers if the Sixers’ plan – to play the odds and stockpile young talent in the service of building a winning organization – is worth it. These are actual responses. See if you can guess who said what:

A) No.

When it comes to being lucky, they’re cursed. For the record – not that they ever seem to care about their record – the Sixers are oh-fer The Lottery.

The Sixers failed – that’s what it was: failure – to gain possession of the Lakers’ and the Heat’s picks this year, too. They prayed that the Lakers would fall out of the top five, the Heat out of the top 10.


B) Yes, because math.

So the evidence suggests the difference between Very Good and Very Mediocre is -150,000 fans, while the difference between Very Mediocre and Very Bad is -55,000 fans.

Q: If a Bad Instead of Mediocre Season (BIOMS) is worth -55,000, and a Great Instead of Mediocre Season (GIOMS) is worth +150,000, how many GIOMS does it take to make up for three BIOMS?

A: One. It takes the Sixers one great season to earn back the ticket revenue they lose over three bad seasons. So a four-year stretch that goes Bad-Bad-Bad-Good equals one that goes OK-OK-OK-OK.


C) No.

As a charter member of the club that is convinced the Sixers “plan’’ is a fraud that is serving only to strip away all its highly-paid assets as the franchise has increased in value by more than 300 percent under the shrewd businessmen that own it and believes the end-game is more likely to be a highly profitable sale than an NBA championship, the ‘was the tanking worth it’ question is a snapshot into a larger picture that may take a while to come into focus.

The Sixers could get as many as four first-round picks in next year’s draft. And that is what they will be selling between now and June 2016. I am not buying.

This is a shell game that appeals to fantasy players and wannabe general managers. It is not a model based on 2015 basketball reality.


Find out who said what after the jump. Continue reading


UPDATE: Graphic Designer Takes Sixers’ Uni Clues to Mock Up Full Look

sixers home

Based off of Nerlens’ suit jacket sneak-peek from last night’s lottery, and his mention of stars down the sides, could this be what the new Sixers home uniforms will look like? Graphic designer and uni-fan Conrad Burry, who discovered the new Sixers wordmarks, mocked these up using all the info we have so far, and they look pretty damn good. You figure there’s gotta be some red in there somewhere, so the trim is a nice touch, but the side panels could even be white, trimmed in, with red or blue stars. We won’t know for a few more weeks, but the clues are at least giving us some idea. Burry’s mock ups for the away and alternate unis are after the jump.

UPDATE: No idea if this is true, but as part of my (Kyle) pledge to post all unsubstantiated tips from now on, one reader – whose name checks out on a LinkedIn search – checks in with the following:

Those renderings that guy created are close to accurate except the siding of the uniforms are going to be blue not red. Accurate portrayal of the stars though.

Tony Chennault was actually one of the people modeling the jersey in the photo shoot. As a Nova guy I thought you’d get a kick out of that.

Other renderings after the jump.

Continue reading


The NBA Draft Lottery Got Much Higher Ratings Locally than Phillies Games Typically Get



Last night, a whole bunch of people showed up at lottery parties (specifically Liberty Ballers’) to see where the ping pong balls fell. But it wasn’t just the partiers who were watching, because the lottery set a record. According to Ben Cafardo (via RealGM), the 3.2 overnight rating the lottery drew made it the highest rated lottery ever shown on ESPN.

Locally, the lottery drew a 4.8 rating – the 5th highest local market rating – which was more than a full ratings point higher than what the Phillies got last year– 3.18. Those aren’t quite NFL draft numbers, but for a guy opening envelopes very slowly, it’s pretty good.

And elsewhere in lottery news, Sam Hinkie knew about the #OneSixEleven hashtag and might have a super secret twitter account. Hinkie told Zach Lowe:

“I was teasing Scott [O’Neill, the Sixers’ CEO] about it: Why don’t we just wish to be 9 feet tall? That’s not gonna happen either. Why get your hopes up? There’s all sorts of things I would like that have a 1-in-500 chance of happening, but I don’t tweet about many of them.”

NEED to know Hinkie’s Twitter account. Need it.

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