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Andy Reid Reaffirms His Belief in Unnecessarily Vicious Training Camps

Voila_Capture 2014-06-03_09-04-25_AM

Andy Reid, oh ye ol’ football meathead, is just fine with Jamaal Charles getting popped by teammate Derrick Johnson during training camp. It’s good for the soul, good for the team. Injuries and concussions, however, are not, and yet Reid’s battle zone training camps rage on, even in 2014, when 29 concussions have been reported through the first three weeks of NFL camps.

Here’s Reid on Charles getting drilled [via Pro Football Talk, USA Today]:

“He’s one of our leaders on our team,” Reid said of the 31-year-old Johnson. “We’re in the dog days. He’s not the youngest guy. For him to strut around – I’m loving that now. I’m OK with that. He’s trying to get everybody going, both sides. A little tattoo like that right there – that gets everybody going. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s going to happen.”

“They’ve got this Texas thing,” Reid said. “You’ve got to look at the positive: Jamaal got up and his head was good and everything else so I’m good with it. That is going to happen out here. That is going to happen, I got it. You saw one with the offensive line, one of the offensive lineman hit a linebacker and then hit him again. You’ve got to be smart. It’s part of the game and things are going to happen.

“Well, I mean, you see a lot of those in football. You just keep going. They’re competing. It’s a Texas thing.”

“The last 10 days, we were tackling to the ground. We did it every day,” Reid said. “This week, now we’re working long-drive periods where it’s more ‘thud.’ But those backs are still getting banged around when they come through there. They’ve got to expect to get a shoulder on them. That’s how it rolls.”

All the more reason to appreciate Chip Kelly and his aversion to his multi-millionaires intentionally doing their Texas thing to each other during meaningless scrimmages.


Andy Reid Admits That His Personnel Decisions Were Terrible

Voila_Capture 2014-06-03_09-04-25_AM

Andy Reid was part of an NFL Career Development Symposium at the Wharton School on Saturday. He was asked a question about his shortcomings. Zach Berman brings you the response:

“About a year ago, I found out what I wasn’t good at because [I was] out the door,” said Reid, now the Kansas City Chiefs coach. “I went back, and I looked at it, and . . . I drifted away from the thing I love doing most, and that was coaching.”

“I took [myself] completely out, dealt more with personnel . . . stopped calling the plays, all those things,” Reid said.

“[Focusing on coaching in KC has] also allowed me to . . . try to keep my personality in the room and do what I like doing,” Reid said. “I learned a lesson. I thought I stepped out [in Philly] for the right reasons. It probably wasn’t the right thing to do.”

“I’m not saying [it was] the wrong way to go; we had a lot of success in Philadelphia,” Reid said. “But where I was in my career, this is what I want to do. And it worked out where I could actually do that.”

Translation: When I got fired last year, I realized that I wasn’t good at, maybe, 50% of my job. Really, I just handed all the coaching duties over to Marty, owner of a 5-27 career head coaching record. That was dumb. And so, too, was drafting Danny Watkins. I kept telling people that I had to do a better job when, in fact, I wasn’t capable of doing it. I didn’t know what I was doing in the front office! In KC, I’m just focusing on the bbq coaching. That’s what I’m good at. I think. Also: I shouldn’t have let Tammy make the decorating decisions.


Andy Reid’s Villanova House is For Sale and It Has Some of the Ugliest Interior Decorating I Have Ever Seen

Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-31-00_AM

Everyone has been talking about Andy Reid’s $2.3 million house in Villanova going up for sale. But overlooked is the fact that the interior decorating is hideous at best, and seizure-inducing at worst. Count the shapes:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-31-28_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-32-37_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-32-07_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-32-25_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-32-47_AM

YO, TAMSTER! Chill with the patterns. Even Tim Burton would’ve thought they were just a little too geometrically diverse for Beetlejuice or any character Johnny Depp has ever played.* How about you mix in some solid accent walls to complement a motif that I can only assume is called Rubix Cube explosion?

*For real, at what point is Burton going to stop casting Depp in white makeup? I’m sure this has been talked about ad nauseam in movie circles, but just look at this list. THESE ARE ALL BASICALLY THE SAME MOVIE!

Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-47-22_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_09-47-36_AM

Real estate listing.


Donovan McNabb Interviews Andy Reid About His 9-0 Team Because, Wow, What a Difference Three Years Makes

Andy Reid continued his habit of only doing interviews with people who will tongue his balls, when he sat down with DONOVAN MCNABB for FOX Sports 1 this week. It was, of course, a real hard-hitting interview what with Reid’s longtime pupil lobbing questions about his 9-0 football team, babies and Peyton Manning.

FOX didn’t post video yet, but credit to The School Philly for YouTubing this sumbitch.


This Hilarious Andy Reid Pumpkin is in the Chiefs’ Practice Facility

Voila_Capture419 Voila_Capture420


The Chiefs are 8-0.


Baby Goes as Andy Reid for Halloween

Voila_Capture332Awwwwwwwwww, a little plum tomato!

Here’s some kid, somewhere, dressed up as Baby Andy Reid. Wonder which Reid – real or little – dribbles more food onto his chest?

The Chiefs are 8-0.

via CBS Sports


UPDATE: Watching Andy Reid Celebrate His 7-0 Chiefs Will Break Your Spirit Today

via LSUFreek

via LSUFreek


If you can stand to watch it, there’s video of the whole thing here.

UPDATE: Now an even better Kool-Aid GIF.

H/T to (@Banditmax)


Andy Reid Wins Challenge, Philadelphia Not Charged a Timeout

Andy Reid won a challenge today as the Chiefs won yet another game, smoking the Giants in my early season favorite for the I Wish the Stadium Would’ve Imploded Instead Bowl, and one referee just couldn’t couldn’t comprehend that he was staring at a tomato and not a black hole, mistaking Reid’s team as, well: Philadelphia will not be charged a timeout.

More notable, however, is: ANDY REID WON A CHALLENGE?!

H/T to everyone who pointed this out and reader Rob for the video

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