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It looks like the Phillies could have 84 home games.

It looks like the Phillies inter-league series, scheduled for June 25th-27th in Toronto, may be moving to Philadelphia (giving the Phillies 3 extra home games, for now).  The G20 Summit of world leaders (yeah, like that's more important than a baseball game) will be held in Toronto on June 26th and 27th, and it appears as if Toronto (and likely secret service) would like the city cleared of all major crowd gathering events.

A fan received an email (we have the email) from a Phillies representative when inquiring about an event at CBP, saying:

apparently there is a potential issue with our away series in Toronto for the June 25th – 27th dates and there is a small chance that Major League Baseball may move the series to Philadelphia.

It sounds like there is an international summit planned with different world leaders and they are trying to clear out any events in the city like this that will draw a large crowd, like sporting events. 

The Phillies employee went on to say she was 99% sure the series would be moved.

I have been informed this morning that it looks 99% certain that the Toronto games will be moved to Philadelphia due to some issues in Toronto, on June 25th, 26th and 27th.

Stay tuned for more info!

We have the email, but this is all we can show for now.

Todd Zolecki at has more info. initially reported the story, we obtained the email.

This would suck for Blue Jays fans who wanted to see Doc again.


(Source:  Steven Falk, Philadelphia Inquirer)

This is definitely the most important thing this cop has ever done.  Look at the rotation in that muffin top, the eyes, perfect taser form, "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot" scowl, and Rosie O'Donnell series blue cargo pants.  Oh yeah, he's got it all.  Paul Blart eat your heart out.

This was the first time Philadelphia Police have ever tasered a fan at game.  All we know is that his name is Steve, he is 17 years old and from Boyertown.

Check out Raul Ibanez in the second video, for those of you who think that he may have lost a step, watch how quickly he gets out of the way when he sees the officer raise his hand.  Priceless.    

And is it just me, or from far away does it not look like he is being shot?  Not sure what I would have thought had I seen this in person.

Chris Wheeler tells us why its not cool to run on the field.

Citizen's Bank Park was already heralded for it's food selection.  With Bulls BBQ, Tony Luke's, The Schmitter, and the many other great choices, CBP (and it's vendor, Aramark) did not need to expand upon the selection.  They did however, and what we are blessed with is three additional, fantastic choices.

On Opening Day, I had a chance to sample all three:  (in related news, I might have a tapeworm)

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6a00e0098ae0f3883301347fbdb0fe970cWelcome Mike Zoltek, new contributor to Crossing Broad!

With opening week waiting in the wings, I could sit here
and spit out facts, opinions, all that nonsense, but we know all the trivial
details… Chase Utley is hot (if you’re a female, or in the man crush club), Roy
Halladay rules, and Ryan Howard is the MVP. That’s why I’m here to talk about a
more important topic, a topic everyone should know before attending a game at CBP,
and that is what to eat, where to eat it, and what’s new in 2010.

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