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Cliff Lee Is Selling His Rittenhouse Condo

Voila_Capture 2015-04-21_09-00-36_AM

Cliff Lee, in the final year of his five-year, $120 million contract (my God time flies), has put his 1706 Rittenhouse condo up for sale. Want it? Sure ya do! It’s a steal at $6.9 million.

From CenterCityTeam.com… which is engaging in some smart content marketing with stuff like this:

Rittenhouse Square is, of course, a byword for high-end living in Center City, and this home is no exception. You should know by now how I go gaga for a beautiful condo on the Ritt, and this one is nothing short of spellbinding. With an address directly on the Square and a near-perfect Walk Score, there’s no better way to experience everything that this gorgeous, big ol’ city has to offer.

This three bedroom condo has three bathrooms. It’s a full-floor residence sprawling across over 4,100 square feet. Every exposure is perfect here – north, south, east, and west. Enjoy direct elevator access right to your front door!

So many memories in this place. SO MANY. Lee bought it in 2011. For a time that summer, Hunter Pence was rumored to be moving in with Lee until he got set up on his own (he didn’t– Pence’s parents came into town during a road trip and set up a place for him). Later, Lee was spotted playing Wiffle Ball in the park with his son, and became neighbors with Ryan Howard and Jonathan Papelbon, turning 1706 into sort of a Phillies escrow account.

There’s nothing to read into the listing – Lee can’t get traded right now because Ruben Amaro waited too long and now Lee is hurt – but there’s a 0.0% chance Lee re-signs with the hapless Phillies next year… if he doesn’t retire. This is just another sad end for a former star who’s nearing the end of his monstrous contract as the Phils diddle away into obscurity. A few more pics after the jump. Continue reading


The Phillies Prolong the Inevitable, Place Cliff Lee on 60-Day DL

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 5.14.46 PM

Though Cliff Lee’s “forearm strain,” a tear in his flexor tendon, is potentially career ending, the Phillies have just placed Lee on the 60-day DL as he’ll try to rehab without surgery. The Phillies’ statement reads:

“Cliff has now attempted to twice rehabilitate this injury without having surgery. While surgery has now been recommended, it would effectively put an end to his 2015 season as the rehabilitation from the surgery would run through the end of the season.”

Lee will immediately stop throwing and he’ll go home to rest and begin rehab. The hope is that he’ll recover without surgery and be able to pitch again this year, though it’s hard to imagine that happening at all, and even harder to see it not leading to a career-ending injury. He’s already attempted to rehab this same injury twice, and that didn’t work. I’m not an expert in flexor tendons, but I did just give myself a headache from rolling my eyes at the Phillies and their training staff, which seems to subscribe to the ice it and tape it philosophy (see: Utley comma Chase).

The Phillies (and Cliff Lee) might be the only people that think they can fix Lee’s 36-year-old arm with some rest and stretching. It’s likely this could be the end of the road for Lee, it just hasn’t been written down yet.


Video: Cliff Lee, Adorably, Brings Magic 8 Ball to Press Conference

Voila_Capture 2015-02-19_02-09-42_PM

screen grab from CSN

GODDAMN YOU, CLIFF LEE, YOU GORGEOUS STEED YOU! Just when my ire towards the Philies and, yes, even you, Cliff, you belching, farting pseudo jerk, reached an all-time high, you go and do something delightfully hilarious to reel me back in. Muuuuust…. resi….oh fine, come here, you big goof!

Lee brought a Magic 8 Ball to answer questions on his behalf at his press conference today. This is honestly the first bit of personality I’ve seen from a Phillie in about two years. This might be a 2015 high point.

Video after the jump. Continue reading


Lee Won’t Need Surgery and Cole Hamels Reportedly Claimed by the Cubs

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.02.29 PM

First, the semi-good news … actually, none of this is even good or bad news considering the state of this team, just news: Although he will not pitch again this season and won’t likely throw a ball until “October or November,” Cliff Lee won’t need surgery.

And in other Phillies (neutral) news, Cole Hamels and Marlon Byrd have reportedly both been claimed off of waivers. Hamels’ suitors are apparently the Chicago Cubs, and Byrd’s team is still unknown. Both of these bits are unsurprising and, as of now, meaningless since the Phillies can always pull those players off of waivers if they do not like the deals that are being thrown their way (or really, just because they want to).


Cliff Lee’s Remaining Trade Value was Just Pissed Away into the Night

Voila_Capture 2014-07-31_09-24-59_PM

Even though the trade deadline came and went without so much as Ruben Amaro rolling out of bed and checking his phone, the Phillies still could’ve moved Cliff Lee before the end of the season if he were to clear waivers (probable). In fact, you could argue that it was likely he would get dealt. But nope. Not anymore. Whatever remaining value he had is gone. Urinated away into the D.C. night.

He hurt himself in the third inning tonight. After throwing his first pitch to Denard Span, he walked off the mound, pointed toward his elbow, and basically took himself out of the game. Here, watch:


I’m not a doctor, but I play one on this blog, and that to me looks like the sort of reaction pitchers have before they need Tommy John surgery. It’s once again Lee’s flexor-pronator in his left elbow. Jim Salisbury explains:

The official word from the Phillies was that Lee suffered a recurrence of the flexor-pronator tendon strain that had sent him to the disabled list on May 20. Given that Lee missed two months with that injury and now has a similar problem, it’s not a stretch to believe that his season is over.

Lee, who turns 36 in August, is owed the remainder of $25 million for this season and is guaranteed $37.5 million after this season. How this injury impacts next season is unclear, but if Lee were to require surgery, he could miss time in 2015, as well.

That’s just great. Well done, Rube. Well done.


Cliff Lee Could Reportedly be Dealt Past the Trade Deadline, Or You Know, Not at All

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.43.33 PM

Just extending the misery of not knowing what the hell Ruben is going to do, Buster Olney pointed out that Cliff Lee would likely clear waivers after the trade deadline due to the amount of money he is owed. This also gives Ruben more time to “evaluate” and OH GOD WON’T SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP.


Who Passed It Better: Lee or Papelbon?

[Gotta hit the audio button in the corner.]

Strong efforts from both Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon, but I think I got to go with Lee. I don’t know. I feel like his had a nice mix of moisture and depth that is difficult to produce, especially on-command. There’s no doubt that he was aided by the CSN microphone, which has a wider audio spectrum (deeper deeps and wetter wets) than the undisclosed reporter’s recorder on which Papelbon’s expulsion was captured, but Lee’s just had more force. It was perhaps a shart. Papelbon’s sounded like a cardboard box being ripped and lacked bass in the same way the stereo system in your mom’s car lacks bass, because she “just wanted it to sound loud.” You don’t need to be an audiophile to shake your damn head at that approach.

What says you?

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Your 2014 Philadelphia Phillies!


Cliff Lee’s No-Trade List is Revealed, But It Really Doesn’t Mean Much

Voila_Capture 2014-07-22_08-53-12_AM

Scouts watching Lee last night, via (@M_Coca_COLA)

Jerry Crasnick, writing for ESPN.com, reports on the nine teams Cliff Lee can be traded to without his consent:

Lee’s deal also includes a limited no-trade clause that allows him to block trades to 20 teams. According to a baseball source, Lee has listed Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Minnesota, the New York Mets, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Washington as the nine teams he can be traded to without his consent.

Against that backdrop, the Tigers, Pirates, Orioles, Mariners, Angels, Royals, Blue Jays and Giants — contenders all — were among a dozen teams that had scouts at Monday’s game. No one can say for sure who was on hand to expressly scout Lee, in part because the Phillies have so many other tradable commodities on their roster.

Good reporting there. These lists often aren’t ever made public. But, it doesn’t mean much. Typically when players have a limited no-trade clause and are able to select teams to which they’d accept a trade, they choose small market franchises and division rivals. Why? Because the small market teams can’t afford them and there’s little chance a franchise would want to see a traded star a dozen times per season. So, with the exception of Cleveland, Lee’s former team, this list basically represents the teams Lee would never get dealt to. But that doesn’t mean Lee couldn’t or wouldn’t waive his NTC to go the Yankees, Giants, Orioles, Angels or whomever else. Listing unlikely suitors just means that he’ll get to have a say in all al this. Hashtag themoreyouknow.

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