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We’re Giving Away a Pair of Tickets to the Eagles-Titans Game

Voila_Capture 2014-09-18_09-33-06_AM

Our friends at NRG Energy – the company responsible for those Earth-saving wind turbines and solar panels at Lincoln Financial Field – emailed me last night and said, “Hey, we have two last-minute Eagles tickets to give away for the game on Sunday. Want to help us with that?”

“Yes, I do.”

So that’s what we’re going to do. Here’s the deal:

From now until 8 pm tonight (Saturday!) you can enter to win. We’ll pick a winner this evening and notify you via Twitter. How to enter? Well, that’s easy:

1) Have a Twitter account.

2) Follow NRG Energy (@NRGEnergy) and Tweet the following: Follow @NRGEnergy and listen to Philly sports podcasts on LibertyBroadcast.co to enter to win 2 Eagles tickets http://bit.ly/PHinf3

That’s it. We’ll pick a winner, at random, tonight. Oh, and listen to The Tony Bruno ShowBGN (Bleeding Green Nation) Radio, and our podcast, Crossing Streams, at LibertyBroadcast.co– you won’t go back to radio. And you can find out more about NRG and their Eagles giveaways right here: http://bit.ly/PHinf3.

UPDATE: The winner:


Andy Reid Gobbles up Another Ex-player

Jason Avant. From Pro Football Talk:

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Chiefs are signing Jason Avant, who worked out for the team on Friday. The Chiefs haven’t made an announcement, but Avant’s agent Doug Hendrickson congratulated his client on finding a new team.

Andy loves his guys.


The ESPN Playoff Machine Shows All the Ways the Eagles’ Season Could Shake Out


Last weekend’s Eagles game was not pretty. The Packers put about three wins’ worth of play into one game, but thankfully the Eagles could only walk away with one extra loss. In many ways, the Mark Sanchez-led Eagles are a big mystery going forward, and the playoffs are up in the air. The ESPN Playoff Machine is going to help us through this, however. That image above is how the playoffs would look if the season ended today. The season does not end today. So, let us take a look at a variety of outcomes.

offensive rank

The above situation, perhaps the most unlikely of the bunch, is what it would look like if the team with the highest-ranked offense won every game for the rest of the season. Since the Eagles offense currently ranks near the top, they win out. But on the other side?

def rank

With the better defense winning each game, the Eagles are in trouble. They’d end up 8-8 and missing the playoffs. Luckily, this might actually be less likely than that #1 seed above it.

win out at home

If the Eagles win out at home — and so does everyone else — there is good news and bad news. The good news is they can be proud of an 8-0 record on the year at Lincoln Financial Field. The bad news is that they’d face the Packers in the first round. That matchup, as we saw last week, is less than ideal, but being at the Linc instead of being at Lambeau could make a huge difference.

win pct

Using win percentage as the difference maker leads to all kinds of insanity. This is the bizarro playoff picture where the Patriots and Cardinals are the only teams to make the cut without a tie, and this would also require the Eagles and Cowboys to tie both of their matchups, which may implode both cities.

game by game 1

And finally, that is what happens if I predict every game for the rest of the season correctly (perhaps the least likely of all the scenarios): The Saints are embarrassing but make the playoffs. The Eagles and Dallas each take one from the other at home, and end up facing off at the Linc in the first round. And every team in the AFC North has a better record than the Saints, which will lead to more talk of restructuring the playoffs.

Any of these scenarios could be right — or completely, amazingly wrong — but when you look at strength of schedule, offensive rank, home field advantage, and all the other options here, the Eagles still look to be in pretty good shape. You can pick each game for the remainder of the year and see how your playoff bracket would shake out over here.


The NFC Contenders, Ranked

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_11-18-45_AM

1) Packers

Photo credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, shit. You don’t want to play them. Aaron Rodgers has shown no ill-effects of dating bonafide sex fiend Sloan Sabbith (careful). Hell, she’s played such an important role in all of this that she’s cracked his Google related searches:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_09-20-50_AM

One of these things just doesn’t belong here

As if his 28 touchdowns, three interceptions, 120.1 quarterback rating, boyish good looks, approachable everyman demeanor and deadpan acting skills weren’t enough to make you hate that you can’t hate him, just take a look at the adorable images of him and Munn on Google– they love each other!

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_09-30-09_AM

Damn you, Rodgers! Why must you be so perfect?

I wanted so bad to disdain him on Sunday, but I just couldn’t do it. He seems to have the same effect on those around him as a warm summer’s day visit to a waterpark, and he could disarm a Muslim radical simply by showing up in his sideline beanie and smiling:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_11-29-40_AM

Jihad, schmihad

Beyond that, the Packers have two outstanding wide receivers, a monster of a running back, and a defense that I guess is pretty good?* They’re beatable on the road, but if the road to the Super Bowl goes through Green Bay, forget about it.

*It’s hard to tell since the Packers have outscored opponents 188-61 at home this season, allowing the defense to go into an Internal Prevent— which needs to be the name of Clay Matthews’ memoirs.


2) Cardinals

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_11-33-12_AM

As much as I immediately feel safe upon the sight of Rodgers, I want to rage-kick small zoo animals every time I see Bruce Arians, his really stupid glasses and hipster press conference hat. It’s like he can’t make up his mind between being a football coach and an ornithologist. I’m just waiting for him to point out all the scientific inaccuracies of his team’s logo during an impromptu media scrum. THE NORTHERN CARDINAL HAS INSET EYES AND A TAPERED BEAK! WHAT THE FUCK WITH THIS SCOWL?!?! But beyond that oddity and the fact that Carson Palmer is done for the season, it’s hard to argue with 9-1 and wins over the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys and Lions.

That said, things get even tougher for the Cardinals from here on out: Seahawks (twice), Chiefs, and 49ers again. They’re going to lose at least two of those games, and they have to play in St. Louis, where the inconsistent (but dangerous!) Rams have beaten both the Seahawks and Broncos. As of now the Cardinals deserve a top-two spot, but they are shaping up to be 2014’s Chiefs— peaking (beaking?!) too early. The early bird might not get this worm.


3) Eagles

Other than the Packers, I don’t see a team in the NFC that is clearly better than the Eagles. If you watch enough RedZone, you know that there is a lot of shit in the NFL, and particularly in the NFC. Every team has holes. The Eagles, though not perfect, have no more than anyone else. The losses to the 49ers and Cardinals were coin flips. They win those games handily at home. Even with a terrible offensive effort in San Fran, they came within three yards and a decent play call of winning the game. Everyone wants to write off the special teams play as an unreliable fluke, but how many punts do they have to block or return before people start realizing that you can basically count on one game-changing play per game from the unit?

The Eagles’ biggest problem at the moment is that they lose the literal coin flips to the Packers, 49ers and Cardinals when it comes to seeding. But, assuming the Cowboys are about to hit a wall (I think so), the Eagles have a fairly easy remaining schedule: Titans, Cowboys (twice), Seahawks, Redskins and Giants. Anything less than 4-2 (which would leave them with an 11-5 record) would be a huge disappointment.


4) Lions

It feels like every year the Lions are supposed to be good, supposed to be contenders. But this is how they’ve finished the last two seasons, stretches that they’ve entered at 6-3 and 4-4, respectively:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_10-13-46_AM Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_10-14-42_AM

By my count, that’s a 1-14 record in their final 15 games over the last two seasons combined. And right on cue this year, Week 11, they managed a measly six points against the Cardinals. That sound you hear is Lions fans conversing with Ned Ryerson:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-18_10-18-24_AM Continue reading


The Series of Events Leading to DeSean Jaccson’s Unceremonious Release from the Redskins Began Today

Photo credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins suck. They suck so bad that they lost 27-7 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who [spits on finger, puts it in the air to gauge wind speed and direction] yep, they suck, too. Some fantasy talking head on YouTube convinced me to draft RGIII and Pierre Garcon as a high-reward combo on Draft Kings yesterday. Thanks, jackass. I should’ve known better, because the Redskins suck. On Redskins Postgame Live, former Eagle and Redskin Brian Mitchell explained how much they suck, via ThaCover2.com:

“Embarrassing. This is atrocious. It’s despicable. It’s pathetic. I think it’s asinine.”

“I see a lot of players blaming media and everybody else and running around as if they won the damn Super Bowl somewhere.”

“This team has SUCKED over the last few years. And as a former player I’m embarrassed to watch this junk over and over again.”

“Play some damn football, you sucked on the field today. And you know who you are.”

And all that sucking has DeSean Jaccson beginning the process of his eventual release from the Redskins. This morning he instantly grammed:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-17_10-42-22_AM Voila_Capture 2014-11-17_10-42-29_AMGlad to see that’s going well.




via (@cjzero)

Jordan Matthews looked pretty good again.


Two Eagles Videos to Get You All Sorts of Pumped up for Sunday

Ask and ye shall receive.

The Eagles have posted their Week 11 pump-up video, and another one with Merrill Reese’s calls from last week on a new YouTube account that I can’t tell if it’s official or not. Anyway, enjoy. I’m going to throw out my pelvis doing mock Discount Double Checks when the Eagles take it to Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. Hashtag nomercy shield fight honor culture.


The Patriots’ Twitter Promotion Went Very, Very Wrong

Voila_Capture 2014-11-14_09-13-22_AM

Somewhere, the Eagles’ social media folks are clinking glasses, laughing at their inept peers (AND PRESUMABLY PUTTING TOGETHER SOME SORT OF HIGHLIGHT VIDEO FROM LAST WEEK– WHAT THE HELL, GUYS?!).

To celebrate their 1 millionth follower (the Eagles have less than 600k), the Patriots offered fans an opportunity to RT this Tweet…

Voila_Capture 2014-11-14_09-22-08_AM

… to see their handle emblazoned on a jersey. It’s one of those stupid social media things, but an effective tool to increase engagement. Brands love engagement. The only problem is that too much engagement can poke your eye out, kid. Some followers have, let’s just say, less-than-decent names.

Voila_Capture 2014-11-14_09-21-15_AM

No harm, guys. This was way less worse than, say, employing a murderous tight end.

Also, there’s a Riley Cooper joke in here, but I just can’t find it.

H/T to (@FlexyLexy40)

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