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This Seems like a Great Time for DeSean Jaccson to Pose with Chris Brown

Voila_Capture 2014-09-19_08-47-20_AM Voila_Capture 2014-09-19_08-47-27_AM

In my mind, Brown and DeSean are secretly plotting to destroy object-of-Rihanna’s-desire Mychal Kendricks on Sunday– a sinister plan in which the entertainment and sports worlds collide in the most historic of fashions. Oh, wait, what’s that, Kendricks probably isn’t playing on Sunday? He won’t be able to whisper “tell Chris his girl tastes like sweet apple” into DeSean’s ear? Well damn.


Andy Reid Is Determined to Sign Every Shitty Player He’s Ever Drafted

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Fresh on the heels of signing failed Eagles draft picks Kurt Coleman and Mike McGlynn, the Chiefs worked out Winston Justice yesterday:

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Reid’s second round pick in 2006, Justice was sort of on the Broncos last year, where he got in to a whopping four games.

With the Chiefs showing interest in all these former Eagles, somewhere, Shawn Andrews prepares to get his Michael Phelps on.


Falcons Fan Grabs Some After Falcons Touchdown

From reader Myles. That’s not my voice, but I do appreciate the commentary. No shame in that girl’s game indeed.


Former NFL Fullback Heath Evans Thinks the Eagles Are Not a Top-10 Team

Photo Credit: Mike Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Mike Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Heath Evans — who I have to keep telling my reading brain is not Heath Miller — spent time with the Seahawks, Dolphins, Patriots, and Saints in his playing career as a fullback (he even caught a TD against the Eagles a few years back). As an analyst, he’s been more or less relegated to deeper corners of the NFL Network. And if you’re asking yourself, “Why do I need to know any of these things?,” it’s because it’s time to add Heath Miller Evans to your shitlist.

Yesterday, when going down the NFL’s Power Rankings and seeing the Eagles placed at #3, Evans thought he’d share his opinions on why he disagreed with those rankings. According to Evans, the Eagles aren’t even a top 10 team, and are a 1-1 team and you know what let’s just let Heath take over here:

“They’re 1-1. They have a 2-0 record, but they’re 1-1. They were given a game, and I have a big problem with that as a player. I mean there was two calls late in that game that changed the outcome of this game and that makes me very unhappy as a player. Andrew Luck, Chuck Pagano they handled it with utmost of class … So listen, the Eagles being ranked three, they were down 17-0 at half at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Listen, I’m not all that impressed with the Eagles as a whole … when you look at the game tape and you see what they do well and what they don’t do well, they’re no where near close to the third best in the league.”

You can see the clip here — in guy filming TV with his phone mode — and reach for the nearest permanent marker to write Heath Evans on your shitlist. If you accidentally write Heath Miller, that’s fine too.


Oh Wow, Eagles-Redskins Pump-up Video

Fun fact: Every time an opposing team lines up to go for it on 4th and 1, I quietly whisper to myself: They give it to Smith and they stop him again!


Video: Darren Sproles was on The League Last Night

Here’s just a short Vine the Eagles posted since video of The League is available online only to cable subscribers residing in the 19073 zip code who have a broadband connection above 25 mbps and who ate ham and eggs (but not bacon!) for breakfast and who remembered to enter their Hulu authentication before the show aired otherwise they have to wait another day.*

No surprise that Sproles danced in the episode what with that ass and all. I half expected this.

In other Sproles news: Stan Hochman probably could’ve chosen better phrasing than referring to Sproles as the “most effective player in the whole cotton-pickin’ league.”

*Someday, we will look back at all the hoops we had to jump through to watch “TV shows” online and laugh.


FiveThirtyEight Uses Smart Guy Stuff to Tell Us Common Sense Stuff about the Eagles

Every Eagles fan out there has already had about as many sighs of relief as they can handle this season, and it’s not even Week 3 yet. We all know the Eagles can’t go into every halftime trailing by more than a touchdown and win. It just can’t happen. Yet still, the birds have an average +10 point average margin of victory on the season, and a 2-0 record. Those things both sound like good indicators of where the season is going. But the amount of time the Eagles have spent trailing is not trend we’d like them to follow. So, how do we actually look ahead while taking all of the info in? FiveThirtyEight has an idea:

Philadelphia has an average points-per-game margin of +10 so far this season, which ties it for fifth-best in the NFL. If you look at how the Eagles’ games have developed, though, you’d never guess they’d have such a positive scoring margin. To measure this phenomenon, FiveThirtyEight contributor Chase Stuart has created a metric called Game Scripts, which attempts to more accurately measure how the totality of a game played out beyond the final score line. A team’s Game Script in a given game (or season) is its average point margin at any given moment.

FiveThirtyEight continues to say that the Eagles game script against the Colts was -4.8, which means “they trailed by nearly five points at any given moment in the game.” Usually, only about 17% of teams who have a game script that low win the game, and only 9% win when the team puts in a -7.1 performance, as the Eagles did against Jacksonville. According to all of that math, the Eagles are expected to have won only 0.26 of their first two games, but they won 2.0. It’s actually the biggest difference in expected wins vs. actual wins since 1978:


Now, that graph above isn’t saying the ’81 Bengals won 12 games while only pulling in 0.30 game script wins all season, just through the first two games. A thousand different factors come into those first two games, and a thousand others will come into the next 14, but I think this team is probably a bit more ’81 Bengals than it is ’13 Texans.

Kyle: I think a lot of this has to do with Chip Kelly’s training program. It’s not good to keep falling behind, but even going back to last season, it’s obvious that the Eagles are better conditioned than just about any opponent. All those smoothies, up-tempo practices and sleep monitors, I think, may be the biggest reason for the Eagles’ success under Kelly. They. Just. Keep. Coming. Studies like this don’t factor in those intangibles. Still, leads are fun.

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We’re Giving Away a Pair of Lower Level Eagles-Redskins Tickets

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This is real simple. We have two, first level Eagles-Redskins tickets to give away for Sunday. We’ll have more throughout the season, too. They will all come courtesy of NRG Energy, the Green Energy company that powers Lincoln Financial Field. All those solar panels and wind turbines? Yeah, they’re responsible for them. We all like to poke fun at Jeffrey Lurie for sometimes focusing his attention away from the field, but it’s hard to argue that the Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field, with the help of NRG, are leading the way among sports teams for producing and using their own clean energy. It’s obvious from the moment you approach the parking lot.

Earlier this summer, the folks at NRG reached out to us and offered a different kind of partnership. Instead of just giving us money to throw an ad up over there on the right, they offered to give you, the CB reader, a whole bunch of good stuff – autographed items, Eagles gear, and tickets (and, full disclosure: a few for us, too) – in exchange for us occasionally telling you about their company. I’m usually wary of this sort of sponsorship (you’d be surprised how many we’ll give you free stuff in exchange for promotion emails I get… and delete), but after talking with NRG, learning about their partnership with the Eagles and Connor Barwin (one of the good guys), and realizing how rare it is to find a big corporation that’s not trying to screw the world and its customers, the decision to work with them this season was an easy one.

Now, about those tickets.

Here’s all you need to do: Follow both me (@CrossingBroad) and NRG (@NRGEnergy) on Twitter* and Tweet or retweet the following: I just entered to win 2 Eagles-Redskins tickets thanks to @CrossingBroad and @NRGEnergy. Follow them and RT to enter. #EaglesNRG

We’ll be picking the winner tomorrow and you’ll get your tickets (emailed) in plenty of time for the game on Sunday. That’s it. No strings, no hoops, no nothing. A pair of lower level Eagles-Redskins tickets. We’ll have more throughout the season.

*If you’re already following me or them, there’s no need to un-follow and then re-follow. The winner must simply be following both accounts.

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