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Eskin seen here on game day

Eskin seen here on game day

Sources tell me that Howard Eskin passed out and was taken to the hospital while in New York and New Jersey covering the Super Bowl a few weeks back.

It happened mid-week before the big game. Eskin was setting up for a remote with FOX when he collapsed, I’m told. He was apparently taken in an ambulance to a local hospital, where he spent the night.

No word on exactly what happened, but it’s believed that he passed out from some combination of exhaustion and dehydration. He was back on the air by the Friday before the game and appears to be fine now.

Good thing nobody prematurely reported that he was dead.

Voila_Capture885I don’t know if Howard has some sort of disorder that requires him to be the center of attention 24-7 or what, but he showed up at Chip Kelly’s press conference today (can’t tell if Chip was in on it, but it’s obvious Chip doesn’t like getting his metaphorical knob slobbed by Eskin the way the last coach did) in full Santa suit and brought Chip a Bear that was so injured from his whooping last night that the poor guy couldn’t make it on the plane.

Chip’s response: “That’s the best suit you’ve ever worn.”

That it is, Chipward. That it is.

Presumably, Chip’s girlfriend won’t cut his head off in a jealous rage after discovering the gift.

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Voila_Capture711And happy holidays to you too!

Curt Schilling and Howard Eskin love pissing on each other. In January, Eskin attacked Schilling’s HOF credentials and Schilling called Eskin a jackass.

This weekend, their ongoing disagreement bubbled over into new territory. A confusing Twitter war commenced when Eskin again took aim at Schilling’s credentials. Schill responded. And many followers chimed in, sending the argument into strange territories.

I’ve done my best to curate the conversation into a coherent exchange. Do enjoy. To the Storify machine!

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Voila_Capture317It wouldn’t be the holiday season without some loosely-sourced news from Jon Heyman.

Responding to a report from Howard Eskin on FOX 29 last night that the Phillies were on the brink of trading Domonic Brown and unnamed others for 33-year-old and declining Jose Bautista, Heyman wrote the following:


2013, it’s just not Eskin’s year.

He did, however, respond to Heyman:


That’s where it ended, for now. I love the theory from reader Brian, who postulates that Eskin, in a desperate attempt to maintain relevancy in the region, merely needed to report something since WIP colleague Michael Barkann broke the Marlon Byrd news yesterday. So nefarious, that would be.*

*No idea why I’m talking like Yoda today. 

I have almost no doubt that, at some point, Shane Victorino snubbed Howard Eskin and that, now, Eskin will rip him every chance he gets. I mean, what else could explain these vicious, pointless Tweets during the playoffs:

Voila_Capture401 Voila_Capture400 Voila_Capture399


He’s actually not basically a .220 hitter. He batted .294 this year, the highest of his career.

Yeah, I’ve been rooting against Victo. But I think most of you realize that’s because I can’t stand to see yet another former Philly athlete succeed while we flounder in Ruben Amaro’s and Paul Holmgren’s (and maybe even Howie Roseman’s) stink. I’m being serious. It’s really bothering me. But I don’t hate the guy.

Eskin’s alleged issue with Victo – that fans overvalue him and he’s not that good – is just wrong. Victo has always been a decent player and, SABR folks be damned, he’s gotten a ton of clutch Postseason hits, for two teams now. I can rattle off a few– grand slam off Sabathia, only run in 2007 NLDS loss in Game 3, Game 4 2008 NLCS home run to tie game before Matt Stairs, grand slam to send Red Sox to World Series, 4 RBIs to win them World Series. His success with the Red Sox is making me positively miserable, but there’s no denying that he’s been a good player and is, and should be, well liked in Philly. Eskin, however, is just a jackass.

Voila_Capture317As further evidence that we don’t have real celebrities in Philadelphia, Howard Eskin is now caricatured on an AT&T poster at AT&T Station in South Philly. Because he follows sports so closely he’s practically on the team.

But Eskin being part of an AT&T campaign isn’t the real outrage. The real outrage is that they have bloggers on these things and, well, it’s not me:


WHO? Dude’s got 1,100 Twitter followers (@jjklee) and I can’t even find his supposed website. What a sham. You know who runs Philly’s most popular blog using AT&T’s blazing LTE network and doesn’t get a dime from them or his face in a subway station? ——->This guy<——-

I just hired an agent. And then I fired him!

Photos via AT&T PR– CALL ME!

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.31.51 AMThis was totally expected. Howard Eskin’s rough 2013 continues:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.36.16 AM

That Tweet, from Friday.

UPDATE: Some folks point out the Eskin merely said Andrews won’t clear RGIII, but that the Redskins would play him anyway. A bit of semantics here. RGIII is scheduled to meet with Andrews tomorrow, and I can’t imagine the Redskins would again ignore his advice.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 8.09.48 AMI want to punch myself in the neck for featuring Howard Eskin in three blog posts today… but, this is what happens when your baseball team is bad– you can’t have nice things.

Eskin was on the WIP Morning Show today (the only times he’s on at listenable hours is when he’s a guest, because he lost his afternoon time slot) and gave his side of the story regarding his feud with Charlie ManuelHere’s the transcription via CBS Philly, where the article is, oddly, sans byline… perhaps because it’s usually Spike Eskin, Howard’s son, who writes the sports content for CBS Philly, and having a son, who works for said media outlet, writing about his father, who also works for said media outlet, on that media outlet’s website, would be a conflict of interest:

“Charlie uses me as the whipping boy, because he’s afraid to yell at the players,” Eskin told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Monday.  “He can say he’s tough with them and all that, that’s a bunch of nonsense. Obviously they don’t pay attention to him. In the news conference I hear the media just dwells on—the reporters just dwell on Cole Hamels. Granted, Cole Hamels should have locked that down with a 3-0 lead. I get it. But when the team doesn’t score after the second inning, they scored three in the second, then they don’t score the rest of the game.”

You can say a lot of things about Charlie, but saying – in a quite arrogant tone, mind you – that he’s afraid of his players and can’t connect with them is not one of them. If anything, Manuel’s strength has been earning the respect of his players. Sure, they may not always take his hitting advice, but I don’t think he’s afraid to do some yellin’. And I can promise you that he’s not using Eskin as a venom surrogate.