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Oh it’s Just Jay Paterno Tweeting a Picture of His Father as a Cloud

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I think Monsanto is messing with the water in Happy Valley. Here’s a pic sent to, and then tweeted by, Jay Paterno of what appears to be┬áhis father, in cloud form.

The best response to Jay came from Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane:

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Jay tweeted this on Friday, but I waited until today to post it. I didn’t want to interrupt anybody’s weekend.


The Paternos’ Lawyer and Spokesperson Told Bob Costas the Family is Suing the NCAA

Big Scott Paterno thinks the Freeh report is bologna… and he wants to eat it

I have no energy to cover the Paternos nonstop fight to clear Joe Pa’s name. But last night on Costas Tonight, which aired late after the Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 7 went to overtime, the Paterno family lawyer and spokesman announced that the family, Penn State board members and faculty are suing the NCAA for their blind adoption of the Freeh Report. The Paterno camp claims that the NCAA basically blackmailed Penn State to accept their sanctions otherwise they would be given the death penalty. From YDR.com:

Bob Costas had promised to re-examine the Freeh Report on his NBC Sports show.

He did just that late Wednesday night — and provided a forum for introducing yet another Penn State-related lawsuit against the NCAA.

The latest litigation is on behalf of Joe Paterno’s family, members of the Penn State board of trustees, faculty and former players and coaches, according to Paterno representatives.

“Costas Tonight” devoted an hour on the NBC Sports Network to discussing the Freeh Report, particularly in regards to Paterno in light of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

The latest came Wednesday night. Costas was joined by Paterno spokesman Dan McGinn, former attorney general and Pennsylvania governor Dick Thornburgh and Paterno family attorney Wick Sollers.

As part of selected excerpts from Costas’ interview released earlier Wednesday by NBC Sports, Sollers said the lawsuit is being filed against the NCAA, president Mark Emmert and Ed Ray, who was the chairman of the NCAA’s executive committee.

The purpose, Sollers said, is “to redress the NCAA’s 100 percent adoption of the Freeh Report and imposition of a binding consent decree against Penn State University.

“The reality is that the consent decree was imposed through coercion and threats behind the scenes and there was no ability for anyone to get redress. There was no board approval, there was no transparency, and there was no consideration of this consent decree.”

The Paternos are insanely annoying. But. But the further away from this we get, you get the sense that had Joe Paterno truly been the enabling creep that many are making him out to be, there would be more evidence than a couple of vague emails and wishy-washy testimony from pussy Mike McQueary. The Freeh Report was entirely too convenient in its findings in that it hurt no one who wasn’t either A) already dead or B) shamed. The NCAA and Penn State quickly accepted it, no others were hurt, and the school didn’t get the death penalty– problem solved. Hence the lawsuit.

You can get the entire Paterno side of the story on the very glossy Paterno.com.


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