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Attn. Rich Idiots: The LeSean McCoy $.20 Tip Receipt is now Going for Over $80k

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.22.56 PM

A quick click-around in the bidding history shows at least a few questionable bids on LeSean McCoy’s now-infamous $.20 tip receipt — the current leading bidder has withdrawn 11 bids in the last 30 days alone, for example — but if you want it to be yours by the end of the auction, you’ll probably have to shell out more money than it would cost to plan a couple of events, host them, and pay LeSean to actually show up at them. Both of those options are a terrible way to spend $80,000+, but one is definitely cooler.


“Tommy Up’s Friend” Is Auctioning off LeSean McCoy’s Receipt on eBay

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.50.34 PM

Absurd item description:

The item up for Auction is the controversial $0.20 Receipt for Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy’s meal at Philadelphia Restaurant, PYT.

The aforementioned receipt has caused quite the media buzz amongst social media/news networks/celebrities along with many others.

Not only do you get to keep a memento of weird current events/social media history but you also get an autograph from incredibly talented Philadelphia Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy!!!

As to how I came into possession of this item:

My good friend Tommy Up has left this receipt in my possession in order to ensure something positive comes out of this somewhat negative action that has recently taken place.

With your help we’ll be able to leave the largest tip possible to all PYT employees for their hard work and dedication.

The only thing we would like to ask on your end is for the winner to write a personalized note or card to the PYT staff, which we give to the staff along with the winning bid/tip. (We want to give credit where credit is due)

Happy Bidding!!!

This is attention-whoring the likes of which we’ve never seen. Never mind that the scummy tactic of selling a credit card receipt containing a (millionaire’s!) name and four digits* feels dangerously close to being illegal.

*I’m guessing they’re pretty accessible with the receipt in your possession.


Video: Tommy Up Called LeSean McCoy “an Asshole” on CNBC

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Don’t Worry, LeSean McCoy Stayed on the Chip Kelly Diet at PYT

Figured I’d just post the video because this song’s been in my head all friggin’ week since this story will not go quietly into the night and will not vanish without a fight. I WANNA LOVE YOU, PRETTY YOUNG THING!!!


Goddamn Chip Kelly, always in control of the situation, even when his star players are startin’ shit with waiters.

One sub-plot of this so-stupid-I-just-can’t-stop-blogging-about-it! story is that McCoy was eating at what is ostensibly a burger joint, and if you’ll recall from this ESPN article, McCoy has been following Kelly’s dietary restrictions to the point that he didn’t have cake on his birthday (cake’s overrated, by the way). So PYT seemed like a strange choice. But as it turns out, even while Embittering Hipsters (that needs to be a band name, Jim) McCoy stuck to the plan. From the Inquirer and its 1998-with-a-decent-font webpage:

McCoy and three friends took a booth by the window around 2:30 p.m. Monday. Business was slow – just three tables outside and three people at the bar. Up arrived after McCoy’s group was seated, and he didn’t know immediately who they were.

There were problems, he concedes. The waiter forgot an appetizer. McCoy ordered a lobster crab cake burger, no bun, no tomato. Up said the 5-foot-11, 208-pound back recoiled at the mayo-based sauce.

“Do you think I eat that?” Up recalled McCoy as saying.

The waiter was nervous but attentive, Up said.

At one point, a manager held up a laptop to the table so the party could watch the coverage of the video showing Ray Rice attacking his fiance.

At another point, Up said, some loud, off-color remarks about women came from the table, causing his co-owner, Sarah Brown, to move from the next booth.

No bun, no tomato(?), no mayo! Chip would be so damn proud. PRETTY YOUNG THINGS, REPEAT AFTER ME. SAY NA NA NA, NA NA NA!!!!!!!!


LeSean McCoy Doubles down on Being a Dick, Says He’d Leave Tip All over Again


Everyone’s doubling down this week. The NFL is doubling down on not having seen the video. PYT is doubling down on posting a receipt of LeSean McCoy’s shitty tip. And McCoy is doubling down on leaving his shitty tip. Speaking to reporters today:

“The 20 cent tip was kind of a statement,” McCoy told reporters Thursday afternoon during a scheduled press conference. “I didn’t do anything wrong and if I had to do it again, I’d do it the same way.”

“Just to be honest, like I’m always, I tip on my service. I think there’s a difference between good service and bad service or just having a bad day. There’s a big difference with just being rude and disrespectful. That’s how that went,” McCoy said.

“In any restaurant I go around in Philadelphia, I tip very well. I’m very respectful,” McCoy said. “You can’t be disrespectful and just expect somebody to tip you. I don’t’ care who the person is. That’s why I left my card, so they could see my name. Simple as that.”

“If you check on that restaurant, the backlash that has from everybody talking bad about that place, but good food, good food,” McCoy said.

Good food, good foodBut servers so bad I’m willing to take national backlash over my shitty tip. Not gonna lie– kinda like Shady’s conviction here.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-11_02-42-08_PM


Charlie Sheen Pledges $1,000 Tip to PYT Waiter Because WTF?


Honestly, I think Sean Connery missed a big opportunity here.

Charlie Sheen, ever the oportunist, has announced(?) that he’s giving Rob Knelly, the server whom Tommy Up claims was a huge McCoy and Eagles fan but who’s actually a Ravens fan, $1,000:

Annnnnnnd this story has officially jumped the shark. In related news: I am now a waiter and someone just didn’t leave me a tip. WHERE YOU AT, GARY BUSEY?

H/T to (@jayteg), reader Joe


PYT’s Owner Responds to the LeSean McCoy Tip Situation

Tommy Up, the sometimes controversial owner of Piazza bar and burger joint PYT, received a lot of attention since sharing the $.20 tip LeSean McCoy left behind for a server at his restaurant yesterday. The whole situation blew up into a firestorm of media coverage, photoshopped claims of forgery, and suspicions that terrible service must have been to blame. Up took to Facebook just now to address the situation. You can see the whole post here and below, where we’ve bolded the essential stuff:

“For starters, I take total and complete responsibility for sharing this receipt. It was not our server’s decision, it was mine. I am to blame.

I decided to take action after some serious thought. And while I’d like to apologize to Mr McCoy, I cannot in good conscience do so. I stand by my actions one hundred percent.

Mr McCoy and his three companions came into my place on Monday afternoon, and immediately the whole staff was excited. Mr McCoy is a skilled athlete and is one of our beloved Philadelphia Eagles. A true Philly legend and a sports hero. Understandably my staff was really pumped, especially on the heels of they terrific win the day before. (Go Eagles!).

Mr McCoy and his friend sat inside at a booth next to my management and next to me. They were given excellent service. Impeccable service. If anything, our server was a little nervous as was our food runner, because they are big, big fans.

He and his group, from the moment they sat down, were verbally abusive to our staff in the most insulting ways. The derogatory statements about women and their sheer contempt for the staff serving them wasn’t the end, however. After Mr McCoy and his group left I looked over and saw their server, my friend, with his head bowed down and with a very confused look on his face. I took the receipt out of his hand and I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so callous. Mr McCoy had left a .03% tip for our staff. Our staff that was beyond excited to see him walk into our burger joint and was excited to serve him. That’s twenty cents on a tab of over $60. Twenty cents that our server has to split with the food runner and the bartender. Two dimes from an insulting multimillionaire.

I bet Mr McCoy is usually an awesome dude. And everyone has their bad days. But I’m from Philly and have had the pleasure of meeting many of our bad ass sports heroes. Ron Jaworski I met as a kid and I love. Iverson I loved. Mike Schmidt! You name ‘em. I love all of our athletes past and present. Hometown heroes who treat those below them with some respect. And maybe Mr McCoy was having a “bad day” after his big victory all that, but the reports of him receiving “bad service” is a complete slanderous lie, and my crew here is better than that and deserves better than that.

At the end of the day, I did what I felt my heart told me to do. And I don’t want anything from Mr McCoy, but…maybe an apology to his server who gave him excellent service would be cool.

Again, I am the owner and I take full responsibility for my actions. Eagles fans, I feel ya. I’d be pissed too. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and stick up for his friends.”

Up is obviously not going to admit to bad service even if there was bad service, and McCoy is not going to admit that he tipped terribly just because … whatever reason. McCoy probably shouldn’t even say anything else on the matter either, because at this point he can’t really help himself. Let us just all move forward, learning a valuable lesson: Don’t leave a shitty tip — especially if you’re rich — and if you plan on leaving a shitty tip, do it with cash so there isn’t any proof. Also, don’t leave a shitty tip.


This LeSean McCoy Tip Thing Is the Dumbest Thing Ever

12279_10152742977281477_3414087092559257198_nScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.55.30 PM

My God, idiots abound in this world. I’m angry now, because my plan was to take today mostly off so I could stay up late last night playing NHL 15… and then play it some more today to work on a review… and then have a beer and watch the Apple Keynote, because I’m a big fucking dork. That was going to be my day– video games and Tim Cook. But no. It’s 8:03 a.m., I slept for like four and a half hours, and I’m up now because I made the mistake of looking at Twitter earlier and saw a whole bunch of dumb regarding the McCoy tip thing - which, let’s be honest, really doesn’t matter – and couldn’t get back to sleep. What probably happened is his server was a dick (because everyone has come forward to say that their server is always a dick at PYT) and McCoy, too, was a dick, because the server wasn’t blonde with big, fake tits. That’s where my money is– two dicks, clashing, on a Monday afternoon. We can move on with our lives and get ready to watch Shady bounce bounce bounce next Monday night. But, again, nope. Now everyone’s talking about this, and everyone thinks the receipt was fake. I’ll eat my hat if the thing was fake. And if I get one more Tweet saying it was fake, I’m going to eat that person’s hat, too!

Popular theories:


Oh well he actually wrote $20 and PYT added the leading zeros.

You’re dumb. The only thing you have to do to test that theory is look at the total line. That’s literally the only thing you need to do. If McCoy meant to leave $20, there’s no way he wrote $61.76. He may be an absolute moron for all I know, but it’s impossible to be a functioning human – one who makes tons of money – and not know that $20 added to $61 is something more than $61. Fack.


It’s not his signature.


Voila_Capture 2014-09-09_08-15-56_AM

via CardboardConnection.com


He said it was bullshit, even though there are many different meanings of that word.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-09_08-17-52_AM

You’re right, he did. Did you read the next Tweet?

Voila_Capture 2014-09-09_08-18-03_AM


PYT faked it because they have world-class Photoshop artists on staff for just such a thing.

I have no doubt Tommy Up is just stroking himself to all this publicity, but I highly doubt that he’s dumb enough to try and defame the best athlete in the town for 24 hours of attention. I also find it extremely unlikely that the server would use his name if they just made this whole thing up. Molly Eichel of Philly.com:

Server Rob Knelly, who has worked at PYT for 3 and a half years, said that McCoy and his three friends were rude and loud the entire time they dined. “I wasn’t surprised [by the tip], I saw it coming. They were extremely rude. I kept my cool for as along as I could, where you just don’t want them yelling and cursing you,” Knelly told me, saying that the party was apparently not happy with their food and asked”What is this s—?.”

“It was very loud and not for a family style restaurant,” Knelly added.

There’s also this tip (one of many) I got right when PYT first posted about this silly clusterfuck:

you may want to investigate a post PYT burgers in philly recently put up on their Facebook. something along the lines of “Lashawn Mckoy is a great rb but a lousy tipper, 20 cents on a $60 bill!!”. the post seems to be deleted now but mayb its still somewhere in web space. good luck!!!

Assuming the tipster knows how to spell LeSean McCoy, it sounds like PYT posted the image, realized they misspelled McCoy’s name, and then re-posted it. Question for you: If they went through the trouble of painstakingly forging McCoy’s signature and printing his name on the bill, don’t you think they would’ve been able to hit the trifecta and get his name right on the Facebook post too?


It was “Sean Connery’s” receipt and your mother’s a whore.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-09_08-32-14_AM

If you believe this, reevaluate yourself. As best as I can tell, a commenter on the PYT Facebook post – which has since blown. the. fuck. up. – Photoshopped Sean Connery’s name on the receipt. Look at the N’s. It’s fake. This image made its rounds on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else, and now, it’s back all over the comments of PYT’s post. It’s come full-circle, it’s a self-propogating myth. I pose a conundrum to ya, a riddle, if you will: If PYT made a bunch of fake receipts in an effort to get attention, then WHY ARE THE PICTURE, TIMESTAMP, ID NUMBER, REFERENCE NUMBER, APPROVAL NUMBER AND TICKET NAME EXACTLY THE SAME? They would’ve printed two receipts and taken two pictures if this is what they were doing. They didn’t make a fake one and then Photoshop a second one. Think, people! Like, no joke, there are a whole lot of people on Facebook and Twitter citing a receipt that says “SEAN CONNERY”, BUT HAS LESEAN MCCOY’S SIGNATURE(!!!!!) to disprove the much more plausible scenario of a local athlete eating his fucking lunch. SUCK ON IT, TREBEK!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a video game to go play.

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