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Here’s that Matt Lauer interview with Dottie Sandusky and lunatic John Ziegler that I was telling you about. Nothing creepy about this part, no:

Dottie: ”[The basement] is not a dungeon… it’s not what those kids said. And this is the bedroom. There’s a bath around the corner.”


Video after the jump.

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pic via (@MarkHorgas)

Matt Lauer sat down with Dottie Sandusky yesterday for an interview that will air on the Today Show Wednesday. The parameters of the interview were negotiated with NBC by filmmaker turned Sandusky family publicist John Ziegler, who released a mini documentary in 2012 claiming Joe Paterno was made a scapegoat by the national media.

After the interview with Lauer, Ziegler posted a follow-up chat with Dottie and her son, Jeff, on YouTube:

Ziegler explained the video thusly:

Dottie and Jeff Sandusky React to the interview she and John Ziegler did with NBC’s Matt Lauer, which will in edited version on Wednesday March 12th on the Today Show and, according to written agreement with NBC, in its entirety on the NBC website. Dottie has a message for Penn Staters in this video.

In both that description and in the video you can glean the subtext– that Ziegler and Sandusky feel the national media is reckless and will undoubtedly edit the interview to make Dottie seem like a kook. Shouldn’t be too hard.

via The School Philly, which made the very appropriate comparison to Errol Childress’ house of creepYou wanna make flowers?

Bonus video of Ziegler sitting alone in Jerry Sandusky’s basement.

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Court papers in the ongoing legal battle between the Paternos and the NCAA reveal that Jay Paterno, that fountain of football knowledge and nepotism, applied for heading coaching positions at UCONN, Boston College, James Madison and Colorado. [The excerpt is via Ryan Beckler.]

Jay claims that he wasn’t considered for the jobs because the NCAA dragged his good name through the mud. Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Jay, knowing full-well that he would likely never work in college football again because no one takes him seriously, applied just so he could use the denial in a lawsuit. Smart tactic. In fact, I, too, have applied for a football heading coaching position. I submitted my name to the Browns (because they would), but since I never heard back, I’m suing the assholes in the comments who slander me. It’s their fault. This is fun, Jay! FUN!

Anyway, enough about Jay. WHERE’S BIG SCOTT?

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.56.47 PMInanimate objects have Twitter accounts. It’s the way of the world in 2013. And never mind the fact that the official accounts for the student sections at Penn State and Pitt are probably run by students eager to rip other fan bases… these jabs traded between Nittany Nation and the Oakland Zoo before the Penn State-Pitt basketball game tonight were outstanding.

H/T to (@collinmehalick)

I have almost zero doubt that this person’s wife screams “WE ARE” out open windows during intercourse.

“PENN STATE,” the husband replies.

Zero doubt that that happens.

From SI Extra Mustard:

Schwenksville, PA resident Bob Witt has a home. He has an engineering degree from Penn State. And he has a presumably unrivaled affinity for programming elaborate Christmas light shows. Combine those three possessions—as Witt has spent five years doing—and you get Lights on Stallion: A 45,000-light arrangement set to various songs, the most notable of which is the Nittany Lion marching band’s “Fight on State”. In all, Witt has programmed eight songs for his home. “It takes a very long time,” he says.

Oh, you Blue and Whiters, always make those around you uncomfortable.

Thankfully, this house has other musical selections, one of which is awesome: Continue Reading…

Voila_Capture422Annnnnnnnnd the award for most disturbing (and probably offensive to many) costume this year goes to… reader Chris (@Bones1907), who sent us this picture of his friend Joe dressed as both Jerry Sandusky and his victim.

A quick search of Twitter reveals that Joe wasn’t the only one who had this idea:

You can opine in the comments as you do see fit. Remember, folks, I’m just the guy who copies and pastes these things.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.38.19 AMI estimate that about 8% of people in Happy Valley won’t realize this is satire and will just nod their heads in agreement. Damn Buckeyes, casting a dark, black cloud over our beloved institution.

The rest of you will laugh.

The Onion:

Following a humiliating 63-14 defeat against Ohio State over the weekend, officials at Pennsylvania State University on Tuesday called the blowout loss a blemish on the school’s storied football program, and the college’s biggest disgrace in recent memory. “Frankly, it’s unacceptable to have the Nittany Lions associated with something loathsome like this,” head coach Bill O’Brien told reporters, claiming that his team’s one-sided loss—its worst in nearly 114 years—does not align with the school’s values, and represents a black eye from which it may never recover.

O’Brien would go on to say that he didn’t meet with his team to go over the loss until Monday. Why disrupt their weekend?, he asked rhetorically.

Was really feeling this trailer up until the 2:20 mark, when glowing footage of Joe Paterno kicked off a minute of We Are Penn State chants set to gospel music.

Can’t imagine how football ever grew to be too powerful in Happy Valley…

[Meanwhile, today news broke that Penn State settled with 26 victims for $59 million.]