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The Phillies are Reportedly Cooling on Yasmany Tomas because of his Defense

We thought the Yasmani(y) Tomas deal would be done last weekend, but the Cuban defector still sits unsigned, and it may be because of his fielding. According to Paul Hagen, the Phillies — who employ terrible fielder Dom Brown — “have cooled on the idea” of signing Tomas because of concerns about his defense. Hagen says the Phillies “still like his bat” and if his price tag drops (presumably it’s dropping little by a little every day he isn’t signed), he could still be a target. But they want to trade Marlon Byrd and move Dom Brown to right field. If that’s the case, your everyday left fielder may end up being Darin Ruf (until he’s sent back down to the minors or kept out of the lineup for long stretches just because).

In an offseason where many fans are clamoring for a selloff and (at least attempted) turnaround, what’s the over/under on how many members of the 40-man roster are different from last year? Four?


Ryan Howard’s Family Is the Worst

Ryan and Corey, via The Fightins

Ryan and Corey, via The Fightins

This portion of Ryan Howard’s counter claim to the lawsuit brought by his twin brother, Corey, describes just about everything that can go wrong when an otherwise well-meaning family comes into some money: Continue reading


The Red Sox Have Already Shot Down a Couple of Cole Hamels Trades

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like “happy to go” wasn’t an exaggeration, and neither was “everyone is for sale”: According to The Boston Globe, the Red Sox have already turned down a couple of trade offers that would send Cole Hamels to Fenway. Nick Cafardo — who has a history of Hamels to the Sox rumormongering — said “look for the Phillies to reopen trade talks with the Red Sox on Cole Hamels. The Sox have shot down a couple of proposals already.” And with each rejected proposal, the Phillies’ reported asking price of “at least three top prospects” probably drops bit by bit.


Sign of the Times: A.J. Burnett Signs with Pirates for $4.25 Million less than the Phillies Would have Paid

Photo Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

After turning down an option from the Phillies that would have paid him $12.75 million next season, A.J. Burnett signed a one-year deal with the Pirates for $8.5 million. Burnett played for the Pirates in 2012 and 2013, and his old teammates reportedly campaigned for his return. He leaves $4.25 million on the table by leaving the Phillies, and that is how much it costs to flee a sinking ship.


Yasmany Tomas is Flying to the U.S., Deal Appears “Imminent” with a Team that is Maybe the Phillies

Are the Yasmany(i) Tomas sweepstakes over? According to Jorge Arangure of Vice Sports, Tomas is scheduled to fly to the United States tomorrow to meet with his agent. This means that a “deal appears imminent” and it could all be hammered out by this weekend. Some outlets are saying the Phillies remain the frontrunner, while the Padres, Royals, Athletics, Tigers, and others are at least in the running. Reports have suggested that the deal could approach the $100 million range, and this might all just be the beginning of a bidding war. We’ll have an update if Tomas makes a deal this weekend.


The Phillies Signed Jeff Francoeur

Completing a quest he began in 2010, Ruben Amaro has inked Jeff MF-ing Francoeur to a (minor league) contract.

Now, before we get all bent out of shape, signing Francoeur to a cheap, low-risk deal isn’t the worst thing in the world. Best case scenario? He fills the vacuum in right or left with a lukewarm body. At this point the Phils are just trying to piece together a nine-man lineup that will prevent them from being 10-run-ruled. Francoeur, I suppose, could help in that endeavoeur. Though his .083 batting average in 10 games with the Padres last year doesn’t give me much confidence that he’ll even be able to do that.

Francoeur will join Andres Blanco, Brian Bogusevic, Russ Canzler, Chase d’Arnaud, John Hester, Darin Mastroianni and Xavier Paul as non-roster invitees at spring training. Excitement!


Cole Hamels is Ready to Go Away

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

During the season, right before the trade deadline (and after), there were talks of Cole Hamels getting traded, specifically to the Cubs. And now that the offseason is nearly in full swing, those same talks are heating up. Hamels has no-trade capabilities though, so it really all comes down to what he wants. And according to Ruben Amaro, he’s ready to get outta here.

A little birdie — Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports — says Hamels is ready to move on.

“[Hamels] was neutral when I talked to him, [but he's] happy to go,” Amaro told Nightengale.

Cole wants to win, of course, and “he signed his contract, and he plans on honoring the contract,” but really, he’d be happy to leave. And it only makes sense. Hamels is the only useful Phillie currently in his prime, and his talents are truly wasted here now and will continue to be if he sticks around waiting for this team to rebuild before his own skills deteriorate. On his way out, he can help facilitate that whole rebuilding thing, and that’s really the best way he can help the Phillies. So it’s common sense that Cole Hamels would be ready and willing to get out of here, but then again, how much can you trust someone who classifies Heidi Hamels as an “actress.”

UPDATE: It’s unclear if the Cubs are on Hamels’ list of nine teams that he CAN be traded to. Each November, he submits a list of 20 that he CAN NOT be traded to without his permission. Buster Olney is complicating the issue:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-13_01-05-15_PM

Sounds like he probably can be traded to the Cubs without his permission, if I had to guess. Thanks to Jordan for pointing that out:


Curt Schilling Would like to Reject Evolution for You

Voila_Capture 2014-11-12_03-36-11_PM

We’re getting weird today– T. Swift, Sanchez Chick Lit, an upcoming post about Koy Detmer, and this.

Curt Schilling has some thoughts on things. Specifically, evolution. He doesn’t believe in it. Assuming you didn’t watch that video (I got about five minutes in), it basically describes a bunch of “reasons” “why” “evolution” “isn’t” “actually” “a” “thing.” It’s part of some liberal agenda or some shit. And you know what, who am I to argue? It’s more plausible that the invisible father of a bearded man built us all out of clay – with all sorts of impulses that act as a test against his hard-and-fast rules – some 2,000 years ago. Yeah, that totally makes more sense.

Schilling had some harsh responses for the haters…

Voila_Capture 2014-11-12_03-35-57_PM

… and is linking out to articles debunking evolution, but, oh yeah, like totally agrees with the other whack jobs:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-12_03-35-25_PM

What the hell happened to the ’93 Phillies? Between Dutch and the aliens, Lenny and the conspiracy theorists, and Schilling and his rejection of Darwinism, it’s almost like some of them never grew up… never evolved.

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