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Larry Andersen, Not One to Pull Punches, Lays into Ryne Sandberg for Pulling Little-Known Pitcher after 64 Pitches



Some guy named Severino Gonzalez pitched (well) for the Phillies last night. He threw 64 pitches over five innings and gave up only one run. The Phillies, who have now won 7 of their last 8, still stink and probably should’ve just left the 22-year-old in to see how deep he could go. But Ryne Sandberg, who doesn’t seem like a particularly smart man, pulled him in favor of a pinch hitter in the sixth, up 4-1. Larry Andersen no like:

LA: Oh man, is he hurt? Ya think Severino González is hurt?

SF: Doesn’t look like it, in the dugout anyway. He’s getting handshakes all around, he’s gone five innings and he’s done for the night.

LA: Oh man, he must be gassed after 64 pitches. You gotta be kiddin me … You don’t have to go to your bullpen in the sixth inning. I just totally, totally disagree with that move.

SF: … Your biggest problem with the move?

LA: 64 pitches, and we’re not talking about a bullpen that’s been lights out of late. when you’re gonna get four innings out of ’em in a three run game. I know they got more hits out of him the second time through, so is this guy gonna be a five inning pitcher his whole career? Because he can’t go through a lineup a third time? I know you wanna win, but if that was really the case, I think we’d be seeing some other players here, too. I don’t wanna say that they don’t wanna win, but … [sigh]

SF: You’re saying that if the expectation is more about the development of the player …

LA: Right. And if you’re in the pennant race, and the bullpen hasn’t been used and is completely rested and is pitching lights out, then I can see it. But, and this is the complaint I had when I was coaching in the minor leagues when I got yelled at for letting Matt Beech throw over a hundred pitches, because every time he hit the seventh inning, he blew up. He could cruise through six and then when it hit the seventh, he couldn’t get anybody out. I said ‘Well, he’s not gonna get any better until we leave him out there.’ He’s not gonna learn how to do it. So [I said] leave him out there. Let his ERA get up to ten but he’s gotta learn to get people out in the seventh inning. Cause otherwise you’re just conditioning him to be a six inning pitcher. Is that what you want? That’s just opinion though … I’m not the one making the decisions …

I’m not saying they don’t want to win… but I have to sit up here every night and watch this shit and it’s pretty obvious this franchise doesn’t give one big ol’ flying fuck about winning.



Jamie Moyer Has Morphed into Your Grandfather Before Our Very Eyes

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_05-25-02_PM Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_05-29-29_PM

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_05-24-36_PM Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_05-28-54_PM

That, or the crazy-ass brother from Bloodline.

I’m laughing with(?) Jamie here, not at him. These pictures come from a charity event. Him and his wife do a lot for charity and seem like great people. It’s just that Jamie seems like a great… old… man. To think that the person in this here still photograph was pitching in the Major Leagues just a few years ago is kind of remarkable. Like, I’m not even joking when I say it looks like he forgot his dentures for this particular event. Teeth. I’m not even sure if the Phillies Game 4 start in 2008 still has his teeth. And now I feel old. Yuck.


The Phillies Have Won Six-Straight Games

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_09-00-29_AM

Here’s how bad the Phillies are: They have just rattled off six consecutive wins, which represents a full 15% of their schedule– that’s almost 1/6 of their season! And yet, they are still the sixth-worst team in baseball.

Oh god, Ruben Amaro is going to be a buyer isn’t he?

Negative. I think Ruben Amaro is very dumb, but I don’t think even he’s that dumb, to think this team is even remotely competitive. If anything, this “success” might actually increase the market value of Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon.

In his last three starts, Hamels has given up only four earned runs in 21.1 innings. He’s struck out 24 while walking only four. He’s 3-0.

Papelbon, who made things interesting last night but still recorded the save, has four saves in the last week and has only given up one earned run since May 8.

Now would be the time to sell high.


Chase Utley Looks Positively FANTASTIC Aboard a Plane

Voila_Capture 2015-05-18_02-08-33_PM

Chase Utley – looking debonair – aboard the Phillies’ charter to Colorado yesterday after their fifth-straight win, pic via Ben Revere

Holy hell. Not since Hillary Clinton took that badass and not-at-all-totally-staged photo aboard an Air Force jet has someone looked so darn good on an airplane. I don’t know many things in life, but I do know that I want to jet-set with Chase Utley. I don’t care where we go, I don’t care why– I just want him to take me to places I’ve only maybe dreamed of. #26shadesofgrey



Chase is still batting .138.


Chase Utley is Hitting the Ball Hard, Right into Gloves

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chase Utley is batting .118 this season and only .222 over the last calendar year. That’s bad. It’s also very sad. But it’s not just that he’s playing poorly. It’s also that he’s unlucky. And playing very, very poorly.

According to FiveThirtyEight, using numbers from Statcast (MLB’s ball-tracking camera system), Chase it hitting the ball hard, it’s just not resulting in hits. As Rob Arthur says, “all else being equal, pitches that are struck harder tend to become hits more often and are more likely to fall for extra-base hits.”

For Utley, however, that’s not the case.

On average, “each additional mile per hour of batted ball velocity equates to an 18-point increase in OPS (on-base plus slugging).” But Utley is bucking the trend:

batted velocity

That’s what led Arthur to call Utley the “unluckiest man in baseball.” He’s quick to point out, however, that the tech here is still young and “there are hidden problems to be worked out.” But the problem doesn’t seem to be how hard Utley is hitting the ball, it’s where it goes once it leaves his bat. So what does this all mean? “If the commentators and traditional data sources are correct, Utley is headed toward a premature retirement,” Arthur writes. “If Statcast is right, Utley has an about average bat, one that should recover.” We don’t know right now which one it is, but the Phillies are probably gonna stick with him long enough for us to figure it out.

Kyle: His BABIP (batting average on balls put in play) is insanely low – .110 – and, improbably, even lower than his average, which is .118. [This is crazy: He has so few hits that his three home runs, which, along with strikeouts obviously, aren’t counted in BABIP, represent almost 25% of his hits.] A BABIP should be around .300, which again means Utley is at least somewhat unlucky. That said, I’m a big believer that there’s been enough of a sample size here that Utley’s struggles aren’t purely due to him being unlucky. It seems like a good blending of advanced stats and the good ol’ eye test are needed here.


Maikel Franco Has Been Called Up, Does Anyone Give a Shit?

Photo credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Zolecki:

The Phillies announced this morning they have recalled Maikel Franco from Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Franco is the No. 54 prospect in baseball, according to MLBPipeline.com. He is expected to be at third base tonight for the Phillies’ series opener against Arizona at Citizens Bank Park.

Franco’s arrival became imminent Monday, when the Phillies optioned third baseman Cody Asche to Triple-A, where is learning to become a left fielder.

54th-best prospect. Cool. Not taking anything away from Franco, who could turn out to be a great player, but his arrival on this putrid Phillies team is about as exciting as late night cable fare after the proliferation of residential broadband. Like, yeah, you’ll leave the channel on for a few extra minutes if you flip by, but it’s not exactly appointment viewing like it would’ve been years ago. And it’s made all the more mehhhhhhh given the Phillies’ inexplicable lack of foresight to, you know, see this coming, which led to their curious decision to send Franco’s mildly-heated corner predecessor, Cody Asche, to Lehigh Valley to learn a new position instead of just letting him do it on the AAA team that plays at One Citizens Bank Way in Philadelphia.


Hey, Jeff Francoeur Did Something Not Awful Last Night


The Phils won last night despite Jonathan Papelbon’s best efforts to blow the game by overthrowing a pickoff attempt and putting the tying run on third with one out in the ninth. He was bailed out by Jeff Francoeur, who caught a fly ball in right and threw out the would-be tying run at home. Game over. Phils win. Papelbon becomes the Phillies’ all-time saves leader.

After the game, Papelbon thanked Francoeur (I really hate writing those two names as members of the Phillies) with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label. Jim Salisbury, also a fan of putting fine stuff in his mouth, with the words:

So what did Papelbon have for Jeff Francoeur after the strong-armed rightfielder made the play of the game to wrap up the closer’s record-setting 113th save with the Phillies on Wednesday night?

“I’ve got something special for Frenchy,” Papelbon said.

A few minutes later, Francoeur was standing in front of his locker, talking about his game-ending throw (see game recap). Surely it would earn him dinner from Papelbon, maybe a nice Porterhouse.

Out of nowhere, Papelbon tiptoed from across the clubhouse and stuck a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in Francoeur’s locker. They say the stuff is expensive.

“That’s even better than a Porterhouse,” Francoeur said with a smile.

Depends where the Porterhouse is from.

So congrats to Papelbon on becoming the Phillies’ all-time saves leader. The Phillies are 12-23.


Today in Visiting Athletes on Tinder: The Pirates’ Jung Ho Kang


A tipster wrote to us to blow up Jung Ho Kang’s Tinder game while he’s in town playing the Phillies — she (or he) said: “I know publicizing someone’s online game is bad form,” so I guess she’s not an avid a reader — and we have to say: not bad. Cocky enough to post a stock photo of yourself on the field, but not cocky enough to pay for that photo and remove the watermark. We feel ya, Jung Ho. I wouldn’t buy that picture either.

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