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Winning hearts and minds, one frightened child at a time. Continue Reading…

You’ve got to smoke a lot of weed as an NBA player to get suspended for it. But maybe this is just a guerrilla tanking tactic, in which case: well played, Arnett!

Dei Lynam with the report:

Second-year forward Arnett Moultrie has been suspended for five games by the NBA for violating the league’s anti-drug policy.

According to league policy, five games is the penalty for a third failed test for marijuana use. The first offense carries no penalty and the second offense a $25,000 fine. Following a third violation, each subsequent suspension is raised by five games.

Jesus man. Invest in a decent masking agent or something.

The Sixers Won

Kyle Scott —  March 30, 2014 — 10 Comments

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I was rooting against the Sixers last night, hard. They actually could’ve accomplished something in this steaming pile of a season. It would’ve been a unique distinction to be the tankiest of all tankers ever. But they flashed some pride and crushed the Pistons. Good for them, I suppose. I’m disappointed. But I respect their effort last night.

And you got to appreciate Brett Brown. He’s up-front about what’s going on and intensely passionate about the future. His post-game press conference last night was fantastic. Watch this part where he talks about young players. It’s… moving. Or at least certainly more moving than anything Doug Collins said last season during press conferences in which he seemed more interested in talking about his son’s college coaching career and being deeply introspective about his own legacy than basketball.

“You know, the 76ers don’t even have cheerleaders. They have grief counselors.” Also: 1:30 mark.

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Last night on ABC’s World News, the once-great evening newscast that has quickly turned into Diane Sawyer just being in awe of things, there was a two-minute segment about the Sixers and their quest to lose the most consecutive games in NBA history. In true World News fashion, the feature was mostly just a correspondent dumbing things down so uneducated grandmothers from Nebraska could understand why it’s actually best for the Sixers to lose.

Video after the jump. I assume that the segment after this was David Muir riding through a small Ohio town in a Chevy to discover the true fabric of America while Diane Sawyer sighed with great wonderment. Continue Reading…

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Andrew Bynum is once again out indefinitely with knee pain. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it undoubtedly disappointed Pacers fans, who must have been bullish about Bynum’s potential contributions after putting up 23 points and 18 rebounds in his first two games in Indiana.

As for Bynum? He probably doesn’t care. The additional time off allows him to take care of other essential tasks during games.

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Video: Andrew Wiggins

Kyle Scott —  March 14, 2014 — 11 Comments