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Dick Jerardi Emails Reader With His Dumb Plan That He Says Would’ve Saved The Sixers From Frauds

Voila_Capture 2015-05-21_09-42-19_AM

Dick Jerardi, a vestige of college basketball and the way John Chaney would’ve handled this during a Big 5 game the Palestra, has gone on record calling the Sixers and their ownership “frauds” for doing what most believe is the exact thing needed for the franchise. Inexplicably, he believes the Sixers should just continue with what hasn’t worked for the LAST 30 YEARS and chase middling free agents like a dog chasing a medicine ball around a yard. Sure, they might get it every once in a while, but what are they going to do with it once they do since it can’t fit into their mouth? This is how you get first-round playoff exits.

In an email to reader Ryan, Jerardi explains that he would’ve preferred it if the Sixers kept…

Voila_Capture 2015-05-24_10-08-19_AM

Yes, Evan Turner, who averaged 27 minutes per game for a bad Boston Celtics team. Holiday, easily the best of the bunch, who has peaked as a mid-tier point guard. And Thad Young, the well-liked wing forward who falls off trees.

But to truly judge the merit of Jerardi’s argument, we need to call attention to what those three players have become. To the flow chart:

Thad: Hinkie has turned Thad into two probable first-round draft picks and a second rounder.

Jrue: Hinkie has turned Jrue into Nerlens Noel, Dario Saric, a first rounder and a second rounder.

Evan: Hinkie has turned team cancer and certifiable bag of nuts Turner into a second rounder, in a classic addition by subtraction move. For real, Turner sucks.

But Dick’s years in the game have taught him that logical arguments like this one have NO PLACE AMONGST THE PEOPLE WHO BUILT THE MECCA OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL BY HAND AND FORTIFIED ITS PLACE IN LORE THROUGH SHEER FORCE OF WILL. Good plan, sport. Good plan.


Here’s a Sixers Jersey Mockup Based on Confirmed Leaks and Rumors

SixersVoila_Capture 2015-05-21_01-39-42_PM

Graphic designer Conrad Burry (@conradburry) updated his Sixers uniform mockup based on a tip a reader sent to us.* Is it accurate? Who knows?! WHO CARES?!?! [I think it is.] But this… this would be a good look.

*This is how you perpetuate a story: blog about it, update it, commission new mockup, blog about it again. This is how the ESPN machine works. I can do this, too. Let me try something else: SAM HINKIE IS RACIST.** WE’LL DISCUSS TONIGHT ON SPORTSCENTER, AND THEN TOMORROW ON FIRST TAKE, AND THEN WE’LL DO AN ONLINE EXPOSE ABOUT IT, AND THEN ALL THE RATINGS AND MONEY. Nailed it.

**That’s a complete joke. Don’t want to get sued. Sam Hinkie, by all accounts, loves people of all races… especially if they have virtually no cap hit.


UPDATE: Presenting the Most Butthurt Sports Writer of All-Time

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_12-20-19_PM

Move over, Flyers Core Four— there’s a new complainer in town, and this guy hates children.

Steph Curry’s kid, much like her father, is just dominating things right now, and when she stole the show at Curry’s press conference after the game last night, it stoked the IRE of one old-timey sports writer who had to string together a series of athlete clichés AND IN A HURRY, DAMMIT! This guy:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_12-18-38_PM


Somehow, this guy – whose name I don’t even care about looking up – missed the genuine #adorbs in this…

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_12-20-38_PM

… and this…

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_12-21-06_PM

… and was more concerned with getting Curry’s thoughts… wait a minute… he got the #adorbs and Curry’s thoughts? So, what, exactly, is the problem?

That guy deleted his Tweet and put up this one:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_12-22-14_PM


UPDATE: Missed this– yes of course Skip Bayless had a problem with it, too:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_04-51-20_PMVoila_Capture 2015-05-20_04-54-08_PM

via (@ZooWithRoy)


Mallory Edens Resurfaces(!) With Shot at Creepy Blogger

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I JUST KNEW A DRAFT LOTTERY COULDN’T GO BY WITHOUT MALLORY EDENS, the daughter of Bucks owner something something Edens. Their team not in it? That’s cool– with the help of a creepy old writer, Edens has resurfaced, this time to come after said creepy old writer, who wrote a bunch of creepy old things on his blog.

Chris Sheridan, of Sheridan Hoops, somehow weaved Edens and wife of Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, Becky, as a thread through his lottery piece. As you know, we’re big fans of Edens (and Dr. J looks like he might be, too) and think it should be written into league rules that she attend every lottery and sit in the front row. It seems Sheridan would co-sign that bill. And had he just stopped at lamenting her absence last night and commenting on her attractiveness – she’s 19 – things would’ve been just fine, even though the lefty weirdos taking over modern sports media would have you believe that it’s a mortal sin to comment on the looks of any particular female (even a female writer from the Washington Post wrote warm-blooded story about Edens last year) . But, unfortunately for Sheridan, he went way beyond appearances and ventured deep into the realm of the weird in describing Eden:

One year after Mallory Edens captivated us all at the NBA draft lottery, a new NBA rule deprived us of a close-up look at the trophy wife of Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.

Her name is Becky, she is fantastic looking, and she was supposed to have been onstage instead of the 74-year-old Mr. Taylor as the T-Wolves won the top pick in the 2015 NBA draft.

Unfortunately, the puritans at the NBA instituted a new “no family” rule for this year’s lottery, which also means we’ve seen the last of Nick Gilbert and his bow tie.

Yes, this is a shame. But the lottery is not about trophy wives or trophy daughters or even trophies — at least in the short term. It is about hope for the future, and the T-Wolves have a little more of that now with a young core that includes Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins, 2013 No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett (if he does not turn into LaRue Martin 2.0) and the Spaniard who is the Mallory Edens of young men, Ricky Rubio.

You can bash the Sixers all you want between now and then, but remember this: When it is all said and done, Hinkie is going to walk away from all this looking a lot better than young Ms. Edens or the older Mrs. Taylor.

In the long run, this will go down as just one of the years when Hinkie’s tanking strategy was accumulating dividends. They are going to be a beast for years and years to come, and the NBA will eventually change the lottery system to prevent another Hinkie from jobbing the system. But mark my words, the Sixers were the biggest long-term winners Tuesday night. And they didn’t even have to move up or down to come out on top.

Taylor has his trophy wife. Edens will one day be somebody’s trophy GF.

Hinkie? He’ll be the one with the stockpile of Larry O’Brien trophies. And his legacy will last  longer than our memories of the comely Ms. Edens and the equally lovely Mrs. Taylor.

Let’s set the ground rules here:

OK: Comment on the hotness of an of-age person.

Not OK: Comment on the hotness of an of-age person, who happens to attend Princeton, and then compare her to the worldly possessions of rich men by referring to her as somebody’s “trophy GF” while giving us the weird visual of Hinkie’s head on her body. Gross.

Edens fired back about the latter one:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_11-43-28_AM

Point Edens. We’ll see if Sheridan returns serve… just as soon as he’s done making his way through Edens’ Instagram (@mallory_edens) account.


The Sixers Get Only One Lottery Pick: 3

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_08-56-02_PM

The Sixers didn’t get a second (or third) lottery pick, but they did get the third pick… as predicted earlier in our 40-simulation run that came back with an average of 3.25:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_12-12-23_PM

Cue Howard Eskin’s faux outrage.

UPDATE: And there it is:


UPDATE: Is Nerlens Noel’s Suit Jacket Lined with New Sixers Jerseys?

new nerlens

It certainly looks like it, and they look … good? The main attraction is in the details, and we don’t really see any of those here, but it’s a good start.

UPDATE: The Sixers (and Noel) confirmed that they are indeed the new unis, but they don’t show everything. “As much as you can show,” Nerlens told Mike Sielski. “The stars on the side, you can’t fit it all in there.”


Your NBA Draft Lottery Primer: #OneSixEleven IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

So many white balls. So many.

So many white balls. So many.

Tonight, for all of Sam Hinkie’s maneuvering and planning, the bouncing of some tiny, white balls will play a large part in the Sixers’ future. At around 8:30 p.m., this year’s draft order will be announced. With the third-worst record, the Sixers have a 15.6% shot at landing the top pick. But of bigger concern to many Sixers fans is getting the Heat’s pick at 11 and the Lakers’ pick at 6. The chances of landing either is slim, but this is what happened on my first three lottery simulations last night. I swear.

three lotteries

Those were just the first three. We ran ESPN’s simulation 40 TIMES, and this is what we got:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_12-12-23_PM

Favorable scenarios are in green, the rather frequently recurring 5-6 combo in yellow, and NUCLEAR OPTION in red. Overall, the Sixers’ average first pick was 3.25 and they got a second pick 17.5% of the time.

But that was on just one of the simulators.

I went to a different lottery simulator, Tankathon, and ran it a ten more times… because somehow this is my chosen profession. The three most interesting results are below:

tankathon 3

The elusive #onesixeleven didn’t happen – Kyle doesn’t think it exists – but 5, 6 and 11 turned up, along with just 5 and 11, and, as you saw, 5-6.

The Sixers made a nice little graphic to break the odds down for you

Voila_Capture 2015-05-19_12-16-39_PM

… but here’s what you need to know by the numbers:

  • 15.6% – The Sixers’ odds of getting the top overall pick
  • 46.9% – The chances the Sixers’ pick is in the top three
  • 17.3% – The chances the Lakers pick conveys
  • 9.1% – The chances the Heat pick conveys
  • 19% – The odds the Sixers end up with multiple first round picks– slightly higher than in our 40+ simulations
  • 0.28% – The chance the Sixers get #OneSixEleven

And how does all of this ping pong ball stuff actually work? It’s all very confusing:

One representative from every team is ushered into a room where the lottery is conducted in private – the results are shared on live television later in the evening. Fourteen ping pong balls numbered 1-14 are placed into a machine for 20 seconds. Then, the first ball is drawn. Ten seconds later, a second is drawn. Another 10 seconds, and a third ball is removed from the machine. And finally, after 10 more seconds, a fourth ball is drawn.

The order in which the four numbers are drawn is not important – meaning a drawing of 1, 2, 3, and 4 is the same as a drawing of 4, 3, 2, and 1 for the purpose of this exercise. A league official then refers to a massive board showing 1,000 combinations of four digits with a team name assigned to each (this is where the number of combinations each team has factors into the odds). Whichever team’s combination is drawn first is awarded the top pick.

The four balls are then returned to the machine and the process is repeated to determine the winners of the second and third picks. In the event that a combination is drawn for picks #2 or #3 that belongs to a team that has already been awarded a pick via the lottery, the drawing is repeated until a unique winner is determined.

After the top-three selections have been determined, the remaining 11 lottery picks (as well as the 16 non-lottery picks) are sequenced based upon regular season record, from worst to best.

Of the 1,000 possible combinations, the Sixers have 156. But really they just need one of those picked. And then for one (or more) of the teams from 11-14 to get one so they can get the Heat’s pick and for a team to jump into the top three from behind the Lakers so they can get their pick, too. Simple.


Video: Allen Iverson Talks About His EXCELLENT Documentary

From a filmmaking perspective, the Allen Iverson documentary, which premiered on Showtime last night, was just OK. If you’re used to watching documentaries on Netflix, HBO, or even ESPN’s 30 for 30, you might be disappointed by it from a strictly technical standpoint. But the story it told – with quite a bit of archival, private footage – was tremendous, and I spent a good portion of the 90 minutes trying to hide the lump in my throat from my wife (I cracked when he stepped over Tyronn Lue). It’s 100% a must-watch for any Sixers fan, or basketball fan, or sports fan.

Today, Iverson released this video on Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune in which he talks about the main theme of the documentary– being himself. I’m a villain to people that don’t rock with me. I’m a superhero to the people that love me and care about me.

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