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The Sixers’ New Mascot Is Likely Coming This Fall

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.47.35 PM

Ridiculously photogenic Ben Davis lookalike Devils and Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil spoke with the Philadelphia Business Journal about the business aspects of running a team that, at the moment, is actively trying to be the worst in professional sports. He didn’t say anything too Earth-shattering, but he did reveal that a new mascot is currently being tested by focus groups of small children:

PBJ: Will the team finally have a new mascot this year?

O’Neil: It looks like we will. That’s in development right now. We have kids coming in as part of focus groups to help with the design and the name. We’re looking at a November or December launch.

Guessing the market research is almost complete, what with summer vacation drawing to an end and all.

O’Neil also talked about two additional big-time sponsorships the Sixers are working on:

PBJ: And sponsorship deals?

O’Neil: The corporate support is there. We are involved in three of the biggest sponsorship deals in the franchise’s history. [The first of which with PartyPoker.com was activated last season ]. Two haven’t been finalized yet, but they are coming.

You can’t help but wonder if, like the Party Poker deal, these are hybrid deals involving the Sixers and their sister team, the New Jersey Devils. This sort of thing makes my mouth taste bad, but I’d be lying if I said Harris and his pragmatic approach wasn’t growing on me. I may have been wrong about him.


Happy Belated Father’s Day, Nerlens Noel

via TMZ

via TMZ

Just about a month ago, TMZ reported that their new favorite dude Nerlens Noel was asking for a DNA test to find out if he was the father of a 14-month-old boy. Well, the test is in, and Nerlens Noel, you ARE the father.

Noel admitted that he’s had “limited contact” with his son up until now and agrees that the baby’s mother should have primary custody. He is also reportedly asking the court to determine a “minimal level of child support,” which considering his status as a millionaire, seems unlikely. But while he’s at least giving that kid something, he can probably cut up those ridiculous pants into a onesie, blanket, hoodie, and probably a goddamn backpack.


UPDATE: The Sixers Will Trade Thaddeus Young for Anthony Bennett

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

[Nate Dogg voice] Hold up. [end Nate Dogg voice] Those Anthony Bennett-to-the-Sixers rumors, while appearing all but dead yesterday when there was no mention of them in the reported everyone-for-Love trade, are back. Mark Perner of the Daily News is reporting that the Sixers will send Thaddeus Young and that extra D in his name to the Timberwolves for Bennett once the Wolves’ deal with the Cavs is complete:

WHILE NEWS CAME out yesterday that Minnesota and Cleveland had agreed in principle to a trade that will send All-Star Kevin Love to the Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a first-round draft pick, the Daily News has learned that the Sixers will, indeed, be involved in the deal.

A source informed the Daily News that the Sixers will be sending veteran forward Thaddeus Young to Minnesota for a package that will include Bennett, the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA draft.

The deal, which two sources have confirmed to the Associated Press, will not be official until Aug. 23, when Wiggins, this year’s No. 1 draft pick, becomes eligible to be traded.

Perner notes that there’s no indication the Wolves will send the first round pick they obtain from Cleveland to the Sixers as part of the deal, but it seems like it’s still a possibility.


UPDATE: Hold up again. Tom Moore of The Intelligencer reports that the league may prevent the deal due to really confusing reasons:

The Timberwolves reportedly are interested in Thaddeus Young as a possible replacement for Love. If the Sixers, who remain roughly $30 million below the salary cap, are unable to make it a three-team deal in which they could end up with Bennett and a pick, they could try to trade with the Wolves for Bennett.

The problem is Bennett cannot be combined with another outgoing player in a deal for 60 days if he goes to Minnesota. The way around that would be for Sam Hinkie and the Sixers to trade a second-round selection to the Timberwolves for Bennett soon after Aug. 23 and then acquire two players — and probably a protected first-rounder — for Young.

Voila_Capture 2014-08-08_09-39-49_AM

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on right now.

UPDATE 2: I asked Moore on Twitter to explain. Here’s the gist of it: Bennett cannot be combined with another player in a trade for 60 days after he’s traded by the Cavs. So, to circumvent, the Sixers would trade a second round pick to the Wolves for Bennett, and then, in a separate move, trade Young to the Wolves for a couple of expiring contracts. The league could say “no” since these trades would be designed to circumvent the (silly, silly) salary cap. The point of the trade is for the Wolves to acquire Young and rid themselves of some contracts. But, if the Sixers are part of a three-team deal, then none of this matters.


Reports of the Done Cavs/Wolves Deal Mention Nothing of the Sixers

Voila_Capture 2014-05-20_10-19-15_AM

Unless that was the plan all along: According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Kevin Love to the Cavs is not only a handshake deal, but comes along with a plan for Love to opt out of his contract next year and re-sign with the Cavs for max money. In return the T-Wolves will reportedly get for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a protected 2015 first-round draft pick. The oft-rumored attachment of the Sixers to the deal (first for getting rid of Thad and getting back Bennett or Dion Waiters, then wanting some picks) is reportedly over, with Woj saying “no third team is involved in the Cavaliers-Timberwolves trade agreement.”

Of course, the Bennet for Thad deal could be a side thing the Wolves have planned with the Sixers. Or the most likely scenario is this: This trade rumor, like every one we have heard since Hinkie took over, is patently untrue, and we’ll only get a Hinkie trade when we least expect it.


Joel Embiid Talks Candidly About His Relationship with Rihanna

Voila_Capture 2014-08-05_04-29-29_PM

NBA blogger Lang Whitaker caught up with Joel Embiid at the NBA’s recent rookie shinamabob in New York and asked him about his “relationship” with Rihanna. Embiid spoke openly:

“It’s going pretty well. We had a date.* And it was pretty good. We had fun. We just went to get some food, some laughs, because I’m kind of funny. You know, girls love when I speak French, so every time I talk they’re just like [grabs face]. Good morning is like bonjour [more French words I don't understand].”

Love this guy. LOVE HIM. Video here.

*He’s kidding. Probably.


The Sixers May Be Involved in Andrew Wiggins Trade, And End Up with Anthony Bennett

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So the Sixers could end up with another lottery pick on their roster, if the rumors that they could land Anthony Bennett as part of a three-way deal with the Cavs and Timberwolves are true.

Brian Windhorst, on ESPN Radio, speculated that the Sixers could be involved in the reported deal that would send Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota and Kevin Love to Cleveland. The Sixers would at least partly be used to take on an unwanted contract or two [transcription via Liberty Ballers]:

“But before the papers have been signed, there’s this handshake agreement that: Kevin Love to the Cavs, Andrew Wiggins to the Timberwolves, and I believe Thaddeus Young will end up in Minnesota, either as part of a separate deal or as part of a three-way deal, possibly Anthony Bennett who’s on the Cavs right now could get re-routed to Philadelphia in part of a deal for Thaddeus Young. There will be draft picks involved, but essentially what you need to know if you’re an NBA fan: Kevin Love will end up in Cleveland barring anything unforeseen, and Andrew Wiggins will end up in Minnesota.”

So if you’re keeping score at home, that would be Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Anthony Bennett, and Dario Saric (whenever he comes to America). That’s five lottery picks from the last two drafts on one roster, and there will probably be more next year if the Sixers successfully slay the the Silver machine.

Bennett had a terrible rookie season. In fact, it was historically bad for a top pick. Derek Bodner explains:

Then came his rookie season. Again, a glass-half-full type would call it a struggle. A glass-half-empty type would call it possibly the worst rookie season for a #1 overall pick in 30+ years.

Last year for the Cavs, Bennett 4.2 points per in just over 12.8 minutes per game, shooting 35.6% from the field. He generate -0.4 win shares on the season (-0.028/48), including -1.1 offensive win shares, with a true shooting percentage of 42.5% and a PER of 6.9.

No #1 overall pick has done worse in ANY of win shares, offensive win shares, PER, or true shooting percentage.

Windhorst was just on 97.5 The Fanatic and reiterated that the deal between the Cavs and Wolves is basically done and they’re just waiting for Wiggins’ 30-day no-trade clause to end. The Sixers part, however, is less certain, because Windhorst notes that NBA is threatening to shut down the deal if leaks keep coming out. He says J.J. Barea could also come to Philadelphia as part of the deal.

Other notes from Windhorst on 97.5: He says NBA owners are not happy with what the Sixers are doing, because, as one of the biggest markets, Philly isn’t generating the sort of revenue it should to contribute to the league’s rev sharing.

He also mentioned pretty much exactly what I said a couple of months ago– that we’re years away from being good, because once all the players get healthy, you’re still a couple of years away from competing.

On Bennett’s first year: “It was one of the worst for a first pick in NBA history.” But he noted Bennett being overweight due to a shoulder surgery, having asthma and sleep apnea. He’s thinner now and had surgery to help with the latter two problems.


Jobs: The Sixers are Looking for a PR Coordinator and a Couple of Stat Nerds with Strong BAYESIAN ANALYSIS Experience

Work for this man. Yay.

Work for this man. Yay.

There are a whole bunch of job opportunities with the Sixers listed on Team Work Online. Here are a few that stand out:

PR Coordinator

A sort of dream job for many sports fans. Two years of experience in marketing or PR and a Communications degree will get you a job* trying to score positive press for the Sixers. Your top two responsibilities will be:

Compile and track the placement of story pitches in the market, as well as track and produce quantifiable ROI at end of year for media placed by Public Relations department.

Translation: Plant favorable stories with the lazier members of the local press. Shouldn’t be hard.

Develop, establish and maintain relationships with non-sports and non-traditional media members in the city, state and region, including business writers, entertainment reporters, radio personalities, etc.

Translation: Mr. Harris likes talking to business reporters, he owns entertainment properties, and we need Missanelli on our side. [I find it baffling that that non-traditional media members thing doesn't list bloggers.]

*First time the words “Communications degree will get you a job” have ever been written in that order. And it’s OK, I can make these jokes– I have a Communications degree… and work from home sans pants.

Listing here.


Basketball Analyst – Programming and Database Focus

This is the most Sam Hinkie thing ever.

Responsibilities include:

Gather, clean and integrate data from a variety of sources
Create both standardized reports and ad-hoc analyses
Maintain and extend our existing analytics infrastructure


Strong programming skills (Python, Perl, Ruby, C++, Java,….) to support both the front-end and back-end of applications
Strong database skills (SQL)
Comfort working in Mac, PC, and Linux environments
Strong statistical skills and experience with statistical software (R, SAS, Stata)
Visualization expertise
Big Data expertise including distributed processing
Data Mining expertise
Artificial Intelligence expertise
Machine Learning expertise
Mobile application expertise

Yeah I’m not qualified for that. But I’m pretty sure the AI thing just means playing NBA 2k15 to determine our most cohesive unit

Listing here.


Basketball Analyst – Statistical Modeling Focus



Advanced modeling and analysis based on data available in our data warehouse
Forecasting efforts for basketball plays, players, teams, and seasons
Support gathering of additional data for ad-hoc analysis as needed
Innovate across all aspects of basketball operations


Deep statistical expertise and experience with statistical software (R, SAS, Stata)
Strong experience with BAYESIAN ANALYSIS
Strong experience with experimental design, linear regression, logistic regression, non-linear regression, k-means clustering, decision trees, and other advanced techniques
Comfort working directly with databases and writing code or scripts on occasion
Data Mining expertise
Big Data expertise

Listing here.


With the Phillies, comparable front office titles to those Analyst positions are Keen Observer and Guy Who Updates Pitch Count on Scoreboard. They’re, um, a few years behind everyone else.

I should also point out that those last two listings for the Sixers request that you include your SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc. scores. No such request is made for the PR Coordinator position, because I’m guessing they’re just happy to know that you survived college without drinking your liver into a pile of indiscernible matter. But even if you didn’t, can you still schmooze reporters over a couple of cold ones every once in a while?

See all the Sixers job listings here.


Joel Embiid is So Ridiculously Good at Twitter

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Cheesesteak? Check. AI salute? Check. We’re easy around here.

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