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A Local Gym Teacher Challenges LeBron James to a Dunk Contest in One of the Weirdest Videos We’ve Ever Seen

The guy challenging that little scaredy-cat LeBron to a dunk contest is North Philly gym teacher and owner of a movie villain name Hans Muller. Muller uploaded that video challenge for King James to come to his gym in North Philly and have a dunk off in part due to the kids he teaches. Muller told NBC10:

“If the kids were good in class, I’d attempt a dunk that they wanted me to try. That’s how it started, using it as a reward for them at the end of class.

They didn’t realize I was dunking on a 9-foot net. Since it’s only 9-feet I can do some trick dunks. My kids don’t really understand that the inside nets are lower than the outside nets. When we’re outside, my kids will ask me to dunk and my excuse was always that I didn’t wanna show off for the neighborhood so I could only do it inside where they couldn’t see.”

Kids are dumb. I did, however, get incredibly nervous when Muller ran across a chair and then a desk and then dunked. I’ve seen enough trampoline accidents online where I was totally expecting it to result in a bloody crash. But nope, Muller did it. Congrats. Overall though, I’m like this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.20.43 AM

I support what this dude is doing, but not enough to put my damn drill down.

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If You Can Believe This, the Sixers are Fighting the Proposed Changes to the NBA Lottery

Yeah… about those changes

I chuckled – to myself and also no one in particular – when I saw this story pop up. The Sixers, if you can believe it, are fighting the proposed changes to the NBA Lottery, which are designed to hurt… um, well, ah jeez, – scratches neck – the, uh, SIXERS. From ESPN.com:

The rough draft of this plan was met with opposition by 76ers management, which is in the midst of a multiseason rebuilding project that is dependent on a high pick next year. The 76ers, sources said, are hoping to get the NBA to delay the plan’s implementation for at least a year because it would act as a de facto punishment while just playing by the rules that have been in place.

The 76ers, however, may struggle to gain support from Silver or fellow teams for holding off on the changes. Philadelphia’s planned sink to the bottom has caused a drag on revenues in one of the league’s largest markets and has upset some other teams, sources said.

The 76ers currently have more than $30 million in cap space, and they made two lottery picks last month in injured center Joel Embiid and European prospect Dario Saric who aren’t expected to contribute much this season. They also have recently been in trade talks to move their highest-paid and longest-tenured player, forward Thaddeus Young.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE’RE TANKING?, Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie told a room of reporters with a completely straight face.


Iverson is Touring the Philippines, “Being Groomed” for a 76ers Assistant Coaching Job?

BtsjvGDCcAAyBT5 There are certain players, while they’re playing, that just have “coaching future” written all over them. Jason Kidd (when he’s not beating his wife), Derek Fisher, Larry Bird, Brian Scalabrine, Rasheed Wallace, etc. Okay, maybe not all of those dudes, but one guy you would never see put on a list like that while he was playing was Allen Iverson. AI had a reputation, earned or not (totally earned), of being nearly uncoachable. So when I heard that he was traveling the Philippines next month to coach a traveling squad of streetballers, I thought “that’s a little sad, but it makes sense.” What doesn’t make sense is this, from the Philippines Star:

“The 11-time All Star and former MVP is being groomed to become an assistant coach in the Philadelphia 76ers, the team that made him the no. 1 overall choice in the 1996 Rookie Draft. His Manila visit will test his coaching acumen as he will handle fthe Ball UP team composed of popular street ballers The Professor, Mr. Afrika, Air Up There, Bone Collector, G. Smith and AO against a soon-to-be-named selection which will likely be composed of players from the UAAP, NCAA and PBA legends.”

Not only does making Iverson an assistant coach not really make sense — some kind of team ambassador, a more visible role where he doesn’t have to pretend to make basketball decisions is probably better — neither does testing out his coaching skills by how he handles aging street ballers. “Hey, go dunk,” is about all the coaching they need. And while AI is a legend who has a special place in the hearts of fans and the rafters at the Wells Fargo Center, it doesn’t make much sense to put him in a suit on the sidelines. So just gonna go ahead and not trust this Philippines Star report.


Charles Barkley Has Offered to Pay for the Funerals of Three Kids Killed in North Philly

Photo Credit: Cary

Photo Credit: Cary Edmondson – USA Today Sports

Yesterday, it was announced that Philadelphia Police had finally arrested two men responsible for hijacking a car, sexually assaulting the car’s driver, and then driving into a crowd of people, killing three children. In the midst of this announcement, DA Seth Williams announced that Sir Charles himself has offered to pay the funeral expenses for the three children who died.

Williams said, “I received a telephone call from Sixers legend Charles Barkley. Like most Philadelphians, many Americans and people across the world, he wanted me to know that he wanted to pay for the funeral for these three children and I put him in touch with the family so he can do that.”

Charles, whenever he ends up calling into local sports radio shows, always mentions how much he loves Philadelphia, but this is just a whole different level. It’s heartwarming to see someone reach out like this and put the money they’ve earned to good use. Nice work, Charles.


No, Courier-Post, This is Not “Joel Imbiid”… or Joel Embiid

Voila_Capture 2014-07-28_12-53-34_PM


via reader Ed


IT’S ON: Rihanna Followed Joel Embiid on Twitter

Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_04-23-44_PM
The power of social media.


Katie Nolan Lists the Reasons Why Rihanna Should Date Joel Embiid

Katie Nolan and her heart-shaped mouth recorded their spot for FOX Sports 1 yesterday. It’s been posted on Nolan’s YouTube account, because undoubtedly more people will see it there than on FOX Sports 1, which means this whole Embiid Twitter thing has gone national and there’s an actual chance that Joel Embiid will sit the bench this year while side-piecing RIHANNA and presumably tweeting about it the whole damn time, which, let’s be honest, will be, like, a minute (literal and figurative).

Voila_Capture 2014-07-24_12-06-17_PM

I’ve rooted for many things as a blogger, but this one may be at the top of the list. Bored Sixers draft pick with active Twitter fingers has an illicit steam-fest with the her-own-crotch-obsessed Rihanna, who’s actually using the rookie to get to Mychal Kendricks across the street, all with the specter of Chris Brown lurking in the background to beat the shit out of all three of them????? OH MY GOD YES AND PLEASE, SIRS. I am on Team Joel here. And so is Nolan. In fact, Nolan and I are co-captains. Friends, even. We’re in this together. Me and Katie, and Joel and Ri-Ri… and Chris and Mychal. Hashtag Johanna.


Matt Barkley Found Some of Donovan McNabb’s Old Shoes and Joel Embiid Knows Someone with Photoshop

Right now in the Twitter accounts of local athletes who aren’t playing:

The prototype cleats above, which are certainly more stylish than any of the other cleats McNabb wore, were found by Matt Barkley while he was hanging around the NovaCare Complex(?). Barkley was presumably looking for some flashy kicks because he wanted to look his best for his catch with Jimmy Kempski.

Donovan, you’re free right? You can swing on by and pick those up anytime.

And Joel Embiid knows someone who is does passable Photoshop work:

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