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Brett Brown Sees You When You’re Sleeping, He Knows When You’re Awake

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Brown is a smart guy. He’s knows his situation. And he knows that even when coaching a team that isn’t designed to win many games, it’s still possible to play below your skill level.

“It’s a fact that you do lay an egg from time to time in the NBA over 82 games,” Brown said in his post-game presser following the Sixers’ loss to the Celtics. “And tonight we laid an egg.”

But it’s not just self-awareness and in-game knowledge that displays Brown’s wit. It’s the way he runs his team.

As Zach Lowe wrote in a now fairly-regular “The Sixers aren’t that bad, are they?”-type post, Brown uses advanced stats and sports science to track what his players are doing. He’s like Chip Kelly with fewer wins and opportunistic t-shirt designs from Kyle:

Philly might have more sports science gadgets than any team in the league. In practice, they wear devices from the Australian-based company Catapult that log every player’s exertion level — heart rate, cutting speed, and more. The team hopes to soon display that information in real time, so Brown can know instantly whose body doesn’t seem to be performing correctly.

Players wear sleep bracelets. “I used to just sleep whenever I felt like it,” McDaniels says. “But now I take it seriously.” They have individual water bottles, so that the team can track how much water each guy drinks. “We’re probably overdrinking,” Carter-Williams says.

Brown bought into sports science over three stints as the coach of Australia’s national team, and he is constantly seeking advice from other coaches — including Chip Kelly of the NFL’s Eagles. He wants every player hearing as many mentoring voices as possible. Joel Embiid may not play a second this season, but before a recent Spurs-Sixers game, Brown convinced Tim Duncan to sit with Embiid and talk hoops for about an hour, Brown says.

On how the team has been playing, Lowe said: “They’re just flailing away at a task for which they are overmatched, like the well-meaning but clueless husband trying to build furniture.” That’s about as apt a description you’re going to hear, and now I have nightmares of failed IKEA builds dancing in my head.

As Lowe continues, there’s a lot of talk of “losing habits” and the like, but he doesn’t really buy it. Does Brett?

“I am on the warpath to keep our locker room together,” he told Lowe. “And to not have us break apart as a team.”

That may be difficult, but the more I see from Brett Brown the more I think he’s the right guy for the job. I just hope he doesn’t lose his mind.


Evan Turner Is Totally Cool with Boos Because Jesus Was Hated Too

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Turner got booed in the Celtics’ win over the Sixers last night. It was the second time his team played at the Wells Fargo Center this year and the second time a soft chorus of jeers rained down from wherever people were actually sitting. Personally, I don’t get it. If you hate him as a basketball player, shouldn’t you be happy he’s not here anymore? Shouldn’t you cheer every time you see him in Celtics green? Whatever. People booed and Turner was bemused. He said (jokingly) that he was loved before the game started:

“I signed like 100,000 autographs, I’m kissing babies and what not and all that stuff. I’m getting my hand kissed by people. I got little girls come up to me fainting.”

But once the game starts and he touches the ball? “Boooooo.” If he’s fouled? “Boooooo.” If someone shows up late and just notices he’s there? “Boooooo.” That can get to you as a player and a person. But it was all okay with Turner, because Jesus experienced the same thing:

“I don’t worry about it anymore. I don’t want to sound super weird, but Jesus was hated too.”

Oh don’t worry, Evan, you did sound super weird. Super weird. Firstly, I don’t think anyone actually shouted “boooooo” at Jesus. It was more whatever “crucify him” translates to in Aramaic. And secondly, Jesus probably never missed from downtown.


Furkan Aldemir Hath Arrived

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.04.44 PM

Furkan Aldemir finally arrived in Philadelphia last night — with his wife and his cat, Firouze (pretty sure I’m the only one who asked) — and joined the Sixers for his first practice today. Aldemir will wear number 19 and be available to play tonight if they decide to throw him out there.

Aldemir’s addition to the team makes him the fifth international player officially on the roster, the most in team history. With that, Brett Brown presumably received a text from Gregg Popovich that just read: “You’re doing it right.”


Brett Brown, Human with Feelings, Bothered by Brandon Davies Trade

Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

When your plan is to lose, there are some things you have to worry about: developing a losing culture, losing the interest of fans, and breaking team chemistry because everyone is expendable. While the Sixers have been swapping and moving and dumping players at a brisk pace since Sam Hinkie took over, it’s the latest move that has given head coach and human Brett Brown pause.

Brandon Davies is now a Brooklyn Net, and Brett’s pretty bummed about it.

Anyone who has watched the Sixers’ games this year has seen Davies grow as a player. Some of that growth has been on the talent side, but he’s been diving and running all over the floor, making up for his shortcomings in talent with exceptional effort. That’s the kind of guy, at least according to Brett Brown, you like to keep around.

“He always played with that reckless abandon,” Brown told reporters. “He is one of those low-maintenance guys that teams look for who want to have high-character, solid people at the 15, 14, 13 roster spots. I think his better days are ahead of him because he improved with us.”

Brown knows it is the nature of the league, however. From CSN Philly:

“When you start losing people that you are very fond of and have tremendous respect for … there is a human side of it that bothers me because you are trying to grow chemistry, you are trying to grow a culture. That takes a hit when teammates lose teammates. There is a respect, effort-wise, of how they go about their business. There is a reality to our job that is just business in the NBA, but it doesn’t mean it has to feel right … Stability is not a word that comes to mind very often with where we are at with the Philadelphia 76ers.”

It’s actually nice to see Brown show some emotion about losing players that he had a relationship with. It shows that the team, while it may change, has some chemistry right now. But really, he’s going to probably have to get used to this. Hinkie treats players like chips at a charity auction. Just drop a few here, a few more over here… and maybe one of them will help me get something I really want.


Sam Hinkie’s Tanking, Now in Flowchart Form

Original photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Original photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Hinkie has executed a dizzying number of deals since taking over as Sixers GM, (actually six pages worth in under two years on Pro Sports Transactions). It’s all part of his tanking plan, which last night included trading Brandon Davies for two guys who may or may not play here, the option to swap second round picks in 2018, and the rights to a 12-year-old to be named in 2020. With Hinkie at the helm, whom the Sixers had, whom they have, and whom they will have can be pretty confusing. So we decided that a flow chart was in order:

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The Sixers Have Reportedly Traded Brandon Davies (Mid-Game!) For Andrei Kirilenko and a Second-Round Pick Six Years from Now

Voila_Capture 2014-12-10_09-10-45_PM

The Sixers will likely eat Kirilenko’s $3.3 remaining salary and then waive him, according to Wojnararosaurus’ earlier report about the trade discussions.

Sam Hinkie loves second round picks in a way that should be investigated and perhaps violates laws in seven states.Voila_Capture 2014-12-10_09-28-13_PM


Teen Thinks His High School’s Basketball Team Could Beat the Sixers

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.52.17 AM

That screenshot, taken during a high school basketball game on ESPN, shows a fan of Plano West HS in Texas saying his team can beat the Sixers. Never mind that saying you can beat the now two-win Sixers means you think you could also beat everyone they beat, and every team those teams beat and so on… the crazy thing is, Plano West is almost out-rebounding the Sixers.

h/t reader Doug


K.J. McDaniels Blocked a Shot So Hard it Gave a Fan a Concussion

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.43.47 PM

Remember this block that K.J. McDaniels laid on a Greivis Vasquez shot about a month ago? The lady that got hit by the ball probably doesn’t, because it gave her a concussion.

According to Sports Illustrated — which also has an unrelated but amazing profile of Madison Bumgarner — K.J. is now the owner of this Paul Bunyan/Bill Brasky-esque tall tale:

The jewel of his rejection résumé might just be the play of the season to date: A complete demolition of a Greivis Vasquez runner, rocketed into the stands at such a violent velocity as to cause actual injury.

“I surprised myself,” McDaniels said of the block. “There was a lady who got hit by the ball who got a concussion, I believe.” McDaniels, upon hearing what happened, sent flowers.

The whole piece on McDaniels by Rob Mahoney is essential reading, but let it serve at least one purpose: As a warning for everyone in the lower bowl to cover your head when K.J. rises up for a swat.

Kyle: It’s basically what Jim did to Eliot Shorr-Parks during our pickup game at the Wells Fargo Center… if there had been people in the stands.

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