Senator Arlen Specter made his 627th appearance
on the Angelo Cataldi’s morning show today. 
I was on that show once as a contestant on “The Intern” several years
back, didn’t win.  Still bitter.  But I digress.

Specter commented on the return of Brian Dawkins this
weekend, saying that he was one of the great ones and that he looks forward to
giving him a standing ovation.  Kudos,
Mr. Senator.  The topic then turned to
Desean Jackson, where the now liberal senator said that he is amazed with his
ability… no mention of him being an arrogant prick.

Cataldi then brought up the Roy Halladay trade, and the
senator shared our sentiments.  He said
that it was sad to see Lee go after such a strong performance in the playoffs,
winning 4 out of his 5 starts.  Senator
knows his stats!  Then he brought up
something that is being overlooked… the way Lee handled the whole thing.  He really did handle this as best as he
could, especially with the impression he will leave fans with.  He said all the right things: “I didn’t want
to leave”, “I wanted to finish my career there”, “They got a good group of guys”,
and “It’s not all about the money”.  That’s
the part that makes this so hard.  Lee
wanted to stay here!  He wanted to do
what he did in the playoffs “again and again and again”… sorry Cole.  Still sour with Lee leaving.

Finally, the senator talked about healthcare.  Bill is coming, it’s not great, but it’s a start…
yada, yada, yada, Go Birds.