Every Christmas Eve, John Chaney makes an appearance on Daily News Live to exchange gifts and barbs with the Philly writers.  Why Christmas Eve?  Well, likely because the censors aren't paying attention.  A couple of years ago, Chaney challenged Neil Hartman to a fight because Hartman voted for Bush…

This year was no different, Chaney made several "did he just say that?" comments, further showing why he is no longer coaching impressionable young men.

Discussing current coach Fran Dunphy's mentality:

Chaney:  He is too nice [off the court].  He needs to go beat up a Republican or something.

Dunphy's coaching?

Chaney:  When a kid makes a bad turnover, he needs to grab him and choke him!


Clearly Chaney knows his basketball, and I can't tell if these comments are meant amuse or frighten.  It's probably somewhere in the middle.  His analysis of the departure of Andre Miller was spot on, he said you need a true point guard to win, and that the Sixers were foolish to try to turn Lou Williams into one.

Allen Iverson?

Chaney:  When an apple is on a tree, it's green, when it falls off, it turns brown.  Once an apple turns brown, it never turns back.

An amazingly simple and poignant analogy.

And finally, he called Tiger Woods' balls sexy…