NHL Winter Classic is taking shape at Fenway Park

Win classic
 The 2010 Winter Classic, or as I'm calling it "a Chance to freeze your fucking ass off to watch a hockey game from 700 feet away", is set to take place on New Years Day at Fenway Park.  Officials spent the week putting the final touches on the ice rink in the middle of the diamond.  I must say, it does look pretty cool.  Jeff Carter is already figuring out where the nearest beer stand will be.


Artist's Rendering of the Winter Classic, replace the snow with mud, wires, cameras, and Darren Pang

The idea of playing a hockey game at Fenway is intriguing, as Boston is such a strong hockey hotbed. That, and seemingly any event that takes place in Fenway becomes infinitely cooler. They should have held Michael Jackon's memorial service there.  Staples Center, yeah thats nice at all… but imagine the Jackson's strutting out to second base to honor Michael as Jermaine and his painted on hair gave the eulogy from atop the green monster, while Liz Taylor changed the death year on the manual scoreboard below.  Fucking cool.  And you know Joe Jackson would have loved the pub.  

Back to the game… They placed what is apparently a large trash bag below the surface, before putting up the dasher boards.  This is going to do wonders for the lawn.

Officials allowed two high school teams to play on the surface to test it out… for $30,000 of course.  Anyone between now and January 1st is welcome to play on the ice for a cool $10k an hour.  Sweet.

Bruins' alumni also played a game on the ice this weekend in the frigid temperatures.  Yep, that had to be good for their health.

NBC said they have just about sold out all of their 60 ad units, which is astonishing because their entire prime time lineup hasn't sold 60 ad units since before Jim and Pam were married. AND they have the Olympics this Winter, they should just pack their bags in March and call it a year.

We'll be doing a live blog during the game, and look forward to all of the shenanigans that will take place surrounding the event.

Finally, I do have to admit, the jerseys are awesome.  They fully revamped the old-time uniforms, adding the modern cut and the Winter Classic logo.  You can pick one up for 10% off here, enter code FENCAA09.

Philadelphia Flyers 2010 Winter Classic Reebok NHL Premier Jersey

Philadelphia Flyers 2010 Winter Classic Reebok NHL Premier Jersey

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