Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2009, #2 Cliff Lee’s Game 1 Of The World Series

 It was 6:15PM, and in two short hours the Phillies were to begin playing in Game 1 of the first ever World Series at Yankee Stadium.  The team was getting loose, and preparing to take the field for batting practice. Their starter for the night?  Oh, he was in a cab trying to get to the ballpark.

As is customary on the road, players can take their own transportation to the game.  Lee decided to take a cab to pitch in the biggest game of his life.  What he forgot to factor in, was the New York City traffic.  He found his elected mode of transportation stuck in gridlock.  Not one to panic, Lee hopped out of the cab and entered a nearby subway.  The opposing starter of Game 1 of the World Series, was now sitting in a New York subway, by himself.  Yeah, that's pretty fucking safe.

He phoned a clubhouse manager to ask for directions once he got off the train, then team officials led him into the stadium from the parking lot.

If you're wondering if that series of events sounds a tad extremely quirky, it does.  Lee seemed un-fazed by such instances, and went out and threw one of the best World Series games ever witnessed, highlighted by his ho-hum catch on a pop fly off the bat of Johnny Damon.


The Phillies won the game 6-1, and fans will forever remember Lee's performance.  A performance, that was in serious jeopardy of ever taking place.

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