Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2009, #9 “Just Get me to the Plate Boys”

 Let’s set the scene. 
Two out, Phillies down two, 2-1 count to Ryan Howard.  With a loss, the Phillies head back to
Philadelphia with the series tied 2-2 against the Rockies and the weight of the
season resting on Cole Hamels delicate deltoids.  Every fan knows that the hopes of repeating
are hanging by a thread in the mile high city.

Howard readies himself. 
Houston Street, who couldn’t intimidate an elf, looks in for the sign.  Freeze.

What’s going through your head as Howard lofts the ball to

The announcer did his best Joe Buck impersonation to take
all emotion out of the play, but there I am screaming in my living room “Get
out, get out!”.

It drops in.

“No fucking way.  Run
Chase, RUN!”

Tie game!

From the department of “I can’t believe that just happened to
us”, Ryan Howard’s  two out hit ties the
game and leads to Werth singling in the go ahead run.  Lidge is lights out.  Phils back to the NLCS.

We find out later that Howard told his teammates, “Just get
me to the plate boys”.  This is the stuff
legends are made of.  Howard’s heroics
have Phils fans thinking repeat, and umm, making songs about the moment.

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