Astros Sign Myers, And Ed Wade LOVES Former Phillies

Ed wade
The Astros have finalized a contract with Brett Myers, a now former FWFC (Former World Fucking Champion).  Shockingly, Ed Wade was the GM who pulled off the move.  Myers isn't the first former Phil that Wade has signed.

Seriously, I have never seen someone have such a love affair with a team's throwaways.  Wade, who general managed the Phils to a bunch of no playoff appearances, now rules the roost in Houston, who by the way hasn't made the playoffs since he took over.

In his short time there, he has signed, Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary, Mike Costanzo (former Phils draft pick, Delco resident, and an old friend of mine, now with Baltimore), Jason Michaels, Chris Coste, and now Pedro Feliz and Brett Myers.  It's like he's trying to repeat mediocrity.  With the exception of Feliz, all of these guys represent the core of guys who couldn't get it done for so many years in Philly, why does he keep signing them?  I literally think he knows no one else in the game, and has to keep signing his former players to field a squad.  You just know Pat Burrell is next.

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