FSN Pittsburgh is being investigated for use, or lack thereof,
of their available camera angles during last week’s 7-4 Flyers win.

Simon Gagne’s goal was called off, despite the availability
of a camera angle that showed the puck CLEARLY over the line.  FSN refused to send that video feed to NHL
Headquarters in Toronto, or show the play on their air.  No doubt, the producer for FSN likely had a
mustache and resembled Dave Wannstedt, the way all Pittsburgh people do.  Wannstedt
CSN, who was broadcasting the game for the Flyers,
was using the FSN video feed and did not have the option of sending the feed to

This brings up an interesting question, do road teams not
have their own cameramen?  It was always
my understanding that road teams brought their own cameramen for local
broadcasts to road games.  I think this
is the case with the Phillies, as you will routinely see announcers mention
cameramen, and then see them wave back.  It
may not seem like a big deal, as during good broadcasts it happens seamlessly,
but you will hear announcers mention something and then the camera pan to that
person, location, object etc.  Perhaps on road games, the announcers are at
the mercy of what is on the screen?  Something
I will have to take notice of.

Either way, fuck Pittsburgh. 
They have been kicking our ass in hockey for three years, and now they
can’t even let us have our own goal?  F
off, Dave Wannstedt.

From now on, when someone screws Philadelphia sports, we're going to refer to them as "Pulling a Wannstedt."

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