Phillies Name Jimmy Rollins Player Of The Decade

No surprise here, although you could make an argument for Ryan Howard.  Like our Top 10 Moments of 2009 post, Rollins takes top honors on, for their player of the decade award.  The Phillies justify it with the following logic:

There probably are five legitimate candidates for that distinction: Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. But an examination of the statistics shows Rollins is the most deserving.

He led the organization in games (1,406), at-bats (5,941), runs (945), hits (1,629), doubles (350), triples (95) and stolen bases (326). He ranked fourth in RBIs (621), behind Burrell (827), Abreu (647) and Howard (640). He ranked fifth in home runs, behind Burrell (251), Howard (222), Utley (161) and Abreu (158).

They also include a nice little video montage of Jimmy this season.

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