Greg Hall gives his take on the early season pitching woes.

I was in the same boat as most of the city Tuesday night, during commercials and intermissions, I flipped between the Flyers 4-1 dismantling of those stinkin' Devils and Kyle Kendrick save his job.  So after the Flyers game finished up, I put on the Comcast Network to watch the final three outs of what was supposed to be a 3-0 Phillies victory; goodnight and good hockey.

But nooo, Chipper Jones works a walk and Troy Glaus smacked the two-run bomb that had everyone saying, "Who is up next?"  That person was rookie-phenom Jason Heyward.  He too went yard and, wam-bam-thank-you-mam, tie ballgame.  Holy crap! Did that just happen?  You bet it did, Philadelphia.

We all know what happened next and now this morning, we have fully come to realize just how much of a pickle this ball club is in.  Okay, so Kyle earned himself another start after eight shutout, shutdown innings.  So we can all stop calling for his head for at least another five days.  But with Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, J.C Romero and now J.A Happ all banged up, this club is still in trouble. We have no closer; Ryan Madson couldn't get it done last year and he hasn't gotten it done this one, either.  Nelson Figueroa has done his job out of the pen and should be a candidate, nay, the candidate to take Happ's spot if he goes on the DL.

Nobody besides Doc, Cole, Chad Durbin, Figueroa, and except for last night, Jose Contreras, have done their job on the mound this year and the injuries are starting to burn us.  We need Romero and Blanton back and hopefully Lidge can blow under ten saves this year (lets keep our fingers crossed).  And these are only the problems with the pitching.

Our offense has been unspectacular while losing four of their last five games (Doc winning the only one) and J-Roll not being at the top of the lineup stinks.  Once mid-May comes around and our rotation is set and healthy, Jimmy is back at the top setting the table and Brad is lights out again (again, say it with me this time, lets keep our fingers crossed), the NL East should be ours again in 2010.  But I'm not saying it won't be an interesting ride until than.