The Flyers' heart and soul, Ian Laperriere, will most likely be unable to take the ice again this season. Per a conference call with GM Paul Holmgren, Laperriere suffered a contusion of the brain and a mild concussion when he blocked a shot with his face in Game 5. Laperriere will have another CT scan in about a month for re-evaluation.

It will be extremely difficult for the Flyers to replace Laperriere, a veteran who leads by example and leaves everything on the ice. He is one of the best penalty killers in the NHL and knows how to change the momentum of a game. According to the Flyers official website, John Kalinski and Patrick Maroon are likely candidates to replace Laperriere. Combined, they have a grand total of 0 NHL games played this year.

All I can say is: SHIT.

The Flyers round 2 opponent rides on the conclusion of tomorrow's Game 7 versus Washington and Montreal. If Montreal overcomes a 3-1 series deficit as the #8 seed, the Flyers will play Boston. If Washington wins (which I fully expect to happen), the Flyers will head to Washington for the semifinals.