As a Villanova Grad, I tried to stay away from this one… but
if one slings mud at others, I better be prepared to sling it at myself.

Deadspin has picked up on the rumor about Corey Fisher
impregnating Scottie Reynolds’ girlfriend.  The Nova Blog also provides their take.  Through the ‘Nova community, this tale has been widespread the last
couple of weeks as fans searched for a reason for the team’s demise (and
benching of Reynolds and Fisher to start the tournament).  Now, has reported the rumor that
Fisher planted the ‘ol seed in Scottie’s girlfriend and that the two came to blows
in Jan/Feb (right around the time the team went south). 

There really isn’t much else to the story, you can read the
article for yourself.  Villanova media
relations director Mike Sheridan, vehemently denies the rumor, and Jay Wright
pins the benching to an error in game preparation.  Deadspin provides the grain of salt to go
with the story, since wild rumors like this can quickly spiral out of control.  One clearly fabricated element is Jay Wright
wanting Corey Fisher to transfer. 
A:  He’s their best player, B: he
is going into his senior year and could consider going to the NBA, he would
never transfer and sit out for a year. 
That part makes the story oh so hard to believe.

Another interesting point is that Scottie Reynolds is a
devote Christian.  He goes to church
every Sunday (was even late for a team shoot around before a home game against
Pitt in 08), and as I was told by a “friend of a friend” two years ago, he was saving
himself for marriage (wayyyy outside the norm for big time DI basketball
players).  I’m not sure if that makes the
story more or less believable.  Seems
like he would go after someone with more, um, self control.

If true, it certainly would nominate Corey Fisher for our Pat Burrell Award.