On the eve of the NHL postseason, I figured I would put out some predictions and important things for the Flyers to do in order to pull off the upset. 

1. Despite playing a hated division rival and finishing second in the Eastern Conference, the Devils will struggle to sell tickets to their home games. The consistently rank in the bottom third in attendance in the NHL. Plenty of Flyers fans will flock to NJ for Games 1 & 2.

2. The Flyers need to win all of their home games (specifically games 3 and 4) to give themselves a chance to upset the Devils. Prior to this season, they have played miserably in NJ.

3. How many times have you heard that the Flyers were 5-1 against the Devils in the regular season? Take it for a grain of salt; the postseason is a fresh start for both teams. However, I think it does say that the Flyers will be competitive enough against NJ to stretch the series out to 6 or 7 games. Who knows what could happen in a Game 7?

4. Brian Boucher will continue to play well. As I stated in prior posts, Boucher is streaky, and he is currently on a high. Maybe he'll have some extra motivation trying to avenge 2000.

5. Scott Hartnell will continue to throw unnecessary temper tantrums, take a stupid penalty late in a game early in the series, and the Devils will cash in. Hartnell will be forced to answer to the media, and maybe he'll finally learn to control himself. But probably not. This prediction is too easy to make.

6. Dan Carcillo will be the Flyers' unexpected hero of the 2010 playoffs. As long as he keeps throwing pucks at the net and drawing (not taking) penalties, good things will happen.

MY CALL: Flyers in 7