When you are raised a die-hard Eagles fan, your two favorite teams every Sunday are the Eagles and "whoever is playing the Cowboys." So that means for half of the football season, either the Eagles or one my second favorite teams that week were playing against the Cowboys in Texas Stadium. Therefore, I couldn't help but notice the story of Texas Stadium being imploded over the weekend.


Now they have new billion-dollar playground on which to commit crimes against humanity on eight Sundays a year, however I still felt a twinge of joy watching the old Texas Stadium become a pile of rubble. My only disappointment is that I kind of pictured the implosion ceremony going more like this.


For Eagles fans that place was the equivalent of the 7 Rings of Hell for four decades. And the most annoying thing about that place was the hole in the middle of the roof. Former annoying Cowboy linebacker D.D. Lewis once quipped that this was so "God could watch his favorite team play." And the quote became part of the lore of the "America's Team" nonsense. But are we really to believe that if God cared about such things, he'd be a fan of a team owned by Jerry Jones?