I Just Don’t Get It


At first glance you may think I'm going to take this opportunity to question the eagles on why they would draft Brandon Graham, if so, you are wrong.  I'll admit, if you were one of the 8 people to read my draft post I didn't have this guy on my "Players the Eagles would trade up for" list.  That was because they listed him as a LB and not a LB/DE and after the Eagles traded for Sims I couldn't see them trading up for an LB.

I spent the night at the bar last night, watching the first round and enjoying beverages, when the Eagles traded up i won't lie, I fully expected them to draft Derrick Morgan and then…. they didn't.  I knew a lot about the DE, DB prospects that I expected the Eagles to draft but knew nothing about Graham, apparently everyone at the bar, and on my Facebook however knew everything about him.  I read/heard 178 times that he's "undersized", the eagles wasted a pick, why trade up?, what the hell just happened, wheres Earl Thomas?  A whole bunch of riff raff.

For starters Graham is 6'2 270, Pierre-Paul is 6'3 270, and Morgan is 6'5 270, needless to say "undersized" is being exaggerated.  Adam Schefter (via twitter) says "Brandon Graham is the best pass rusher in this draft, My prediction: Graham will win Defensive Rookie of the Year.", I'll let that sink in for a bit, as Schefter knows what he's talking about, unlike Mel Kiper.  Graham has a motor, is the same size as Cole and is expected by scouts to he a great NFL pass rusher.

What frustrates me the most is the local sports media pumps this city up with all these people THEY want the Eagles to pick, and when the Eagles don't pick them, the fans call it a bad pick.  My mom called me yesterday to tell me that Fox29 had said they were going to take Eric Berry and Tim Tebow last night, I almost peed my pants in laughter.  Earl Thomas will be a good safety in the league, but HE is undersized, not Graham, if the eagles like Mays, or Nate Allen they will take either one at 37. 

In 2003 they drafted Jerome McDougle, and he stunk but since then they haven't had a bad first pick since (Patterson, Bunkley, Andrews, Kolb, Laws, Maclin, and Lito was 2002).  Laws is the only one you can really question and they took Jackson 2 picks later and that was only 2 years ago. Too early to call him anything, especially a bust.

Regardless the WIP's and 97.5's of the world always lead the fans into thinking they know what the Eagles will do time and time again, and they are OFTEN wrong, and when they are wrong the fans think that the Eagles are the dumb ones, and not the media sources they listen to. Listen to people that get paid to research and know about sports, not people that get paid to stir the pot and get paid to get people to listen. I'm not saying Graham is Reggie White, but everyone is reacting like they drafted Mike Mamula. 


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  1. dude i’ve been arguing for Graham since we drafted him last night. there’s so many people who wanted one thing and if they didn’t get it they were pissed.
    blame Angelo Cataldi for this mess.

  2. yeah i have never read much into him until i got home last night, there are people saying he’s going to be better than dwight freeney, everyone is saying he should win rookie of the year, and im especially thrilled to find out the giants like him and they took him from him.
    And i agree, all Angelo does anymore is give people reasons to hate or have an issue with the eagles. He stinks

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