No.  Or at least he shouldn't be.

According to this ESPN Deportes article (for our bilingual readers…), the Phillies are interested in renting Pedro Martinez for another season.

I find it funny that no one has really talked about Pedro since Game 6 of the World Series.  It's like it didn't happen.  The guy started two of the six World Series games for the Phils, was arguably the number two pitcher down the stretch, and he vanished just as quickly as he got here.  Yet during the off-season, no one talked about it.  Roy Halladay replaced Cliff Lee, Blanton and Happ remained the same, and it was expected that Cole Hamels would return to form and fill the number two spot formerly occupied by Pedro. However, after two starts it appears that Hamels has not progressed, and now all of a sudden we realize a significant piece of the rotation from last year is gone.  

Pedro seems like the obvious candidate, but let's not forget that he lost both of the aforementioned World Series games, and was tossing beach balls up there are 86 mph in Game 6.  

That was after two months of pitching.

Imagine if at another year older he had to pitch for even longer, he wouldn't be a viable option come October.  Which, let's face it, is all the Phils are really concerned about.

I'm not a big fan of the "rent a pitcher" option, it never seems to work.  But renting Pedro?  An even worse idea.  My theory?  If it looks like we need help come July, and Seattle is struggling… let's send them back their prospects in exchange for one Clifford Phifer Lee.  It is doubtful Seattle will be able to resign him, and if they are not in contention it would make sense for both parties involved.

I would personally saddle the horse that CP Lee would come riding back into town on to save the day.