Just How Much Money is $25 Million a Year?

Ryan Howard's new contract will pay him $25 million a year in 2014-2016.  Just how much money is that?


If Ryan Howard were to play in all 162 games, have 600 at bats, hit 40 home runs, and drive in 140 runs a season, he will make $154,321 a game.

$625,000 per home run.

$178,571 per RBI.

$17,147 per inning.

$961,538 per week (based on playing 6 months out of the year).

And my favorite, $41,667 per at bat.  The median average American income is $32,140 per year.  That's right, Ryan Howard will make more money PER AT BAT than most people make in a year.

Life is good.


3 Responses

  1. That’s also about $196,850 per strikeout, based on his career average of 127 per season.
    Just saying. I love the Big Man.

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