New Segments For Phillies Baseball 2010!

In honor of the upcoming season, Crossing Broad is implementing several new segments to help you keep tabs on all that surrounds Phillies baseball.  First, and most unimportantly, comes our new "Shut Up Wheels" column.  Ever get tired of hearing Wheels drone on and on about what is going through the player's heads, even though the last time he played competitive baseball he was at Devon Prep?  Well, "Shut Up Wheels" will recap his most egregious offenses, and provide a Razzy like tribute to the man affectionately known as Muffin.

Further, each game we will "close the score book" on the day's action to give you all the info you need should you miss that day's Phillies game.  We will award a daily "Cadillac" to the player of the game in honor of Sarge, as well as provide you with turning points, and other relevant info.

Finally, we are implementing our new Fan Cam.  At the game?  In the bar?  Cheering in your underwear in your room?  Send us a pic to be posted on  Pics can be submitted to the Roy Halladay fan page on Facebook, the Crossing Broad fan page, or our new Twitter page @CrossingBroad.  Include your name and location.  We hope to have a full photo diary by the end of the year to recap the season!

Suggestions are always welcome.

Happy Opening Day, and Go Phils!

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