UPDATE:  I incorrectly referred to Jayson's agent as Scott Boras, not Jeff Borris before.  Bonehead mistake.  All fixed.

CSNPhilly.com's Jim Salisbury spoke with Jayson Werth's agent, Jeff Borris, about the Howard deal and his client's future with the team.  You can read the article for all the details, but all you really care about is where are the Phillies and Werth on negotiation talks?

“I’ve had dialogue with Ruben since the winter meetings,” Borris said.
“I don’t want to rule out the possibility of his re-signing with the
Phillies, but it would appear right now we’re at an impasse.” 

Quick!  Google "impasse".

A situation that is so difficult that no progress can be made; a deadlock or a stalemate: reached an impasse in the negotiations


I'm not expecting to see Jayson Werth in a Phillies uniform next year.

We contacted his beard for purposes of this story, but our emails were not immediately returned.