SHOCKING: Fans don’t like Chris Wheeler

G065_Chris_Wheeler.sizedUPDATE:  We have some pull!  The first day we launch our "Shut Up Wheels" feature, Chris Wheeler is demoted to radio, and Sarge is doing the game on TV!  Kidding, the real reason is because Scott Franzke's wife is expecting and Wheel's is filling in on radio.  Either way, good stuff.

The other day, we had our first post in our "Shut Up Wheels" section, where we call out Wheels for grating comments.  Well, our fans weighed in on Facebook with their sentiments of Wheeler, and not surprisingly, they weren't positive. 

We presented to you completely unedited opinions on Chris Wheeler (we removed names to protect privacy).

Read after the jump.

Screw wheeler !!!!!

Yesterday at 3:14pm ·  · Report


hang wheeler in a meat locker and let rocky break his ribs.
suck it wheels! we miss you harry

Yesterday at 3:18pm ·  · Report


wheels waited for harry to die cuz he always wanted his job

Yesterday at 3:24pm ·  · Report

Total moron who regurgitates the obvious as true thought…i
can't stand that toupe wearing tool!

Yesterday at 3:35pm ·  · Report


Fuck you and your book Wheeler, i wouldnt buy that book if
it was free!

Yesterday at 3:36pm ·  · Report

Its getting hard to listen to Phillies apoligist Tom
McCarthy. I wish the radio matched up with the TV. Franski & Anderson are
way better!

Yesterday at 3:39pm ·  · Report


I wish they'd move Franzke and Andersen to TV and throw the
present TV crew overboard (well, maybe not Sarge…. He's at least bearable).

Yesterday at 4:10pm ·  · Report

#1 to Janet, Wheels blows

Yesterday at 4:15pm ·  · Report


I say "shut up wheels" every time I hear him say

Yesterday at 4:46pm ·  · Report

me too Dorothy – what a freakin' whiner he is!! Tired of him
– Phillies need to put Scott and Larry on TV!!

Yesterday at 5:31pm ·  · Report

Chris Wheeler thinks he is an authority on everything…I'm
sick of it!!!!!!

I fucking hate wheeler. He's a fucking dickhead. Can't stand
him. He's a retard.

Tue at 8:02pm ·  · Repor

Wheels should get in his car and drive away and never come
back !

Tue at 8:02pm ·  · Report


Wheeler is a load!

Tue at 8:03pm ·  · Report

boy i miss harry!!!!!

Tue at 8:04pm ·  · Report


Tue at 8:04pm ·  · Report

Agree agree agree!!!!!!!?

Tue at 8:05pm ·  · Report

If nobody likes the s***head (and it doesn't appear that
anybody does) why is he still here?

Tue at 8:06pm ·  · Report

haha. i was thinking the same thing

Tue at 8:18pm ·  · Report

The load is on his chin. I can stand wheels. I cherish when
the phillies are on tbs espn or fox so I can't hear him

Tue at 8:18pm ·  · Report

I HATE WHEELER (Dont call him wheels cause thats what he
wants to be called) GET HIM OUTTA HERE NOW!!!!!!!

Tue at 8:19pm ·  · Report


such anger.

Tue at 8:22pm ·  · Report

Take Wheels of TV and put LA back on!!

Tue at 8:47pm ·  · Report

What a Mo! He's a total fucking moron!

Tue at 9:15pm ·  · Report

wheels is a freaking nitwit know wonder harry hated him

Tue at 9:25pm ·  · Report

they should hang him in a meat locker and let rocky break
his f***ing ribs…. miss you so much harry

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14 Responses

  1. Did anyone hear the comment he made about his birthday cake 2 weeks ago? It was the Friday night game against Houston. Please someone tell me that they heard it. It was about Sarge and chicken?

  2. “Watch out for him, he’s one of Monty’s boys.”—Richie Ashburn. RIP Harry. Wish it had been you Wheels. Fuck you !

  3. I’d rather listen to Scott Franzke and LA on the radio (or the Spanish broadcast with Danny Martinez, Bill Kulik and Juan F. Ramos) while watching the game than listen to ALL of the idiots on TV!! It may be time to resurrect HK!!

  4. Wheeler is the least qualified hack to ever call a professional sport in Philadelphia. He makes Les Keiter (“ring-tailed howitzer”), Bill Campbell (“OH BABY!!!) and even Stu Nahan (Capt. Philadelphia) all sound like Vin Scully or Red Barber by comparison. This punk never played the game. He was a gopher for Bill Montgomery for years until Montgomery gained partial ownership and moved him into the broadcast booth. God only knows what Wheeler has on Montgomery in order to finagle his way into the booth. The puke won’t SHUT UP! And his observations are moronic, obvious and, to the extent he tries to anticipate a manager’s decision or a play, they are ALWAYS WRONG! I can’t listen to the freak and wearing a dead squirrel on his head doesn’t help matters. God save us all from this plague. Montgomery please trade your sweetheart Wheels to the Mets for a used Reyes jock strap and a bag of Shea stadium dirt.

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