Sights and Sounds of Opening Day

Opening Day is filled with festivities not seen at your average game.  Perhaps the most unique of these events is the player entrance through Ashburn Alley.  I always find it interesting to get a good spot for the action, from here you can get a great glimpse into who hangs out with who. (Note: not me yelling like an idiot throughout this video).  Also, I wanted to give Victorino the Hawaiian fist bump on the way by, but I couldn't figure out if it was thumb and pinky, or index finger and pinky… so I went with white guy high five.  

Utley and Werth are never too far apart, as off the field they are either an unstoppable tag team of adultery, or butt buddies.  I haven't decided which yet.

Rollins is clearly the leader of the team, he goes last in EVERYTHING.  He also said something that made the Mayor blush and shake his head. Then again, the mayor is delightfully awkward in these situations and Rollins may have simply said "hello".

Following this procession, it was time for the National Anthem… as sung by the cast of Disney's The Lion King, what?  Nothing says Opening Day like a bunch of thespians who have likely never seen a baseball diamond.  Tickets are still available for their show, not surprising after that mangled version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Then this freaking sweet picture of Jayson Werth, sponsored by the Zoo.  Classic.  Remove the Phillies hat, and Jayson Werth is knocking on your door because he is required by law to tell you that he just moved into the neighborhood.

Finally, the Phantic did an outstanding impression of Lady Gaga while he serenaded Nationals third base coach, Pat Listach.  Listach was having none of it.

Oh yeah, and this car is awesome.

Phils ho1