What can Brown do for you? Larry Brown to Sixers Rumors

The latest
rumors are heating up that Larry Brown may be leaving the Charlotte Bobcats to return to coach the Sixers next season. Given the nomadic coaching career of Brown, we should treat these rumors very seriously. Brown spent more time here than at any other job in his career, and he and his family seemed to genuinely like living in the area. Of course, neither side can confirm anything at this point due to current contractual obligations of Brown and current coach Eddie Jordan.

As someone who has paid little to no attention to the Sixers since around 2005, I would welcome this move. Hiring Brown as coach wouldn't solve all of the team's problems, but he is a great coach whose teams have a track record of always playing good defense and overachieving. And probably no coach in history has taken over more sad sack franchises and turned them around in shorter periods of time than Brown.

The Sixers were a bad team when Brown took over in 1997. But he shook up the roster and acquired some defensive-minded players (Theo Ratliff, Eric Snow, Aaron McKie, George Lynch, etc) to pair with Iverson and by the end of his second year as coach, the Sixers had made the playoffs and advanced a round. And two years after that they were in the NBA Finals. I don't know if a similar turn-around is possible again, but I'd feel slightly more confident about that prospect with Larry Brown coaching the team.

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