Rivalry, oh sweet rivalry.

What is Rivalry?

Rivalry is growing up with a brother similar to your age that you pick on because you can then he grows up and challenges you.

Rivalry is pulling pranks on the school bully because he pulled down your pants in the lunch room in front of the girl you like (never happened, you can't prove it!).

Rivalry is hating a team because it's in your genes.

Rivalry is the only thing in the world that might be better than competition, sex and Chuck Norris fighting demons put together.  (Maybe not, but close)

Rivalry is amazing. 

There is no greater force that can be measured than that of rival forces going toe to toe.  You tend to get the greatest stories, the best action, and the ultimate satisfaction of saying "suck it, bitch" after driving the opposition into the ground. 

When two factions of equal hatred for each other meet, there can only be utter chaos.

Also, when two cows collide, you get udder chaos (waka waka waka)


But this isn't about Milk or Cheeseburgers (mmm cheeseburgers). 

This is about a rivalry that has gone on for decades.  A rivalry that has seen one team at the top while the other was wading at the bottom.  A rivalry that has cleared the dugout numerous times.  A rivalry that has given the Phillies their only perfect game from Jim Bunning in 1964.  A rivalry that has brought them here to 2010 vying for the 1 and 2 spots in the NL East.

The Phillies Vs. The Mets


It's not so much that we hate the Mets as much as we just love to beat them senseless (okay, we hate them).  It's all in good fun (we want to see them destroyed).  I mean, they're not the Yankees (and we HATE the Yankees).

The Mets are almost like that little brother that we like to pick on.  Maybe more of a cousin that we see on occasion who plays World of Warcraft all the time.   Okay, probably more like that fat kid down the street who tries to kick your dog.  Yeah, that one.  What a dick.

There is no better feeling than driving that little bastard into the ground and showing him who's boss.  That's what we're hoping to see tonight at Citizen's Bank Park. 

Udder chaos!