After the Smoke Clears… The Mets Still Stink



Being that I’m a sucker for HDTV and have been stuck with DirecTV
for what seems to be 400 years, I don’t get to see every Phillies game.  At
least not yet, but being I was there last night, as I am for every Sunday home
game, I have noticed one thing… that the Mets still stink.

Things looked grim on Friday evening after the Phillies took
a 9-1 dumper on Friday night as Kyle “no-matter-how-early-I-wake-up-I-still-stink”
Kendrick finally earned his first loss of the season after giving up his 20th
earned run in 23.2 innings.  I was in
attendance for Kyle’s first ever start for the Phillies in 2007 against the
White Sox, and he pitched well in that game and I thought they may have found a
solid 4th or 5th starter… and well that’s the first of 2
incorrect predictions you will read.

Saturday was a different story, as Captain Roy took the ball and threw a three hit shutout while splashing some cold water on the face of the offense, who woke up for 10 runs on 13 hits.  My favorite part of that victory was that many sports writers were
starting to compare Mike Pelfry to Tom Seaver… my thoughts on that comparison
can be found here.

Now to Sunday, so far I have been to four Phillies games this
year and have watched Moyer throw BP twice.  In the first inning of those 2 games, he has now allowed a total of 8 earned runs. 
After he gave up a nice three spot in the first, I said to my Mom, “It’s
going to be hard to get 3 back off of Santana."  Well… moments later it was 3-2
Mets, and innings later it was 11-5 Phillies, prediction fail number 2, as
Johan melted down faster then my first helmet sundae of the season did in my
lap. It is acceptable for a 29 year old man to eat frozen custard out of a miniature
baseball helmet, and to be upset that they didn’t have the Phanatic cup, right?

the start of the game I believe Johan’s ERA was sitting at, or around 2.05, by
the end of the 4th inning, it was 4.50.

My favorite play of the weekend happened in Sunday night’s
game.  Now I didn’t see if Jamie Moyer
ran through a stop sign, or Perlozzo decided to send Moyer home in the 5th
inning, but trying to score a 47 year old man on Jeff Francoeur, one of the
best arms in baseball, reminded me of playing softball, being up by 10 runs in
the last inning and being told before stepping to the plate “If you get on base,
I want you to steal on the first pitch”.  Now let me inform you, I was never put on any
softball team to steal bases, and there was a better chance that I would trip
over a unicorn running to second than there was of me getting there safely.  So it was nice to see someone on the Phillies,
either Moyer or Perlozzo, using a little league/softball league “speed up the
game” tactic.