Sixers lucky charm
Oh my God, this isn't a joke.

The Sixers, in an effort to get any sort of fan support, are asking fans to offer up their lucky charms for the Sixers to take to the NBA Draft Lottery.



This is what it's come to?  THIS is how you are going to turn the franchise around?  How about you hire a coach, stop with the ridiculous contracts, and murder Hip Hop… then we'll talk.

It gets better, fans.  If your lucky charm is selected, you can give it to Jrue Holiday in person to take to the lottery, he will be representing the Sixers in New York.  Yep, Jrue Holiday is the face of this franchise.

That's right fans, offer up your most sacred possession to the Sixers, so they can return it with stains of mediocrity.  Awesome.

Hey, here's a thought, cut off Hip Hop's foot and take that.

Hip hop