Can Halladay win 25 games?


(Source: AP)

Doc Halladay is off to a great start, making opposing batters look as ridiculous as this so far.  In 7 games, he has posted a 6-1 record, 1.45 ERA, 48K in 56 IP with only 7 walks, along with 3 CG, and 2 shutouts. It'd be impossible to keep up that pace for an entire season. While he's definitely been no Old Hoss Radbourn, he's probably been the best pitcher in baseball so far.

He is sure to have a rough patch and/or miss a start or two due to a minor injury. And luckily, the shaky bullpen has yet to blow a save for him. That's bound to happen a few times too. But he will likely get 33+ starts, so I think a 25-5 record with say 5 no decisions or something is possible. The last pitcher to win 25+ games was Bob Welch on the A's all the way back in 1990. Halladay probably has the best shot of anyone in recent years to do it.


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  1. He has a good a chance as anyone, especially with this lineup. He’s almost a lock to win 20. Who was the last Phil to win 20, Amaury Telemaco?

  2. I believe Lefty in 1982 was the last Phillie to win 20+. John Denny only won 19 in his 1983 Cy season. I think Schill’s career high with the Phils was only like 18, but that ’97 team he K’d 300+ and won 18 on was dreadful. If they were anywhere near as good as this team, he’d have probably won at least 22-23 games that year.

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