Hatfield pig
We posed this picture to our readers and here are some of the best comments.  Our favorite at the bottom…

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it looks like the creator of this fan page?

slappin' the ham.

How did Claude Julien get to Philly so quickly?

Kyle Kendrick tries on his new Iron Pigs uniform….

Holy shit! Are these fresh!?

Gary: Well ya see how he's pink and wearing overalls that are made of the jean material, with a white hat, and a nose of the bat when I was playing we use to hit the ball with the bat and…. Tom: Gary what the fuck are you talking about again!? you went from pigs to baseball in one explanation

can't be good for cholly's nutrisystem diet

Wow Mr. Met has really let himself go

Sarge, Wheels, and T-Mac

"So much for Jenny Craig Wheels"

Sarge do you know there is a pig behind you?

3 muscateers!

Sarge,it's whats for dinner!

thats all folks !!!

Sarge, this is Charlie's picture before SlimFast.

wheres wheels? owes me 4 months of child support

you see that grand salami?

 It's frank footer time!!!!!

we said HAMELS, not HAM

WOW! Nice chef's hat Wheels!

Fucking Cole Hamels

Don't Worry, It's Kosher.

om nom nom nom nom nom

both men in unison: "WTF?"

wow my exwife on tv…..

And the favorite…

T-Mac pretending to give a giant pig a hand job

(who is giving him pork hot dogs-and that's a whole other moral dilemma there…)