Chooch Walks It Off, Gets Pied, Says Nothing We Understand

This might be the greatest interview of all-time.  Game winning heroics, shaving cream, an unintelligible Carlos Ruiz, and SARGE… it's all here.


Love how Sarge calls it "soap", then refers to Wheels as "Muff".  Brilliant.


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  1. It does not mean unintelligent…. so, he IS hard to understand to some, and that would be an ok word to use then……
    CHOOOOOOOOOOCH! You are the man!

  2. Sarge: Homerun, walkoff, looking for a fastball in that situation?
    Chooch: Yeah, definitely I was ready for a fastball. And the first was a little in, I turned around too quick for [it]. And the next one, I tried to get a little bit closer and use my hands, that’s what I tried to do right there.
    Sarge: Well you had a good eye all year, you’ve been walking, taking balls, taking your walks in that 8th position, you’re looking for a ball to just try and drive and get on base.
    Chooch: Yeah, I mean, the last 3 years I was working…[PIED by Shane]
    Sarge: Well we do have kids at the stadium.
    Chooch: I was working so hard at my offense and so far I feel real good at the plate, so…[PIED by Dobbs]
    Sarge: Well it looks like we have a couple of kids playing around here today. Ruiz, just talk a little bit about Cole Hamels and the way he pitched here tonight.
    Chooch: Oh the last two starts he feel very good [and here’s where I start to lose track of it] you see it today, he right there with good angle and fastball, too. And he do a great job, so that’s good for us, you know have Cole Hamels back. You know, I hope they can stay healthy, and they can do it the same way they did it today.
    Sarge: Carlos, thank you for coming on the post-game show. Go and take care of some of that shampoo I guess you have on your head. Ok, Tom, Muff, right back to you.
    TMac: Sarge, thank you very much.

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