Flyers Fan Drops EPIC F-Bomb on CSN’s Post Game Live

Chase Utley eat your heart out.

Barkann must feel like such an idiot for forcing Coatsey to interview this fan, who dropped one of the best live TV F-Bombs of all-time.  Check out the reaction in the studio.

No Coatsey, you didn't just get beeped.


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19 Responses

  1. come on john… how are you gonna mess the quote up… it hasn’t even been 2 full years and you already forget the most epic quote of Philadelphia sports history!?
    It was “World Champions…. WORLD FUCKIN’CHAMPIONS!”

  2. Hey, “Old Timey Hockey”. I’d guess you would know what dirty Philly prostitutes talk like since your MOTHER is one, tell the old bag me and the rest of the guys said hi.

  3. All I can do is to bump the thread up, and I really learned a lot from our Moderator, and I also have some other viewpoints, maybe we can share it if we have opportunity.

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