When the robot breaks is when we'll find out if he is indeed invincible.

Roy Halladay threw a complete game last night against the Pirates in a 2-1 loss at Citizen's Bank Park.  Essentially leaving Doc in the game gives the bullpen a rest, but is it worth the risk of straining our ace? 

He threw is 132 pitches last night.  132!  This ties his career high and is the highest pitch count of any pitcher this season.  He allowed nine hits, two runs, one walk and struck out six in his fourth complete-game performance (in 8 games) of the year. 

Do you feel like Charlie is maybe pushing his luck with letting Roy pitch for so long?  

Possibly, but I believe it's perhaps Doc being very persistent about accepting his responsibility and finishing off the game himself.  A noble deed for a man in such good shape, but we're only in May and anything could happen (as all of our readers collectively knock on wood).

With two outs and the bases loaded in the ninth, and Halladay sitting
at 126 pitches, Manuel walked out to the mound, perhaps to talk about the weather, kittens, or perhaps to tell him he left his cars lights on in the parking lot.  Who knows what they really talk about.

"When he gets over 120 pitches, I get concerned about him," Manuel
said. "I know he's in really good shape. I wanted to see where he was
at. I think he's pretty honest with me. He definitely wanted to go get
the hitter, I knew that."

 You should be concerned, Charlie.  He's no Johnny-5!

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

Massive input!

That's what she said.

My point is that Charlie should put his foot down and take it easy on his ace.  It's good for the bullpen, but the bullpen actually pitching and getting some practice in is good for the bullpen.  Maintaining the health of our most consistent starter for the rest of the season is very important.  We don't want Roy going rogue on us!


Not that kind of rogue…

Not that kind of Rogue, either…

I think you get the point.

He might read books faster than Johnny-5 (I can't confirm that), but he's no robot.  Let's take it easy, Charlie.

Do you think Charlie is pushing him too hard? Do you think this will affect him in the long-run?