UPDATE:  Radar Online is reporting that Kendra planned to release the sex tape herself

Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that Vivid Entertainment, the Cadillac of celebrity sex tape distributors, is about to release a video of Kendra Wilkinson, aka Mrs. Hank Baskett. Baskett, now an Eagle again, isn't on the tape…like anyone ever cares who the guy is. The important piece of news here is that Kendra is on the tape having sex with an ex. And this gives me an excuse to post gratuitous photos of the scantily clad Wilkinson above.

The video is rumored to have been shot several years ago, before she became famous and moved into the Playboy Mansion. And although Hugh Hefner is allegedly an ex of hers, fortunately he is not the ex who is seen on the tape with her. Otherwise it would be more disturbing than watching Saw.

Kendra's representatives are trying to block the release of the video. Yeah, that usually works. So let's see how this will play out. They'll try to block it, but it will leak on the Internet, and then since anyone who wants to watch it can find it, they'll decide to partner with Vivid and make some money on the deal. That's the usual lifecycle of these celebrity sex tape legal battles.