Lappy to Return Tomorrow for Game 4


As I speculated in yesterday's live Flyers chat, Ian Laperriere will return to the lineup for Game 4 wearing a full face cage. This will be a miraculous return from severe facial injuries and a brain bruise suffered in the first round of the playoffs when Lappy blocked a shot with his face. He was initially expected to miss the rest of the season. For more information on his return, here is a link to Sam Cardichi's "Broad Street Bull."

More likely than not, Andreas Nodl will come out of the lineup. He hasn't produced offensively (nor should he have been expected to), but he was solid along the boards, played well defensively, and didn't make mistakes. Despite this, Lappy is a definite upgrade – he is the team's best penalty killer and will provide an emotional boost.

Jeff Carter is doubtful to return on Saturday, but could be ready in time for Game 5 Monday night. Who will come out of the lineup then? What will the lines be? Will Danny Briere be pushed back to right wing after producing so well from center? Stay tuned.


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  1. Lavy said the other night on 97.5 that he wouldn’t take Brierre out of that center position for Carter… but that was 2 nights ago, not sure if he still feels that way or not.

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