Madson Out for 8 Weeks Minimum: Bad News or Blessing?

Mad sonMadson can be maddening 

Personally, I almost wish he'd kick another solid, inanimate object with his left foot.

Although general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. feels that the loss of Ryan Madson is a blow to the bullpen, contrary opinions exist. Of course, our current candidates for pitching relief are scant and rarely prove reliable. Then again, with a ERA of 7.00 for the season, has Mad-Dog really been an asset to the team or just part of the pitching woes?

And let's also consider why he resorted to that fateful outburst in the first place. In an April 27th appearance against San Francisco, Ryan allowed one run on two hits and walked a batter, blowing the save, which fortunately ended in a 7-6 victory for the Phillies.

Since he will be non-weight bearing for two weeks, pitching staff worry that Ryan will be limited in the amount of arm conditioning he is able to do. Phillies athletic trainer, Scott Sheridan, was unable to project a time frame for stages of rehabilitation, as it depends heavily on Madson's periodic re-evaluations.

So, how do you feel about the status of the Phillies bullpen, now dealing with a good two months without Ryan Madson?


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  1. The second I heard about this story I was reminded of my friends who used to throw video game controllers at the wall. They would complain to me over and over about not being able to play because Mario falling into a pit caused them to throw their controller at the wall.
    It’s just as silly in that situation as it is in this one. Take out your anger on the chair with a bat or throw said chair at a locker instead. 8 weeks for a broken toe is just embarrassing.
    Madson is a good pitcher overall, but he’s not the be-all end-all of the pitching staff. 8 weeks is rough, but Charlie will make it work. Charlie plays the hand he’s dealt to the best of his ability. If that means having to work around the loss of Madson for 8 weeks then so be it. It sucks, but I believe the team can endure and the bullpen will improve with the experience of having to cover for him.

  2. If Baez was pitching better he could fill that “bridge to Lidge” role until Madson returned. That was probably the reason they signed him…to add another guy who has experience closing or setting up in case Madson or Lidge were hurt. I suppose Durbin could be that guy too. Chollie just doesn’t seem to have much confidence in the bullpen right now though. I expect to see him leave all starters besides Kendrick in there for an extra inning as much as possible the next few months.

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