Well, let’s start by putting away the Larry Brown rumors since Larry, Mark Jackson, and Jeff Van Gundy will not be wasting their time
interviewing for the Sixers coaching vacancy.
  According to the
Inquirer, the Sixers will
not even waste any breath contacting Byron Scott
.  BUT, put your dancing
shoes on Sixers fans… if any of you are awake, alive, still around, and know
how to read.  A SHINY new candidate has
emerged, and no his name is not Jack Hurley, and his last name is not Kwon.  Welcome former Toronto Raptors coach Sam Mitchell to the list of people that
are linked to become Samuel Dalembert’s 8th head coach.  Mitchell took the Raptors to the playoffs in
both 2006 and 2007, but missed the playoffs his other three seasons with the team,
and has a career record of 156-189.

Now that you have either digested that, or regurgitated
whatever you ate before reading that, let me join you in your disgust. It’s not
that I think Mitchell is an awful coach, but he took over a talented Raptors
team that consisted of Jalen Rose, Chris Bosh, Vince Carter, and Rafer “skip-to-my-lou”
Alston and scraped up 33 wins… sigh.  He
is described as an “In Your Face” aggressive style coach, which is perfect for
a team filled with young players that don’t win, lack on the court leadership, and has a new coach every single season… I hope your
sarcasm switch is turned on.

I had faith, I had hope that the Sixers would go out, get a
high profile coach, and end up with a nice lottery pick for themselves and
start a little turn around this season… looks like I will instead be sitting on
my roof waiting for that pig to fly by… Sigh.