Mets Put Keith Hernandez to Sleep


Keith Hernandez (right) still awake at this moment (Source: NY Post)


In case you missed it over the weekend Mets color announcer, and wrongfully-accused spitter Keith Hernandez, was caught on camera napping (see video clip here) while broadcasting the Saturday afternoon tilt between the Mets and the Giants.

Normally, I would totally understand trying to catch some z's during a Mets game, but not when you are one of the announcers. And by all accounts this was a pretty exciting game. Catcher Henry Blanco, playing for the injured Rod Barajas, won it in the 11th inning with a walk off HR.

Of course, this is the Mets after all, so fittingly Alex Cora then nearly whiffed when trying to give Blanco a shaving cream pie during the post-game interview. In their defense these guys are more accustomed to blowing games late, rather than winning them. So it may take awhile to master the post-game victory celebrations.

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  1. if i was a mets announcer id sleep on them would keep me from watching them lose to the phils.

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